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Wahba Mohamed Hagras

Software Development Lead


A highly motivated and ambitious individual able to give timely and accurate advice, guidance, support and training to team members and individuals. Possessing excellent management skills and having the ability to work with the minimum of supervision whilst leading a team of five or more. Having a proven ability to lead by example, consistently hit targets, improve best practices and organize time efficiently. Now looking forward to making a significant contribution as a team leader with a company that offers a genuine opportunity for progression.

Work History

Nov 2017Till now

Lead Software Development

Integrant Inc

Job Description: Team Member Support, Scrum Master, Analyzing user stories, Retirements gathering from on site team in USA, 

Technologies: DDD Architecture, Agile, WPF, MVVM, Prism, Xaml, .Net, C#, MS Sql, EF, MVC, WebAPI, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, Redux, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS.


  • - ATU: it's a wpf  application to integrate with medical pumps and syringe firmwares via export data for reporting log or sending commands to machines.
  • - Keiys: it a web application interact with legal papers by submitting cases and make processes on and deliver back to clients. 
June 2016Aug 2017

Software Development Team Lead

DXC (HPE previously)

Job Description: Team Member Support, Scrum Master, Analyzing user stories, Retirements gathering from on site team in Switzerland, 

Technologies: MIM/FIM Portal Sync, .Net, C#, MS SQL, EF, Java script, MVC, WebAPI, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Agile.


  • Heimdall: Identity management application for BEKB (Switzerland Bank), application is developed by of sure mechanism.
Jan 2014May 2016

Software Development Team Lead

Asyad Capital

Job Description: Support team members, Analyze and planning business Deployment, Gathering requirements, Code review, one of steering committee in R&D.

Technologies: .Net, C#, MS Sql, EF, Java script, MVC, WebAPI, Razor, Webforms, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Agile.


  1. IScope (Construction Project Management System)
  2. Work Mate (Tasks Management System, Reporting Service, Process Management System, Resources Management System)
  3. Work Mate - Archiving
  4. EPI (KPI & Evaluation system)
  5. Quick (Customer Service)
Oct 2012Dec 2013

Senior Software Developer

Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Job Description: Develop tasks, Integrate with 3rd party services, analyze many module.

Technologies.Net, C#, MS SQL, Reporting Services, EF, Java script, MVC, WebAPI, Razor, Webforms, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Agile, Amazon services, SEO, No Sql (Solr).


  1. Manuscript Tracking System
  2. Orcid Integration 
Jan 2012Sep 2012

Senior Software Developer

Job Description: Lead team members, Gather requirements and analyze , system architecture, set and implement system/DB design, Software Support.

Technologies: .Net, C#, MS SQL, EF, Java script, Webforms, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Agile, SVN, No Sql (, Solr), Web services, google analaytics, google ads.

Nov 2010Dec 2011

Senior Software Developer - Part Time

Jadeed Medical Solutions

Job Description: Develop, team member support, gather requirements, deploying

Technologies: .Net, C#, MS Sql, Linq, Java script, Webforms, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Agile, TFS


  1. Clinitronics (Clinics Management System)
  2. Neotronics (Neonates Life Cycle System)
  3. Top Care (Laser Clinic System)
  4. Al Rahma (Beauty & SPA System)
Jan 2008Dec 2011

Software Developer

e Turn

Job Description: Developing back end and front end websites

Technologies.Net, C#, MS Sql, Linq, Java script, Webforms, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Agile, TFS, Reporting Services,


Fricool, Orascom Housing Community, Shazly Group, IAC, Wagba Sahla, Standout



Very Good

Faculty of  Science

Computer Science and Pure Math

Graduation Project: Victory Game (Mobile Game), j2me, Symbian OS. with Excellent grade


PHP with Laravel
Design Pattern

Creational Patterns: Singleton, Factory Method, Builder, Prototype, Abstract Factory

Structural Patterns: Adapter, Facade, Decorator, Composite, Bridge, Proxy

Behavioral Patterns: Command, Observer, Strategy, PupSub


Motivating, Mentoring and training up junior and new staff, Resolve problems, Handling new client enquiries

.Net, MVC, MVVM, Web API, WPF, Web forms, C#, EF, LINQ, Web Services, OOP, 

Front End Development

Java Script, jQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, CSS, HTML, SEO, TypeScript

Administrative tools

TFS, svn, Scrum agile

Database, Data

MS SQL, No SQL (, Solr, Mongo), XML, Json

Microsoft Identity Management

MIM Portal, MIM Sync, MIMWAL, Policies, WFs, AD, other configuration 


Arabic: Mother Language

English: Very Good