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Summary of Qualifications

I more than have experience of thirteen years in environments of networking and Internet Date Centers, international experience in projects in U.S.A. and countries of the LATAM. During my career, I also developed skills technician and of engineering of products together with strategical marketing aiming at planning with together administration of products to the market. Structuralizing and consolidating action of medium and long run, guaranteeing the adequate yield to the projects of customers, as well as the elaboration and implantation of projects using "best pratics". Product Management of technical hardware/software products from product need identification through analysis, definition, pricing, marketing to direct and channel sales. Consulting and consulting practice management skills, focusing on high value results and faster completion for customers and expanding skills and opportunities for consulting staff. Intermediate goals leading to wider cross functional skills, stronger strategic mental capacity, and greater experience on large scale product development and launch for greater product and organizational success. Longer term goals target ability to take leadership in new creation of products, services, and organization(s).

Measurable Results

Start-up Line Products OutsourcingSite Moving Americanas.comSpin-off Date Center and Internet ImpsatSite Moving ADP SystemStart-up IT Operations Fuchs GewuerzeImplementation Internet POPs Brazil

Core Competencies

PRODUCT MANAGERManagement of product and daily pay-sales to the commercial area for the portifólio of products, understanding Telecommunications and Center Date. Elaboration of proposals, documentation technique, benchmarks, analysis of market for development of new products and still research of new technologies.

METHODS AND PROCESSImplementation of best practical based on ITIL, including the following ones you discipline: Performance, Availability, Continuity, Levels of Service, Problems and Incidents, Service Desk, Configuration, Change, Productivity, 3 Concept P's, BS7799, ISO 27001, ISO 15000



PROJECT MANAGERManagement of Target, Stated period, Cost, Quality, Integration and work in team and communication. Management of Portfólio de Projects, Management of the Performance in Projects, Offices of Projects (PMO), Projetcs Priorization, negotiation and advanced leadership.





Reading List

Certifications and Honrors

Recent Publications and Presentations

January 2009 - Dissertation titled "Strategic Planning for Tecnology Companys"

January 2008 - Interview Info Exame Magazine titled "Profile of the young executive of technology in Brazil"

May 2006 - Presentation CIO Forum Government 2006 Itapema SC                                             

Abril 2005 - Presentation Uninove Unversity "IT Governance with Strategic Planning"

March 2002 - Interview Info Exame Magazine titled "Telecom Professional Skill"

July 1998 - Dissertation January 2009 - Dissertation titled “Strategic Planning for Tecnology Companys”


Data Center
Executive Manager of the Informations Tecnology

Work experience

Oct 2008Present

Director of Outsourcing Operations Brazil

Global Crossing Comunicações

Direct report to VP Outsourcing LATAM and responsible for the business unit operation in Brazil.The responsible for the operational and financial management of application maintenance and support-contracts for several customers.During the last two years emphasis within the service unit was concentrated on growth; the internal organisation of the service unit was of minor importance.To streamline and to obtain a uniform internal organisation I have prepared and executed an organisation- and procesimprovement-plan.The realisation of an improvement-plan which can also be used by other service units to improve their performance.

Monitors delivery of services to ensure compliance with contract terms and milestone dates.Interfaces with Project Managers and Finance on contract revenue and deliverable billings.Manages contract changes initiated or approved by the client and Negotiates subcontracts with compliance with contract terms and conditions.Monitors contract billings and payments and maintains budget vs. actual reports.Acts as the lead negotiator in settling contract disputes with the client.Monitors client's compliance with contract terms and conditions and takes appropriate action to address non-compliance.

A more effective organised service unit for the benefit of a faster integration of new contracts in the future.Responsibility in recruitment and appraisals of the teams that take care of our customers.In addition to operate the presales and after-sales of Outsourcing Business related services, it is essential coordinating a team of 80 employees.

Mar 2007Sep 2008

Manager of Operations and Tecnology Date Center Brazil

Impsat Comunicações a Global Crossing Company

Responsibility for the operations of Center Date in Brazil keeping the Infrastructure environment of Technology of the Information in accordance with established levels of service with the customers; Lead projects of implementation of new technologies that they aim at to supply business necessities taking itself in consideration the variable time, cost and quality;Support the contracts of modality service outsourcing in the areas of Operations involving Service Desk in compliance the best practical ITIL;

Establish and maintain deviation authorities for standard Terms & Condition's;Meets with appropriate personnel for each strategic contract on a regular basis, depending upon the size of the project;Will interact on a regular basis with Board Executives Global Crosing, Controller and Project Management on a regular basis;Will interact with outside legal counsel as needed;Production of reports of information for the customers and reports of analysis of level of services;Responsibility in recruitment and appraisals of the teams that take care of our customers;In addition to operate the presales and after-sales of Data Center and Telecommunications Business related services, it is essential coordinating a team of 80 employees.

Jan 2006Feb 2007

Specialist of Marketing of Products Date Center

Impsat Comunicações

Responsible for the market target, brand target and sales target of the data products of south region, put forward competition countermeasures, market strategies and suggestions on optimization and allocation of resources, guide and implement regional market development and sales business;Responsible for the technical support to the product sales business data market, provide the technical support for important marketing activities, support regional markets, open up market space, create good market environment, enhance customers recognition of plans and products, reduce the difficulties of project operation in sales business, increase project success rate, establish the brand of product and the company;

Review RFP's, RFQ's, Teaming, Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete and other Agreements and makes recommendations to management.Establish and maintain standard Terms &Condition's for use in proposal response.

I have know better market analysis and market planning capability. Ability to establish brands, explore product opportunities, work out regional product competitive strategies and competitive plan;Know with data network technology and Ciscos product.

Jan 2004Dec 2005

Engineer of Products Date Center

Impsat Comunicações

Administration of budgets (capex-opex) of approximately 8MUS$; Performance in the segment of sourcing, elaborating complex solutions understanding: asset, person, processes and costs; Identification of chances in the market for the elaboration of account plan with strategical focus;Implementation technique of products for Service Delivey and Service Support (Product Guide);Projects elaborated and implemented with superior values 1MUS$ for the segments of e-commerce and services;Responsible for the support and qualification of daily pre-sale the Sales & Service, elaborating proposals commercial techniques and;Responsible for target, brand and budget of the line of products Date Center, as well as strategies of performance to the market.

Monitors services, deliverables, billings, payments, and budgets of subcontractors.

Jun 2002Dec 2003

Specialist of Network Date Center

Impsat Comunicações

Define product requirements, product strategy and perform life cycle management networking switching systems. Drive and articulate value of product line to key audiences, including customers, strategic partners, the press, and analysts. Manage cross-functional relationships for the development of new products.

Jan 2001May 2002

Specialist of Network

ADP Brasil

Evaluation and provising of conection solutions, as well as conectiion to the Storage & Backup; Services Defined technician for the traffic sahpping, between them: voice, data and video;With costs business-oriented elaboration plan for technology, prices, budget and strategy for network LAN/WAN; Management and configuration of devices of network, also Storage & Backup;Implementation of PMO Project Management Office with Survey of Organizations Processes; I organized and I controlled the drawing of the network, as well as adress IPs, routing, exchange of traffic.

Jun 2000Jan 2001

Analyst of Telecommunications

IDG ComputerWord Brasil

Implementation of politics of security to the BackBone Analyzes of traffic of Internet, allowing; Contract control of third;Coordination of team of composed technology for approximately 12 professionals; Management as well as configuration of devices of net platform Cisco and Intel;Planning of tasks in BackBone Internet involving: budget, topology of net, contingency and high availability;

Jun 1999Jun 2000

Analyst of TI&Telecom

Logus Consultoria S/C

Configuration and has supported to the net equipment plafatorma Cisco; Coordination of resources of third with approximately 35 professionals, as well as management of contracts and SLA Management as well as configuration of devices of net platform Cisco and Intel; Management of projects for operators of telecom, activating approximately 50 POPs Internet for Brazil; Project with definitive stated period of one year, total value of 1MUS$ in investments.

Jun 1998May 1999

Administrator of Network

Fuchs Gewurze do Brasil

Contract control of third with approximately 22 professionals, involving operators of telecom; Management as well as configuration of devices of network platform Cisco and Intel;Planning of activities of IT and Telecommunications involving the migration of the site São Paulo for the Jundiai;Project with definitive stated period of one year, the objective of migration of the site São Paulo for the interior;Responsible for backbone of network, controlling the politics of internal and external routing with traffic shapping.

Jan 1995May 1998

Administrator of Network

Multi Sector´s Comércio e Importação

Drawing of networks with focus in routing, swithing and traffic shapping; Management as well as configuration of devices of net platform Cisco and 3COM; Installation and configuration of Operational systems 4 Windows NT and Netware 3.x and 4.x;Migration, up-gratings and roll-outs of networks based on Netware platform; Responsible for support the daily pre-sales in all the projects of net LAN, contemplating software and the hardware.




Faculdades Padre Anchieta

Dissertation titled “Brazilian Politics Tax”, 1998. Published in Journal of Jundiai, July 1998. Received Graduate Student Award in 2004.