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Equipped with 18 years of financial, operational, and client relations experience, including technical proficiencies—all of which are used to make informed business decisions regarding product growth, new technology enhancements, client business growth, and company margin improvements. Leverages excellent analytical and problem solving skills to identify client needs and devise appropriate solutions. Works best under pressure and is capable of managing multiple priorities simultaneously while working in fast-paced, constantly changing environments. Offers proven abilities in building rapport with all levels of project stakeholders through clear communication of expectations and genuine respect for others. Additional areas of expertise include:

  • Project Management
  • Project Implementations
  • Product Management
  • Product Development and Enhancements
  • Marketing and Sales Support
  • Business Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Client and Vendor Relations
  • Product Pricing and Negotiation
  • Association Compliance
  • Strategic Vision and Alignment
  • Issue Assessment and Resolution


I possess strong analytical skills, the ability to lead people and obtain results through others. I have the capacity to organize and manage multiple priorities simultaneously while working in a fast paced, constantly changing environment. In addition, I am fortunate to have excellent time management and organizational skills.I have 18 years of Financial, Operational and Client Relations experience including Technical proficiencies all of which enable me to make informed business decisions. In addition to excellent collaboration and communication skills, I have the ability to resolve difficult business or interpersonal issues. I enjoy a history of dealing effectively with all levels of management. I am very interested in using my skills and knowledge in a position that provides direct responsibility for product growth, new technology enhancements, client business growth and company margin improvements. I look forward to owning the operational, financial and forecasting budgets, developing and building a quality team while establishing and surpassing strategic goals. 

Work experience

Aug 1989Present

Senior Debit & ATM Product Analyst

Career Track: 

PSCU Financial Services Inc. - the nation's largest credit union service organization established to help member credit unions design and implement programs to drive revenue, increase membership, mitigate fraud, and build loyalty through its key service lines


Created the marketing copy and provided input for graphics for Contactless Technology cards, a convenient alternative to cash that allows small purchases to be completed quickly, securely, and easily, which combats credit unions' shrinking profits and poor member growth by targeting the 25-34 demographic. In 2008 attributed approximately $100,000 to LOB gross revenues. In 2009, revnues are expected to increase by 300%.

Launched a Debit Mass Issuance incentive campaign targeting ATM card replacement with new debit cards (issuing over 900,000), resulting in current yearly gross revenue of $12.6 million.

Conceptualized and launched a Debit Contact Center Solution to enhance customer services specific to debit cardholders, resulting in $1.1 million per year in new contact center revenue.

Progression:  Senior Debit/ATM Product Analyst, Member Develoment and Support Debit Services 2007 to Present:

Assisted in and/or completed the RFP review process for 16 debit and ATM sales prospects. Manages high-profile new and existing products, including FRIS Fraud Monitoring, PIN Card Value Verification, Executive Statistic Tools, and Contactless technology. Supports less-tenured product analystsanaged multimillion-dollar GLs for ATM/Online, Authorizations, Frame Relay Network, Security, Accounts on File, Card Activation, and Plastics to a variance of less than 2% +/-. Currently manages a technology GL of $4.2 million to an average variance of less than 2% +/-. Through auditing of the technology GL billing, uncovered and thus increased the yearly review of the GL by over $200,000.

 Debit Product Analyst, Member Development and Support Debit Services 2000 to 2006:

Reported to the department director. Completed platform migrations. Created procedures and process flow documents. Served as the primary liaison for product escalation and platform functionality. Tracked key growth indicators. Maintained a calendar of debit-related marketing events and promotions. Managed enhancement projects and launch phases. Reviewed and distributed association, industry, and vendor bulletins internally and externally with required and recommended actions. Manually split out all debit programs to provide key growth indicators for organic, new sales, and deconversions. Was responsible for adds, changes, and deletes in monthly billing. Reviewed and updated debit-related online training tools, product materials, and business continuity plan materials. Represented the debit product department in major and minor company program installations and bulletin committee (STAR/MasterCard/VISA/FDR) meetings requiring internal and external communications. Documented, launched, and tracked new programs and products.

Credit Product Manager, Member Development and Support 1999 to 2000:

Oversaw card activation, outbound activation, and debit stats monthly reporting for primary products.

Conversion Representative, Conversion Department 1993 to 1998:

Brought new credit and debit card clients on board as well as set up new programs for existing clients. Interacted with data processors, credit union operations, and executive employees.

Chargeback and Representment Clerk, Chargeback Department 1991 to 1993:

Iteracted with credit union contacts to process and resolve debit card related disputes under $250. Secured appropriate documentation. Assisted in developing processes and procedures for a new debit dispute department.

Contact Center Customer Support Representative, Southern Region Contact Center 1989 to 1991:

Provided over-the-phone support to clients regarding their credit card accounts.


Work Experience

PSCU Fiancial Services

In my carreer I have witnessed many highly educated employees and senior level executives fail for lack of experience including the inability to gain business alliances, negotiate for resources, adequately communicate tactical and strategic goals, motivate employees, and unfortunately from not realizing their mistakes and changing directions before reaching the "point of no return". 

My on the job experience covers many areas of study, including Marketing, Product Development, Project Management, Sales, Client Relations, Price Negotiations, Operations, Compliance and most improtantly many common sense skill sets not formally taught in college. 

Before making your final decision regarding my education, please take a moment to review the below  list of very succesful business people who for the most part became successful for their tenacity and perseverance. 

Successful business owners that were also college drop-outs.....

1) Bill Gates-founder of Microsoft; billionaire 2) Michael Dell-founder of Dell Computers; billionaire 3) Steve Jobs-co-founder of Apple Computers; billionaire 4) Steve Wozniak-co-founder of Apple Computers 5) David Geffen-co-founder of Dreamworks, SKG 6) Larry Ellison-founder of the database company Oracle; billionaire 7) William Hanna-of the cartoon producers Hanna-Barbera 8) Sheldon Adelson-real estate and casino owner; billionaire 9) Jack Taylor-Enterprise Rent-A-Ca

10) Simon Cowell started in a mailroom for a music publishing company.

10) Mary Kay Ash the founder of Mary Kay Inc.

11) Rachael Ray. Despite having no formal training in culinary arts, she has made a name for herself in the food industry.

13) Barry Diller Fox Broadcasting Company was started by a college dropout

 "Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability" - Marcus T. - c. 106-43 BC, Great Roman


MS Excel
Profiency in Excel managing key growth metrics for Debit Product line of business.
MS PowerPoint
Creation and management of Product and Sales presentations.
MS Word


Erin Coleman

I became acquainted with and worked with Erin Coleman on Debit related matters when she worked for PSCU-FS several years ago as an Account executive. Most recently Erin works as a VP for Bluepoint Solutions a global provider of Remote Deposit Capture solutions. 

Behiye Tapan-Chettri

Over the course of the last 7 years I have worked with Behiye and her staff regarding multiple contract and price negotiations.

Kim O'Mara

I have worked with Kim O'mara for over 10 years on core business lines, maintaining Service Level Agreements as well as new Product Development.

Lynne Madsen

I have worked with Lynne Madsen for over 4 years on multiple high profile projects including major processing system conversions, price negotiations, Contactless Technology, and product development pipeline and subsquent new product projects. 

Charles Delony

I worked with Charles on new product development for the Financial Serivce company I currently work with.

Ellen Kotis

Ellen managed both 8 & 12 month platform migrations projects in which she was the Project Manager and I was the Project Sponsor.