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Preliminary M.Sc.

University of Ain shams

GPA: 3.44

Sep 2001Jul 2006


University of Ain shams

Grade: Very Good

Work experience

Jul 2011Present

Senior Software Engineer

Dec 2006Aug 2007

Embedded Software Enginner


Summer Training

Gulf of Suez Petroleum (GUPCO)

  • August (2003) – IT department
  • July (2004) – PBX

Self made programs

Graduation Project

Implementation of BER(Bit Error tester) using FPGA.

Graduation Project Grade: Distinction.


I've been working as a full time web application developer since February 2008. I've a solid experience in C#, MVC and Before that i was working as embedded software engineer since i graduated from college. Also, I've been coding since 1999 (I was 14 years old) using VB, C, C++, JS and other programming languages.


  Designed Bit Error Tester during graduation project. Designed simple Processor-based FPGA as a hobbyist project.  
Microcontroller Programming
Very good experience in using PIC and ATMEL Microcontrollers.   Participated in many projects during college and work like:   Industrial Scales. Wireless controlled systems. Led display panels. Packaging systems. Security Systems.  
JavaScipt & jQuery
Very Good experience in manipulating DOM elements using JavaScript and jQuery for better user experience.  
Built some simple applications for learning purposes.
Sharepoint Development
Participated in the development of one SharePoint services project.
Visual Basic
Built many simple to moderate applications during school, college and work.
Very good experience in DirectX and Win32 programming using object oriented techniques.
General ASP.NET
Participated in the development of many custom web applications during the period that i worked in TeamExactus.