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Certification and Training

  • Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute, 23 September 2005
  • Program / Project / Contract Management Training: 1998, 1999, 2003, 2006
  • Casewise Corporate Modeler Training, 2005
  • Information Security Training, 1999
  • ISO 9000 Application to Software Training, 1999
  • Visual Display of Information Training, 1999
  • Business Development Training, 1998


Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 19 years of consulting experience on federal, state, and local contracts. Have extensive Business Development / Capture Management experience including: qualifying leads, setting bid strategies, estimating staffing, scoping schedules, determining pricing, negotiating teaming agreements, and developing proposal strategies.

Supported all phases of system development life cycle (SDLC), including: systems analysis, business process reengineering (BPR), requirements definition and management, alternatives analysis, cost/benefit analysis (CBA), configuration management (CM), issue/risk management, programming, documentation, testing, organizational change management, training, and technical assistance (TA).

Also have experience with quality processes such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000, Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards.

Work experience

Aug 2008May 2009

Project Manager

Futrend Technology, Inc.
  • Project Manager, providing corporate oversight, for Funds Control and Grants Management contracts for the Program Support Center (PSC) of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).
  • Project Manager for Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of DHHS.
  • Project Manager for internal Program Management Office (PMO) projects and operations including moving internal email system from web email to Microsoft Exchange.
  • Wrote, budgeted, and prepared project schedule for company's first competitively awarded winning proposal effort. Helped double company's yearly revenue.
Jun 2000Jun 2008

Director / Project Manager


MAXIMUS Proposal Development

Prepared several multi-million dollar winning proposals for state contracts. Activities included: qualifying leads, setting bid strategies, estimating staffing, scoping schedules, determining pricing, negotiating teaming agreements, developing proposal strategies, and writing technical approaches.

State of Louisiana's Department of Social Services (DSS)

Project Manager for the Annual Advance Planning Document Update (APDU) for the Louisiana Support Enforcement System (LASES). Updated the State's APDU Cost/Benefit using Revenue Stream Model (RSM) and Budget information.

State of Louisiana's Department of Social Services (DSS)

Project Manager for the provision of Quality Assurance (QA) and IV&V services during the development and implementation of A Comprehensive Enterprise Social Services System (ACESS), a web-based enterprise system using Cúram, a framework software approach, to support the state's Child Welfare, Child Care, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs. Provided QA/IV&V process to assure functionality and assure ACESS met all Federal and State requirements and would be capable of passing Federal review.

State of New Jersey's Department of Human Services (DHS)

Project Manager on Planning Phase of the Information Systems Impact Study (ISIS) / Consolidated Assistance Support System (CASS), an integrated eligibility determination system for: Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), General Assistance (GA), Food Stamps, Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP), Emergency Assistance, Universal Service Fund, Social Services for the Homeless, Child Care, Refugee and Asylee Assistance, Repatriation Assistance, Transitional Services, Post TANF Transitional Services, and Kinship Program. As Project Manager:

  • Updated a requirements analysis for an integrated eligibility determination system
  • Conducted a feasibility study, an alternatives analysis, and a cost/benefits analysis.
  • Developed an Implementation Project Work Plan, Budget, and Cost Allocation using the Cost Allocation Methodologies (CAM) Toolkit.
  • Developed an Implementation Advanced Planning Document (IAPD) and a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the State to select an Implementation Contractor.

State of Alabama's Department of Human Resources (DHR)

Provided IV&V analysis for Alabama's Child Support system using IEEE Standard 1074-1995, CMM, and ISO standards to evaluate the Alabama Location Enforcement and Collection System (ALECS) Project Organization and Management, Project Estimating and Scheduling, Project Personnel, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Testing, System Documentation, and System Architecture.

State of Louisiana's Department of Social Services (DSS)

  • Incorporated System Needs Analysis, Alternatives Analysis, Cost/Benefit Analysis, and Risk Analysis into business case for undertaking A Comprehensive Enterprise Social Services System (ACESS) Project and determining what system development alternative was best for the State.
  • Reviewed and made recommendations during the development of Request for Proposal (RFP).

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Quality Assurance Manager for Medicaid/TANF Delinking Project for Center for Medicaid and State Operations (CMSO). As Quality Assurance Manager:

  • Developed a self-help guide and testing tool for states to determine how well their eligibility systems and procedures have adapted to changes initiated by welfare reform.
  • Tested the guide on three state integrated eligibility determination systems: Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Montana.
  • Wrote two white papers on the development of future eligibility determination systems from a Medicaid perspective.

New York State's Office for Children and Family Services

Quality Assurance Team Lead for State of New York's Office for Children and Family Services (OCFS) Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) Project called CONNECTIONS. As Quality Assurance Manager:

  • Supported reassessment, used to procure implementation vendor support, of New York's SACWIS system.
  • Developed workflows in Microsoft (MS) Visio of New York State's default child welfare activities.
  • Facilitated stakeholder workgroups for assessing usability and integration capacity of application.
  • Developed cost and schedule estimates of development alternatives using COCOMO II software and methodology.
  • Created detailed project plans of the development alternatives in MS Project.
  • Developed cost plans for development alternatives consistent with New York State's "Spending Plan" and prepared labor projections to ensure cost effective balance of state and contractor staff.
  • Reviewed, analyzed, and made recommendations on quality assurance practices through all phases of SDLC with emphases on testing practices of the State and Implementation Vendor.
  • Developed revised quality assurance and testing procedures for State and Vendor staff.
  • Audited cost estimate methodology of development contractor to identify potential cost savings.
  • Managed the Integrated Project Plan for tracking and coordinating all significant activities.

State of New York's Worker's Compensation Board, Office of Self-Insurance

Project Manager for the evaluation and reengineering of the State's approach to administering worker's compensation self-insurance.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Labor and Industry (DLI)

Project Manager for the provision of IV&V services during the design of the Unemployment Compensation Modernization System (UCMS). IV&V services focused on: Project Management, UCMS Project Work Plan, Quality Management, Requirements Management, Operating Environment, Development Environment, Software Development, Testing Environment, Data Management, Training Environment, Implementation Readiness, Operational Oversight, and UCMS Solution Provider's Deliverables Review.

Aug 1997May 2000

Program Manager/Project Manager/QA Manager

As Program Manager, led the provision of comprehensive Software Development Lifecycle Support Services for the Lotus Notes and Oracle based FISTS system for General Services Administration's (GSA) Federal Protective Service (FPS) using company's ISO-9000 processes. The FPS Information Support Tracking System (FISTS) assisted FPS in providing security and safety of personnel at GSA managed facilities. Services included:

  • Supported GSA to identify potential development vendors, assess vendor capabilities, and recommend vendor selection.
  • Lifecycle Support Services included project management and support using MS Project, requirement management, IV&V testing, and deployment of the FISTS system.

Led the development of TROY System's ISO-9000 process for requirements management and its integration with TROY System's Configuration Management and IV&V testing processes. Also led development of a suite of Web-enabled Lotus Notes/Domino applications to support these processes.

Led the provision of requirement management services to U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC). Effort identified how USITC would move from manual to automated process, using Oracle and XML.

Led the provision of comprehensive Software Development Lifecycle Support Services for the Lotus Notes based E-Forms system at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Specific responsibilities included project planning and support, requirements management, IV&V testing, development of a security plan, productivity metrics study, cost benefit study, Lotus Notes system administration, and documentation support.

Prepared several winning proposals for federal contracts. Activities included: qualifying leads, setting bid strategies, estimating staffing, scoping schedules, determining pricing, negotiating teaming agreements, developing proposal strategies, and writing technical approaches.

Sep 1994Jul 1997

Implementation Team Leader/Senior Systems Analyst

Ellsworth Associates, Inc.
  • Led the design of web-based Technical Assistance Readiness System (TAR-Sys) for Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) at DHHS. TAR-Sys coordinated technical assistance to State and Federal agencies and tracked their readiness to submit W-4 new hire and quarterly wage information to national child support enforcement database.
  • Led the development of quality assurance program at Department of Commerce.
    • Interviewed government and contractor staff, examined existing quality assurance and configuration management procedures.
    • Utilized concepts from ISO-9000 and the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) CMM to design process addressing identified organizational weaknesses and helped move the Application Development Division towards SEI Level II compliance.
  • Developed several Lotus Notes applications, which included Contact Management, Trade Event Management, Correspondence Tracking, Version Control, and Bug Tracking systems, and supported deployment of Lotus Notes to over 500 people at 19 sites worldwide.
  • Developed, and scheduled options for phased Lotus Notes deployment to over 1,800 people at approximately 200 U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) sites worldwide.
  • Developed cost options for phased transition from Banyan Vines to Microsoft Windows NT servers at all U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) sites, and the deployment of Crystal Info for three-tier distributed report generation.
  • Designed and developed IMI/ISA Tracking System to track the receipt and processing of International Market Insights (IMI) and Industry Sub-sector Analysis (ISA) reports from embassies and trade missions around the world.
  • Developed distribution, training, and technical support plan to implement the Head Start Family Information System (HSFIS) in approximately 600 Head Start programs across the country for U.S. DHHS.
    • Conducted analysis of modifications and enhancements to HSFIS required for Early Head Start and Migrant Head Start programs.
    • Developed process to analyze each Head Start program's hardware needs and recommended which equipment must be provided to each program before Head Start programs could effectively use HSFIS.
    • Wrote HSFIS User's Manual.
    • Designed HSFIS training procedures and curriculum.
    • Conducted training through site visits and at national conferences.
    • Provided technical assistance to HSFIS users.
  • Provided systems analysis support for Adoption and Foster Care System (AFCARS) by designing and developing PowerBuilder reports.
Aug 1990Aug 1994

Project Manager/Technical Leader

Information Technology International (ITI)
  • Spoke on issues and uses of information systems in human service agencies at National Network of Runaway and Youth Services' annual symposia and several regional conferences.
  • Contributed to preparation of necessary Office of Management and Budget (OMB) clearance documents for RHY MIS.
  • Wrote Annual Report to Congress on Drug Abuse Prevention Program for Runaway and Homeless Youth.
Jul 1990

Database Analyst


INTELSAT is an international satellite telecommunications company. Supported the design, development, testing, and implementation of a time card program that processed and reported project status information along with standard time card data.



M.B.A., International Business

The American University

B.S., Technical Writing and Editing

Carnegie Mellon University