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Work experience

Nov 2008Present

Rural Carrier Assiociate


As an R.C.A. my job includes two parts: in the office and on the street. In the office I sort letter mail, magazines and parcels in a timely fashion. I make sure to weed out incorrectly sent or misplaced mail. At times I have to fix certain address that are wrong but thankfully I know which home or business it belongs to. I am also responsible for certain mail pieces called registered mail and certified mail, for these I need to obtain signatures from the customers and make sure the receipts are correctly brought back to the Post Office. The job requires an ability to lift up to or around 50-75 pounds, as well as the capacity to do the constant physical work of delivering mail and parcels to hundreds of address. On the street, I have to drive and deliver safely in all circumstances and weather; as the famous U.S.P.S. slogan states: 'whether rain, sleet or snow'. I have had to learn how to use a number of scanners and other devices because of ever-changing technology as well. Being a rural carrier introduces other tasks like delivering to not only homes on gravel roads but highways too, which heightens my awareness to be extra careful and safe. As an R.C.A. I have to maintain a clean driving record both on and off the job, and at times I am required to use my own personal vehicle for certain routes. I also have to be flexible many times, needing to take out express mail and deliver my route in a different manner than accustomed to. Flexibility also is key when I am asked to not just deliver my own route but to help other carriers with routes that are sometimes not covered or when a carrier cannot carry the route by him/herself. My duties also include having to interact with customers who have questions pertaining to their mail, as well as taking orders from management and working alongside mail-handlers and mail-clerks. This job has taught me not only the ability to 'roll with the punches' and adapt to certain changes day to day but the aptitude to work hard and have a good attitude despite drama in the workplace.

Nov 2009Jan 2010

Overnight Stocker

Toys 'R' Us

My responsibilities for this job were pretty diverse. I was required to lift 25-50 pounds and be able to work efficiently throughout the overnight hours. The overnight stock crew worked as a team through the night, taking breaks all at the same time, unloading trucks and stocking together. The night began with unloading all the store's merchandise first from the trucks then organizing them according to which rows they would be placed in the store aisles onto wood pallets. From there we would use utility carts to move all the boxed toys to their coordinating aisles. After this we opened the boxes and stocked the shelves making sure to place and organize them correctly. When we were finished with that particular aisle we would break down the cardboard boxes, throw them in the cardboard baler and move on to the next aisle. At times I was also asked to present certain products in a creative fashion for customers to see, as well as learn how to use a cardboard baler. This job has taught me to work hard despite tiring situations and how to work as a team.

Jun 2004Aug 2008

City Casual Carrier


My responsibilities and requirements were the same as above while working as an R.C.A. But there were some differences like more physical labor, driving safely in more congested areas and training of different vehicles. The physical labor was more intense because I was also required to do walking routes where I needed to track up and down hills safely through all elements, sometimes for 8+ hours. As a casual I also drove and delivered in primarily heavy traffic areas of the city of Sioux Falls, hence the name city casual carrier. Lastly, I also was taught how to drive a 2-ton diesel truck. This part of the job was called 'collections' and I drove to the different subcontractors of the U.S.P.S. to pick up mail and packages, then deposit them at the mail processing plant. 

Sep 2005Nov 2005

Flag Football Referee


As a Referee I was responsible to not only to know all the football rules but to carry them out on the field and deal with the players. This job I thought would be more of a fun job but was actually more difficult than once imagined. I was required to know some 30+ rules of flag football and to be able to interject the game and call fouls if need be. I also needed to facilitate players and the game, making sure time was being kept to know when the game would commence. This job was actually quite physical for example, I was constantly running up and down-field with the players to make sure I was in the proper position to make correct calls. This job taught me how to adequately organize a group and dissolve disputes between groups.

Oct 2000Jul 2003

Stocker, Cashier and Bagger

Sunshine Foods

My time with Sunshine Foods was fun and I had a wide range of things that I was asked to do. I spent a lot of time in all areas of the grocery store. Stocking consisted of taking food from the backroom, unloading them and placing them on the shelves in a correct and neat order. I also helped in the dairy and produce section. There I had to make sure shelves were adequately stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as making sure that milk products were not old or damaged. As a bagger I would have to handle the customers food in a fragile manner, while organizing the groceries to make sure when they left the store they would not get damaged. I was also required to help with carry-out duties where I would physically lift and arrange all of the customers goods into their vehicle. The most interaction I had with the customers at this job was when I would work the cash register as a cashier. My duties there were to be able to provide quick helpful service to the customer, at the same time making sure I was accurate in scanning the items and coupons. I also had to deal with all forms of money. I needed to be able to correctly use the register and my math skills to give customers correct change if need be. This job taught me how to better serve and kindly interact with customers for a prolonged time and how to manage money correctly and effectively.

Jan 1998May 1999


Kids Inc

As a helper I was responsible for supervising and helping children from kindergarten through fifth grade at an after school program for public schools called Kids Inc. This job required me to interact effectively and calmly to children when disputes and drama would arise. I also was there to watch over and help the leader to organize activities for the children. I needed to oversee the children who played outside on the playground, as well as help with homework inside guiding them through their material. This job taught me how to not only play and interact with kids but the ability to discipline, lead and help them.


Aug 2003May 2007

Assioctes Of Arts

University Of South Dakota

I attended U.S.D. for four years, two of those years I was undecided and took generals. The last two years I was in the Elementary Education program working on a minor in Religion. The last year at U.S.D. I chose to take a different path and moved back home leaving my degree unfinished. Just this year I contacted U.S.D. and chose to use my credits for an Associates Of Arts in General Studies Degree.

Creative work