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Currently a college student majoring in literature. Accomplished a solid background on article editing, article writing, and creative writing. Recognized for scenery, on stage, and people photography. Praised for creative mind on decorating project for college events. Very active on a lot of college-based organisation and have a high initiative on team work and team leading.

Work experience

Mar 2015Jan 2016

Project Officer Wisuda IKSI

Ikatan Keluarga Sastra Indonesia FIB UI

A project on IKSI graduation party

Mar 2015Oct 2015

Penanggung Jawab Dokumentasi

Ikatan Keluarga Sastra Indonesia FIB UI

For the event HHK IKSI FIB UI

May 2014Nov 2014

Penanggung Jawab Lukis

UI Art War

Under the contingent of FIB UI

Sep 2013Oct 2013

LO Acara


For the event of "WNA Bernyanyi" and judges for "Lomba Teater"

Feb 2015May 2015


Teater Pagupon

Performing on the stage of "Sayang Ada Orang Lain" for the event "Indonesia Tebar Pesona Universitas Indonesia" 2015

Sep 2014Oct 2014

Penata Busana

Teater Pagupon

For the performance of "Orkes Madun II: Atawa Umang-Umang" for the event "Pesta Sastra Universitas Indonesia" 2014

Mar 2015May 2015

Staff Dekor

Indonesia Tebar Pesona Universitas Indonesia

Decoration staff for the event ITP UI 2015

Jun 2015Oct 2015

Staff Dekor

Festival Bulan Bahasa Indonesia Universitas Indonesia

Decoration staff for the event FALASIDO UI 2015

Mar 2014Oct 2014

Staff Dekor

Pesta Sastra Universitas Indonesia

Decoration staff for the event Pesta Sastra UI 2014

Jan 2014Feb 2014

Staff Dekor

Hari Balas Budi IKSI UI

Decoration staff for the event HBB IKSI UI 2014



Program Studi Sastra Indonesia

Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya Universitas Indonesia

Majoring on Indonesian literature and studies



SMA Sejahtera 1 Depok

High School majoring on Social Studies



SMPN 2 Depok

Junior High School



SDN Beji 5 Depok

Elementary School


Pictures taken at FALASIDO UI 2015. This is the closing stage of the whole FALASIDO UI events.


Journalism Writing

Recognized for having a A- score on article writing at editing class and having a B+ score for Indonesian Journalism class.

Creative Writing

Highly praised on creative writing class and got an A score on short story writing at creative writing class.


Pictures are taken by me are mostly used by the events instead of the publication's pictures. Is the head of documentation on an event.

Gif Making

Something that i do for fun mostly. But, can easily done it in a matter of one hour.

Technology and How it Impact My Life

It is widely know and can easily be seen by anyone that technology is one of our most important resource on doing life. Technology is how we study new things, how we getting updated on recent life events, and how we communicate with each other. Without knowing and realizing it, technology have begin to become of what feeding us, what keep us warm, and what protected us. Technology for me is mostly like the oxygen of my life, without it, we are all just simply blind. If people ever live and saying that they don't need advanced technology to keep living they are very wrong. Because technology it's not and never just a simple way to communicate, but it is how you are travelling from your home to your college using public transportation and the air conditioner that keep you cool on warm afternoon. So basically, technology actually ALWAYS important in our life, in my life. Ever since the day i haven't existed yet until i fully grown up and becoming grandmother old.