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Former Board Memeber of the

Open Door Youth Gang Alternative

Member of PASS

Parent Teacher Program for Minority Students.


I have worked in sales for the last 17 years.  I have developed a process over this time that gives me a higher than average closing ratio as well as very satisfied customers.  Many of my clients will say that I exceed their expectations, and that I get the job done in the most efficient way possible.  Customers are looking for clear and concise information.  My customers are impressed with my knowledge of the product and, most importantly, their ability to understand how the product and my services benefit them. 

Work experience


Shortline Automotive

After completing my training at Wyoming Technical Institute, this was my first employer in the automotive industry.  I started as an Entry Level Technician, but moved up very quickly.  My work consisted of basic service maintenance, brake jobs, drivability issues, carburetor rebuilds, transmission overhauls, engine rebuilds, air condition service, emission test and repair, and various other repairs.

Auto Technician

Mile High Acura

Continued work as a technician on Honda and Acura model vehicles.  Included minor services, brake jobs, engine swaps, transmission swaps, electrical diagnosis, and drivabilty issues.  One of a handful of technicians certified to work on the Acura NSX, which required specialized training from Acura.

Claims Adjuster

Insurance Specialist Inc.

This was my first experience working on the other side of the desk in the automotive field; I worked as a claims adjuster for extended services agreements on motor vehicles.  This position required a superior understanding of the mechanical break down and repair of motor vehicles, as well as quality customer service skills.  I administered extended service agreements/contracts for 15 different carriers, totaling 125 varying contracts and vehicles ranging from passenger cars to motor homes.  I managed calls from across the country and dealt with people with varying needs and requirements.  The claims process exceeded $500,000 per month.

Sales Consultant

After becoming licensed in Life, Health and Disability insurance products, and obtaining my Series 6 and 63 certifications, I entered the world of insurance sales and investment management.My job consisted of selling insurance and investment products to the individual and small business owner.The products ranged from basic life insurance to complex business and estate planning.Once again, it was incumbent upon me to immerse myself in the process and knowledge of the products.I excelled in the details and in the ability to answer any question thrown my way.I was able to rationalize the need to the individual, to put it in “their terms”, that would allow them to see how the product would benefit them.

Financial Consultant

COPIC Insurance

COPIC (Colorado Physician Insurance Company) is one of Colorado largest medical malpractice insurers.  I worked in the financial services division providing insurance products to its insured.  This included life, disability, long term care, and business and estate planning.  I managed business succession plans as well as basic estate planning models.This work was directed to a specific group of individuals and business owners that required specialized services to help them meet the needs of their practices.

Financial Consultant

Berkshire provided a opportunity to expand my skills as a business sucession planner and pension specialist.  The products offered were inline with the type of professionals that I enjoyed working with, including small business owners.  I designed complex pensions, funded business sucession plans, and provided the tools necessary to make it all work together.  I enjoyed the opportunity to work with these professionals (medical, legal, business, etc.), as well as to put these plans together and to see them through to success.

Motorcycle Sales

BMW of Denver

I was first a client of BMW of Denver prior to working for them.  At the time, the company was in the beginning stages of transitioning into a new larger facility, as well as a new location in an effort to expand their customer base.  I was brought in to handle the sales of the bikes, initially, the only sales person.  Selling the bike also included the construction of the deal, processing the trades, providing the financing, "desking the deal", and vehicle delivery.  This was a great work envoirment with fewer stresses than the financial world.  I was able to work with customers, provide them with a service, as well as share a mutual passion for the sport and the product. 

Oct 2002Present

Independent Auto Consultant

Wade A. Dixon

Combining my ever-growing knowledge in sales with my passion and education in the field, I entered the field of Automtive Sales.  I was responsible for networking and marketing to prospective clients, and offering them an alternative way to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle.  Once again, I was able to use my honed customer service skills, my technical background, and financial backgroud to provide a much needed, unique service to my clients.  I added a new skill, negotiaing trade values.  This was the first time that I was using all of my experience and education on building my own client base, my own processes, and my own business. 


AAS Degree

I trained for and received my Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Technician Certification.


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David Gardner

Colin Grubb

Kyle Grivette