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Work History

Aug 2011Present

Lead welder/ Quality Control

American Equipment and Machine Inc.

I started as a welder, I was promoted to quality control and then promoted to the lead welding position the experience I have gained from this job is staggering. As a welder I used Dual shield and MIG welding procedures, preheating carbon steel and castings, oxy-acytlene, plasma, and carbon air arc cutting procedures. Operated band saws, fork lifts, cranes, hoists, bobcats, and hydraulic pumps. As a quality control I Inspected every weld made by welders on our shift and every cut made by our burn room and anything that went out the door was signed off on by me. As a lead man (similar to a supervisor position) I am in charge of all employees on my shift. My day consist of getting to work early making sure everyone has something to do putting employees on certain jobs where it is needed. I make sure everyone stays busy and has what they need to do their job. Due to this position I have gained huge experience in people skills, problem solving on the fly, fixing machinery, organizing people and environment, e-mails computer skills. (During my time as a lead man i was trained on a highly advanced robot that welds with MIG welding process another part of my job is to keep it running which includes maintenance and on the go problem solving). Multi tasking is something I have learned well with this job with all the pressure that comes with it I believe I am very good at handling high pressure situations. At this job we make anything and everything for coal mines our main products are shields and pan lines a key piece in the long wall mining process.

Aug 2010Aug 2011


Big 3

I worked as an assembly line welder using MIG then i was put on fabrication this job was repetitive and required great people skills we built racks that held car parts. 

Nov 2009Jun 2010


Squibb Tank Co.

Used compression rollers to manipulate flat steel, Gained experience in rigging heavy equipment, drove forklifts and operated cranes, used blueprints on a daily basis, used oxy-acytlene and plasma cutting processes, used and gained a lot of knowledge in stick welding and MIG welding. The job its self was a great learning experience for me we built tanks of all shapes and sizes from oil field tanks to sand tanks even water tanks all the tanks we built had to be pressure tested even if they were just holding rock and sand.

Feb 2009Nov 2009

Electrical Assembly/Laborer

Team Fennex

Built generators, built wire harnesses for generators, learned wiring techniques similar to an electrician.



2 year welding program/OSHA industrial safety 

Kaskaskia College

I took 2 1/2 years at KC for welding and in 1 semester I took the  OSHA class for my 30 hours


High school diploma

Sandoval High school

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Andrew Cox- Supervisor at American Equipment and Machine/ 618-367-4222

Ricky Boxx- Supervisor at Squibb Tank Co./ 618-335-1700

TJ Terry Boyd- Fitness trainer/ 618-623-7326