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Highly qualified executive with international experience in operations, P&L management, strategic planning and partnership development.

Results oriented, decisive leader with proven success, committed and dedicated with a career built with two international companies.

Excel in dynamic, demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused.


  • Leadership and communication skills especially in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Ability to challenge, present and persuade for new ideas and arguments.
  • Understand the contribution of quality management information systems and confidence in working with such systems.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Respond to very strict deadlines.
  • Proactive positive approach.


  • Staff Development
  • Maximizing Profit
  • New Market Identification
  • Price Negotiation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Customer Relationship
  • Loss Prevention

Work History



  •  Responsible for the overall  activities  related to the Middle  East & African  region, start up new ventures,  business  process optimization,  performance  and productivity  improvement responsible  for a business  volume  of 2.1 Billion AED
  • Sets objectives  to maximize revenue and profit and to optimize  costs.
  • Responsible for long term  market development of company's core business.
  • To draw - up a budget planning  and forecasting, strategic  sales and marketing policy of the company.
  • Constant evaluation and review of base costs & profit improvement measures
  • Overall  review of projects  and tenders  financial  and commercial aspects.
  • Follow up and monitor of project  margins  & potential cost overruns  on running project
  • Responsible for more than 7500 nos. of employees of multi-skill  professionals of diversified  profession.



  • 10 % profit net margins
  • Launched  TKX  Saudi Arabia with  E& I   division  ( 2006)
  • Started  the service of Scaffolding in UAE (2007)
  • Started  E&I  division  in  Egypt (2007)
  • Start of E&I  division in  UAE ( 2008)
  • Development of Qatar (till date)
  • Start of Flooring  Division in  UAE (2009)
  • Troubleshooting of Malaysia
  • Implementing development in Kuwait 2014 (ongoing)
  • Implementing development in Oman 2014 (ongoing)
  • Implemented Cost Control System  in the projects,  and now expanding on to the administrative service to control  cost
  • Implemented multi service concept  in the region
  • Expanded  the business  within the region of UAE 2002 - 2005


ABB Service Company Limited, Saudi Arabia
  • Draw - up a budget planning and forecasting, strategic sales and marketing policy of the company.
  • Responsible for a financial budget of 200 MUSD for Yr.2001
  • Fulfilled a budget of  72 MUSD in 2000 with over 10%  IBT
  • Responsible for 150 nos. of employees; out of them 60 nos. are engineers; 8 are managers and the rest are support functions.
  • Region under Yemen, Syria and Bahrain under my responsibility.


My overall responsibility is well described through ABB Service's Mission statement : "Our mission is to totally devote ourselves to the needs of our customers and to help them  perform  better  at  lower  cost  through  creative  application  of ABB's  proven technology  and system in the field of Asset Management of T&D Products,  Energy Solutions and consultancy."


Vice President

ABB Service Company Limited, Saudi Arabia
  • To  provide   marketing   planning  procedures  to  all  business  functions   of  the company  in  line  with  the  corporate  plan,  resulting  in  greater  profitability  and stability of the company.
  • To create a productive environment to help overcome operational difficulties and to improve  cross-border  understanding  amongst  different business  units within the company and with other ABB companies in the kingdom.
  • To devise plans for different business units to have greater control over the local business environment.
  • Sets objectives to maximize revenue and profit and to optimize costs.

Business Area Manager

ABB Service Company Limited, Saudi Arabia

Responsible for

  • Promoting Electromechanical service business for industrial, utility and private customers.
  • Budget of 30 Million USD
  • 100 employees all over the kingdom

Regional Sales Engineer

ABB Service Company Limited, Saudi Arabia

Responsible for

  • Promoting Electromechanical service business for industrial, utility and private customers in the western region
  • Budget of 10 Million USD
  • 20 employees

Product Support Engineer

ABB Service Company Limited, Saudi Arabia

Responsible for

  • Promoting Electromechanical service business for industrial, utility and private customers in Yanbu Royal Commission, Yanbu and Madinah region.
  • Budget of 4 Million USD
  • 10 employees

Senior Electrical Engineer

National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia

Joined as Junior Electrical  Engineer and was promoted to Senior Electrical  Engineer on board for international shipping for Ro-Ro containers and oil tankers.

Responsible for all electrical and electronics network of the vessel.




London Business School

Business Administration


BTEC - Higher National Certificate

South Tyneside College



National Diploma

Riversdale Polytechnic University


ACHIEVEMENTS / trainings

  • Implement  Human  Resources  Strategy    :      ABB  BIT  T earns  Program    held  in Amman, Jordan
  • Skills for the Future   by  ABB Management Development Center,  ABB Poland (1 Year Training Course)
  • Art of Decision  Making  by Celemi, Sweden
  • Advanced Management - Costa Mesa, California,  USA
  • Effective  Presentation  Techniques   Seminar     by  AI-Tawaini   Training   Center, Riyadh
  • Effective Presentation Skills - MEIRC Training & Development,  KSA
  • Skills Development in  Negotiations - Chamber of Commerce,  KSA
  • Introduction to PC's & DOS - International Center for Management,  KSA
  • General Safety Training Course - British Safety Council, UK
  • Industrial Safety & Methods of Accidents Protection - Gulf Education  & Training, KSA


  • Xervon Best Customer Care Award 2010.
  • Xervon Safety Award for Middle Eats and Africa.
  • Three appreciation letters from ThyssenKrupp Xervon Gmbh for my superior management skills executed in the region.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for dedication and commitment for projects executed in Saudi Aramco under my management.
  • Certificate of Appreciation from ZAKUM for meeting the eligibility criteria, Turnaround contractor Safety, Health & Environmental performance for completing projects without loss time injury in 2007.
  • Award for remarkable performance by ABB Service Worldwide in Brussels, Belgium, 1997
  • ABB-TEMECO's Top Ten Performer Award, 1997


    Date of Birth: 06 November 1965

    Place of Birth: Makkah

    Nationality: Saudi

    Religion: Muslim

    Marital Status: Married