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Executive Summary

I am a business professional with experience in business analysis, consulting and implementation on large-scale IT projects. I have 5 years commercial experience in the financial, government and online industries. 

I have experience in investigating business systems, identifying options for improving business systems and bridging the needs of the business with the use of IT solutions.

I have excellent interpersonal skills and can readily make positive decisions and take appropriate action when required. I'm an effective organizer who works comfortably under pressure and readily assumes additional responsibilities. Motivated, confident and adaptable; prioritises own workload and communicates easily at all levels. I am enthusiastic, energetic and enjoy the challenge of a fast paced professional environment. 

I am interested in a business analyst role at a dynamic company where I can utilize my current skill set, acquire new skills and work towards achieving your company's goals. 


  • Completed Bachelors Degree at the age of 19. 
  • Lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. (Awarded to the top 15% in the Economic and Management Faculty at University.)


Business Analyst 


Interpersonal Skills 

Good Communicator 

Develop & Maintain good working relationships 

Enthusiastic, Energetic and Adaptable

Compile Use Cases 

Documentation experience

B.Com (IS) degree


Understand and translate business requirements

Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Business Analyst


Allaboutxpert provides world class project management consulting and technology.

  • I am responsible for documenting application and business requirements based on client specifications. 
  • The role of business analyst lies within the Product Development team.
  • Assist in reports, performance and user acceptance testing on various projects.
  • Communicate directly with the IT Manager, Project Manager, Deployment Manager and clients in order to implement bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Responsible for compiling change control documentation and release notes to be signed off/approved before any fix is deployed to the client on both QA and Production environments. 
  • Continuously track development progress on new and existing projects. 
  • Report directly to the Product Manager. 
  • Work with clients mainly in the banking and petroleum industries. 
Sep 2008Sep 2011

IT Coordinator is a leading international online travel information and hotel reservations service.

  • Monitored all incoming live system errors, reported errors to developers to fix/maintain system and provided CIO (Chief Operations Officer) with daily error reporting. 
  • Ensured that production system errors reported by support staff were prioritized and fixed by the correct team of developers.
  • Compiled daily reports for the IT Manager and CIO regarding performance and trends of all XML suppliers.
  • Assisted the CIO in investigating issues reported in profit/loss report on a monthly basis. 
  • Was involved in on-going investigations with the Software Development Manager and the Project Manager on ways to reduce system related errors. 
  • Worked closely with IT managers, developers and sales managers to discuss ways to improve system performance, manage system upgrades or version updates and resolve any live system issues. 
  • Liaised with a multi-national group of staff (Thai, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Italian) in order to identify and solve any system or website issues encountered or reported.
  • Communicated with suppliers' IT team in order to solve any XML related and system issues as quickly as possible.
  • Maintained internal documentation for IT department.
  • Assisted Project Manager with compiling Test Cases.
  • Assisted in pre and post production system testing.
  • Liaised with IT managers of new suppliers, in order to resolve any issues during integration and testing phase. (XML link to the supplier)
  • Monitored all developers' time keeping in order to verify that all resources were being used efficiently.


  • Successfully managed the implementation of an XML link with a DMC in India. During the project, I had to ensure that the business development team were completing the code matching process, all developers were fully utilized and assisted with testing before going live.

  • Compiled thorough documentation and diagrams of the entire reservation system process (new bookings, amendments, cancellations, special cases) using Microsoft Visio.

  • Proposed that the IT department uses bug tracking software in order to efficiently manage incoming requests and timely responses/fixes. Bug tracking software was implemented in 2011.

  • Was actively involved in website testing, UAT testing for application changes, updates and enhancements and was on a team of high level testers in order to make contributions on how to improve system usability and to report any bugs.

  • Improved error reporting standards for the IT department (live system errors) by changing rules in the booking engine (actual coding done by developers).
Jul 2008Sep 2008

Language Consultant

Wallstreet Institute School of Language

Wall Street Institute is the premier source for English instruction for individuals and corporate clients around the world.

  • Responsible for providing a fun, exciting and enjoyable environment for students to master their English language skills.
  • Reported to the Service Manager.
  • Reinforced students’ understanding of grammar and vocabulary learned.
  • Assessed the students’ natural use of the English language.
  • Conducted ‘Social Clubs’ with the focus on grammar, new vocabulary and/or speaking skills.
Apr 2008Jun 2008

English Teacher

Sukhothai Commercial College

The Leading Vocational Institute of Health & Service Business in Bangkok.

  • Conducted lessons to groups of 40+ students.
  • Prepared Lesson plans for each lesson.
  • Prepared Unit plans for a semester.
  • Prepared tests, assignments, quizzes and examinations to students in order to test their knowledge and understanding of the work.
  • Reported to the Head Teacher. 
Aug 2007Feb 2008

Jnr. Business Analyst

PBT Group

PBT Group is a Business Intelligence and Healthcare solutions provider to large national and international clients. 

  • Involved in implementing a new BI solution to support management reporting at a top financial services provider.
  • Worked closely with the Project Manager, the Construction Manager and the BI Architect to ensure that every effort was made to design and deliver a solution that reflected the business requirements.
  • Involved in compiling user requirement findings, Business Requirement Specs (BRS document) and Interface Specs for the different source systems that would be used. 
  • Assisted and reported to the senior Business Analyst.
May 2006Feb 2007

Jnr. Business Analyst



  • Handled queries from clients via telephone, email and fax.
  • Resolved emergency queries promptly.
  • Compiled a weekly issue report to the Team leader.


  •  Assisted the Senior Business Analyst and IT Manager with system testing, application testing and reports testing.
  • Produced SRS documents (Software Requirements Specification) and Use Case documentation for the systems that the IS department maintained.
  • Investigated queries logged (via request tracker application) and assigned the task to a developer to fix.
  • Involved in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for specified projects.
  • Supported the Operational Manager in the transition of the project into the business.
  • Worked closely with end users and other business team members in a co-operative environment. 
May 2005Apr 2006

IT Consultant


PricewaterhouseCoopers provides industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services.

  • Assisted in extracting different forms of source data from clients and planning an analytical strategy in order to analyze, investigate and manipulate the client’s data.
  • Compiled reports based on patterns found in the data.
  • Analyzed data using ACL and SQL.
  • Worked for clients in various industries, i.e. public sector, telecommunications and government. 
  • Reported directly to Senior Business Analyst.



Matric Certificate

Achievers Tutorial College
Feb 2002Dec 2004

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com IS)

University of the Western Cape

Final Year Subjects:

  • Process Modelling
  • Data Modelling
  • Project Control
  • Implementation
  • Introduction to Programming (HTML)
  • Software Application Development (HTML & VBscript)
  • Database Applications Development (VBscript & ASP)
  • Strategy Formulation (Distinction Obtained)
  • Project Management
  • e-Commerce and Internet
  • Philosophy of Information Systems
  • IS Research Methods
  • IS Infrastructure Management
  • Consulting Skills
  • Data Mining and Data Warehousing


  • Project Management - Proposing a new administration system for the university including ways to improve the current system and how to minimize costs incurred. (Distinction Obtained)
  • Programming Project - Consisted of building an active online shopping page that allowed customers to purchase various items. Payment methods included cash on delivery (COD) and payment via credit card.


Leadership Skills, Planning, Time-management Skills
As the technical coordinator of an IT department it has enabled me to develop my leadership, planning and time management skills. As part of the operational team, there is always a risk of not enough time as deadlines need to be kept and met, as a result it helped me to manage myself and plan in advance in order to meet deadlines.
Team player
Extensive group work during University and on the job has broadened my skills as a team player. I have been involved in team sport (Dragon Boat Racing) and have realised the value of co-operation and camaraderie in both an academic and professional environment. As a result, I realise that as a consultant, it is important to have good communication with team members in both a leadership and support staff role. 
ASP, HTML, VBScript, ACL, Rationale Software, UML
MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Project, MS Visio, MS Outlook.
Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills
Extensive analysis of problems and provision of possible solutions are important skills in any business environment. In the capacity of Technical Coordinator, I assisted the CIO in investigating profit loss due to IT-related issues, through thorough investigation and discussions with developers I was able to determine the source of the problem i.e. human or system related errors. 
Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Previous experience as an auditor and current experience has aided me to communicate with and assist fellow colleagues when a difficulty arises. As the coordinator of the IT department, clear communication between developers, suppliers and the sales team are paramount to solving issues quickly.


Feb 2008Mar 2008


Inlingua School of Language

Advanced ACL script writing


Security: Windows 2000/NT and Unix

In-house training


Kanjana Rattanapatumwong

During my tenure at, Kanjana was the Business Development Manager. We worked closely to communicate any supplier issues for all XML suppliers. 

Deepak Raj

I reported directly to Deepak.