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Vu Van Francisc Eduard

      education consultant



The Degree of Bachelor

Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

International Relations 

All the coursers i had to fallow were in Vietnamese language and we cover during four years sections as International Laws, Economy ,Physiology, Logic, Computer skills, English for International Relations  

Work experience


London Eye 

ESL Teacher 

Sunshine, Poppodo , Alpha , Set, Washington Center, Cleverlearn  

English Teacher for Elementary, Pre Intermediate, Intermediate , IELTS


English Teacher Supervisor 

Phonetics School Center

At this center first i got hired as basic English teacher for Adults classes tailored to prepare them to pass TOEFL. Very short after that direct of school assign me to become a representative of school since i was able to speak Vietnamese language fluent and delegate me to meet on behalf of school our clients based in HO Chi Minh City , Da Nang , Hai Phong where we were able to tight cooperation between schools and to develop new programs. I had a lot to learn there because the amount of work was over the top and had to go an extra mile to assure our clients will be happy that they choose working with us.

During this time the most program i been proud of is that we successfully carried a program for Vietnamese Custom Board to receive 1 month training program in New Zealand          


English Teacher 

Viet Anh English Center

Since my early days as a student i took as a part time job a teaching position as one of the centers in Hanoi, i had to help them start understanding the basics of English language from elementary level , while i discover the joy of helping someone achieving their goals i also came along the desire of my students that are so hungry to learn everything what is around them and to build for them self a bright future.