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Vugar Guluzade 

Telecommunication Engineer / IMS Engineer

Work experience

Dec 2015Present

▪ Telecommunication Engineer / IMS Engineer

The Republic of Azerbaijan Ministry of Communications and High Technologies

Azerbaijan BEHM International GateWay Project:

  •  Integration and testing for 5060 MGC-8 and 7510 MGW products.
  •  Configuration of MGC-8 including definition/modification of SIP/ISUP trunks/trunk groups.
  •  Data Center TIER 3 level (basic)
  •  IP adress and subnetting. CISCO equipment testing for 5510 and hiT  7020 MGW products
  •  IMS and ISS  technology topology graphics 
  •  2G and 3G technology controller. Same time DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology engineer 
  •  Fiber Optic cable technology, NGN and modern GSM technology
Sep 2014Dec 2015

 ▪ Vice- Rector Assistant at International Students and Scholars 

Khazar University 

Migration processand visa process

Jun 2013Jul 2013

▪ Telecom Technic 

BP (British Petroleum) - Sigma Technical Serves 

General telecom and electric technical serves 

Sep 2012May 2013

▪ Information Technology Teacher 

Balanse Education Center

Basic Microsoft Office program 

Information Technology research


Sep 2015Present

Master Degree

Azerbaijan Technical University

Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering 

The department has been created with the name "Information Networks and Systems" in 1992. Later at the department in connection with the importance of the creation of specialist, the name of the department has been amended several times and currently operates with the name of "Telecommunication networks and technologies".

At the department works one doctor of science, four candidate of science- Assistant Professor, five senior teacher and the head of a laboratory. In educaion are used the latest achievements of science and technology being in the field of information and telecommunication technologies. Attached to the department on the basis of modern information and telecommunication technologies was established global Internet network having access to the local computer network, outlined below new teaching laboratories, educational-methodical complex of subjects taught in and their electronic version.

The main direction of the research activities of the department studying of systems and networks acting on the basis of modern information and telecommunication technologies. In conducting with scientific research works are widely used of advanced computer technology and programming technologies.At the department staff training on bachelor, master and doctorate degrees is carried out. On first step duration of study is 4 years and ends with a bachelor's degree, the second stage of education is 2 years results with a master's degree, third term of study is 3 years results with Doctor of Philosophy on technical sciences. Along with this at the department prepared Doctors of sciences.

At the department is carried out following undergraduate and postgraduate trainig on specialties and specialization;

 On specialty of ’’Information technology and systems engineering’’

1 Specialization"Information technology and telecommunication systems"

On specialty of "Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio" Engineering "

1Specializationof "Networks, communication systems and information distribution"

2 Specializationof "Telecommunications systems, information security"

On specialty of "Information technology and telecommunications systems," students studying in bachelor's degree are being taught subjects releted to the information networks of information technology in telecommunications systems, administrative management in telecommunications networks, intellectual telecommunication systems. Over this profession bachelors completed their education are able to work in various organizations using of modern information and telecommunication technologies, for carrying on processing and preparation of the information , information networks and systems in communication facilities and in companies with different management systems. Students studying at the Bachelor's degree on speciality of "Networks, communication systems and information distribution"are taught subjects related to the modern telecommunications technologies, digital telecommunications networks and systems, their modeling, optimization and information distribution systems. Graduates of this specialty are able to work in variety of communication facilities and distribution of information commutation systems, other organizations and institutions but also in different companies. Students studying bachelor degree are taught releted to the subjects on speciality of "Telecommunications systems of information protection," modern methods and means of information protection, cryptographic information of software development, digital telecommunications networks and systems. Graduates completed a bachelor’s degree in this specialty are able to work in leading the protection of information and telecommunications systems , various organizations, institutions, communication enterprises and companies. Within the base of bachelor's program according to the professions in-depth on a specific plan and program all above specialties on master preparation is carried out.

Successful graduates alumni of the master's degree specialties on doctorate of education degree have an opportunity to continue their education. 

Power systems analysis and protection
• Efficient and clean power generation
• Smart grids
• Renewable energy schemes
• Power electronics
• Sophisticated control systems
• Embedded computer systems
• Microelectronics
• Mobile and wireless communications
• Digital signal processing
• Systems engineering
• Software design
• Concurrent systems
• Analogue circuits and systems
• Robotics
• Sensors and instrumentation

Sep 2011Jun 2015

Bachelor Degree

Khazar University 

Electronics, Radio  and Telecommunication Engineering.

The Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering was established in 2010. The curriculum was planned to provide a sound professional education for the students. After completing courses in basic sciences, students are offered major courses. Practical experience is required for the degree and accordingly, students are required to undertake summer practice. Elective courses are offered to enable the students to advance their knowledge in specific fields.

Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering encompasses a broad range of fields concerned with leading edge technologies in many applications. Electronics, telecommunications and radio engineers design and create devices, systems and equipment that use electricity either as a form of energy or to carry information. Emphasis is placed on underlying principles and techniques so that graduates will be able to learn and seamlessly adapt to new technologies when they emerge to face future challenges. This program embraces electronics, telecommunications and radio engineering and thus, provides graduates with a wide range of fundamental knowledge in core disciplines such as signal processing, micro-electronics, communications, control systems, radio frequency design, microprocessors and power generation.

Electronics, telecommunications and radio engineers require an understanding of mathematics and physics as well as a wide range of electronic technologies. In this program students gain a deeper understanding of physics, mathematics and computer programming while being introduced to basic principles of electronics and telecommunications. Throughout the program the emphasis will shift towards learning new and more advanced electronics technologies. Employment opportunities are available in a diverse variety of growing fields such as renewable energy, radar and remote sensing, biomedical engineering, defence, information security, and telecommunications

The department has new, modern laboratories to prepare the specialists with high qualifications. Following are possibilities in the laboratories:

• Basic communication study 
• AM/FM transmitter & receiver system
• Fiber-optic transmission training system 
• SDH and DWDM technology study

• IMS and IP transmission training system 

  • Basic electricity circuit study
  • Biomedical measurement system

• Complete industrial electronic trainer
• Logic design study
• Analog electronics study
• Digital electronics study


Jul 2014Aug 2014


This is to confirm that Guluzadeh Vugar, 3'd year student of Khazar University,
"Electronics-Radios and Telecommunications Engineering" faculty, has completed
an internship with 'osigma Technical Services" Ltd from l't July till 25ft of
August 2014.

May 2013Jun 2014

English certificate

This is to confirm that the assistant in International Affairs department,Khazat university Vugar
Guluzadeo has passed a proficiency exam and receives 82 level of proficiency according to the
Common Eu of Reference in the English Language'

Jul 2013Jul 2013

Certificate of Practic

This is to confirm that Guluzade Vugar,2nd year student of Khazar University,
Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering faculty, has completed an
internship with Republic of Azerbaijan Ministry of Communications and High
Technologies from l'tJuly till28th July 2013.



Fiber Optic cable technology, NGN and modern GSM technology
2G and 3G technology controller. Same time DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology engineer 
IMS and ISS  technology topology graphics 
 Data Center TIER 3 level 
 Computer skills                                                ▪ MS Office,▪  Photoshop,                              ▪ Internet Computer Knowledge - MS office,                                                                    ▪ Programming languages: C      programming++,HTML,C#,MATLAB (Basic),                                                                  ▪ Corel Draw,                                                    ▪ I manager and UA 5000            ▪Telecommunication system Program      ▪  Elementary (for Automatic Telephone Station)                                                              ▪ Basic knowledge of Puff


Prof.Hassan Niknafs,                         Dean of the Engineering Khazar   University 

On behalf of Mr. Vugar Guluzade
I came to know Vugar,  graduates  student in the department of Electronics and Telecommunication, almost a year ago when I joined Khazar University as the Dean of the Engineering
College. At time, Vugar was working as a student assistant in our lnternational Office. Since I had to
extend my visa to Azerbaijan, this task was assigned to Vugar. During this cumbersome process, I
realized how vigilantly he is taking the responsibility of such a task, in spite of his course load work.
Later in the year, I got to know Vugar closely through many other assignments including technical, Vugar
has always been hardworking, serious and knowledge seeking young man. Recently, he has engaged in
one of our projects related to fabricating a Solar Car at the department of Electronics. I have seen in him
the leadership, good virtues and team work in this project. Vugar always has been eager to learn more
and he had proven it when lassigned him for an internship duringthe summer of 2014 at SIGMA, an
Electronic and Telecommunication Company giving service to the oil platforms in Azerbaijan.
I highly recommend Vugar for any opportunities that he may come to face in the future, for I am sure he
will be able to take the

Prof. Nuru SafarovHead of Department Electronics, Telecommunications and RadioEngineering at Khazar University 

Dear Sir/Madam:

As the Head of Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, I am writing with great pleasure to recommend Mr. Vugar Guluzade into your international program for the practics. He has achieved excellent results in these courses – passed all proposed tests, practical works and showed excellent knowledge of both practical and theoretical material. This is evidenced by his marks. Vugar showed great interest in the subject, was actively participating in the lectures and showed willingness and ability to study material beyond limits of the courses. As his mentor I have had an opportunity to observe the student's participation and overall progress. I would rate the student's overall performance as excellent, because he has got excellent marks and has achieved marked results in different academic and student fields. He showed immense working efficiency and competitive knowledge and skills in his chosen field. During the course of studies, his grades were exceptionally good. In fact, his overall results ranked top 5 among all the students that I was teaching.

Vugar is broad-minded and has interests in different areas of mathematics and electronics. He has an unusual thinking style and ability to combine methods and ideas from different disciplines. As Vugar’s professor I can tell, that he has proved to have a divergent, abstract thinking style, native intelligence and good problem solving skills, along with good interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. He also has abilities to handle conflicts and work in a team, which came to be important in his field of study. He showed himself as a reliable, ready to help person with a good ability to communicate with people of different ages.

Based on my professional experience, I evaluate Vugar Guluzade as an intelligent, respectful, purposeful and initiative person, who is ready to achieve his goals and recommend him for acceptance for chosen exchange program. I believe that he will perform well in the chosen program and will prove to be a great value of your institution. I am convinced, that education in your university will be a great opportunity for the student to develop further his abilities in scientific and research areas. Please feel free to contact me if you need further information. I am positive, that Vugar Guluzade

 would be a tremendous asset to your program and I highly recommend him to you without reservation. If you have any further questions with regard to her background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.