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RYT Yoga Teacher Professeur de Yoga


Work History /Experiences

Mazagan Beach Resort. El jadida Morocco

May 2017

Retraite Roses & poses Yoga Retreat

Yoga Workshop at AVEDA 

April 2017April 2017

Facilitator With Mar Thieriot Ph.D

Nautilus Plus


Professeur de Yoga Teacher

Upcoming Yoga retreat

Sat May 06 - Sat May 13, 2017

Surf'n'Yog The Ultimate Detox & Rejuvenate Retreat!

7 nights in Tamraght, Morocco

Eman Montreal


Recipient of the "Athlete of the year award"

Im pleased, honoured & humbled by the "Mohammed Ali award"  trophy.  I shall strive to work better, make  yoga accessible to all & serve communities in Montreal, Casablanca or "my other Heart-adopted cities" to the best of my abilities. 

Home is where the heart is. Namaste.

Je suis honorée par ce prix et je m efforce de mieux travailler, rendre le yoga accessible à tous et servir les communautés que ce soit à Montréal et de temps en temps a Casablanca, Maroc au meilleur de mes capacités.

Automne Yoga- Fall classes


Yoga Teacher

Fall Theme:  Combining yoga with essential oils to powerfully Enhance their practise.

By diffusing a versatile choice of pure plant essential oils before class begins, yogis rejoice when unfolding their mats as they are welcomed by a warm, refreshing range of comforting, soothing & uplifting essential oil blends.

Thème de l'automne : La combinaison de yoga avec des huiles essentielles 

Diffusion d'un choix varié de plantes pures huiles essentielles avant le cours les yogis se réjouissent quand ils/elles dé roulent leurs tapis de yoga   Accueilli(e)s par un chaleureux melange dhuiles essentielles réconfortantes apaisantes et  énergisantes.

Surf Hut. 


Surf"N"Yog!: Yoga for surfers.

Morning pre-surfing Yoga classes.

INSAF Casablanca, Morocco.


Exhale to Inhale Trauma Informed Yoga Class

Trauma informed Yoga for survivors. 

NISA Support. Montreal.

April June 2016

Gentle Yoga /Yoga Doux

Santé Active

Mar 2016Present

Corporate Yoga Teacher

Corporate & Private Yoga 

Everyday Pranayama workshop

Feb 2016Feb 2016

Yoga teacher

Pranayama Interactive workshop 

Lolë White Tour Yoga for peace, Central Park, New York, USA

Aug 2015Aug 2015

Yoga volunteer

Lolë White Tour Yoga for peace, Montreal, Qc, Canada

Aug 2015Aug 2015

Yoga volunteer

Casablanca surfing school Morocco, Africa.

Jul 2015Jul 2015

Yoga teacher

Adapted Yoga class for surfers -how to avoid injuries with proper warm-up

Equilibrium Yoga. Montreal, Qc, Canada.

May 2015May 2015

Yoga teacher

3 Doshas Yoga workshop

Equilibrium Yoga. Montreal, Qc, Canada.

May 2015May 2015

Yoga teacher

 "Introduction to Yoga" workshop for women.


 Bonjour! Hi ! Hola! Salam! Shalom!

My name is Wafaa, (Wafaa means Integrity & loyalty in arabic. & Urdu)

Im fluent in  French, English and Arabic.  i dabble in Spanish and Italian. 
I graduated from Sivananda Yoga TTC in the Bahamas with the "Yoga Siromani"** Diploma. The Sivananda vedanta centre trains future peace leaders & responsable citizens of the world in yogic disciplines. This program was initially created by the first Yogic master to bring the knowledge of yoga and Vedanta to North America, Swami Vishnudevananda

 I have been a yogi practitioner for over 10 years. A calling that  manifested in many ways:  

-Volunteering with many charitable organizations in Canada and abroad.

 -Being of service to others taught me that compassion starts within...Dalai lama once said: Be kind to the unkind ones, they need it the most. 

We all have 5-15mn to meditate, i always tell participants that its not about the perfect time, the perfect place, the destination its about the journey....within and beyond. The Human factor is SO important in every profession. My Yoga teaching involves a handful of thoughtfulness, a gentle  and respectful cup of mindfulness that i try to convey through my pedagogy, my voice & energy. Each Class is unique, i pace the energy of the room by greeting the class and asking which language they prefer (Most fo the time i teach in French and English then by acknowledging their presence, by making brief & mindful eye contact, noticing participants body language, i never ever assume or take for granted anything...i always open the class by asking how are THEY are today....their energy level....developing and cultivating  self awareness, mindfulness and respect of ones body (or temple) its  strengths, its limitations which vary form one person to another is very important before starting the class.  Consequently, I have developed the habit of forgetting to give a snippet of my yoga journey after i say my name because i genuinely believe this is not just about me....this is about Yoga,The Class & myself....

The Class then unfolds with breathing exercises after the sankalpa of the day: Each participant is invited to choose a personal one. Unless they prefer my suggestions which in a nutshell evolve around mindfulness: BE rather than DO, Gratitude. Presence....

**Siromani In Sanskrit means jewel of the Crown of yoga. 


Yoga in My school


Yoga Kids Teacher Training


Yoga Tune-up Teacher Training. Ottawa, ON Canada.

Nov 2016Nov 2016

Yoga Tune-Up (YTU) Training

Student for life/Continued education. (Without certification)

Centre of Excellence


Aromatherapy Training

Continued education

Pilates Expert

August 20162017

Pilates Training

Continued education

Exhale to Inhale, New York, NY.

April 2016April 2016

Exhale to Inhale Trauma informed Teacher Training.


The Yoga Conference, Toronto, ON.

April 2016April 2016

How to teach a Corporate Workshop With Your Yoga Certification


International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre-Ashram Paradise Island Bahamas

Feb 2015Mar 2015

Yoga Siromani

RYT 200 Completed

About Wafaa.....

Grateful Mini Bio By Wafaa

I’m grateful for 



And Happy encounters!

Bio by a Former colleague, a friend who was the first to encourage me to pursue this calling....

Wafaa was affectionately nicknamed “little Gandhi “ by her peers when she was working in the corporate sphere because of her all land composed & positive energy. Her colleagues enjoyed her "Breathing/meditation capsules" during breaks and encouraged her to pursue her vocation through yoga.

Practicing yoga for ten years helped her grow stronger, non-judgmental and wiser both on and off the mat: At work, it kept her centered while alleviating stress around her. During her studies, it enabled her to stay focused. 

After intense weeks of Ashram living spent studying, practicing, & learning she graduated with the title of Yoga Siromani from the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. She met wonderful yogis from all over the world, and together they formed a beautiful, healthy and universal family.

A humbling, rejuvenating & transformative experience of a lifetime that reinforced her deep belief that what brings us together is strong than what pulls us apart.

Through constant practice, she ultimately became her better self while embracing some lingering weak spots of hers ( Indulging in occasional snacks: Ghazal Horns* or poutine.

Because every day is a gift that comes in different flavors & seasons. So do her class. Before starting the course, she paces its energy to enable fellow yogis to deepen their practice at their pace.At the end of each class, there is a new beginning.  Seeing bright smiles upon yogis faces is her ultimate reward.

Wafaa defines herself as a curious and mindful lifelong student who continuously expand her teaching abilities with trainings/workshops on a regular basis.

** Kaab Ghazal translates into "gazelle ankles," are crescent-shaped cookies made of fresh almond paste that' enclosed and wrapped in the pastry dough.**Siromani In Sanskrit means jewel of the Crown of yoga.