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Certificates and Awards


Report Generation/ Documentation
Maintenance & Technical Support
Product Management & Sales Support
Oracle SQL
Shell Scripting
ITIL Processes

Work experience

Jun 2010Present

Senior Consultant

Capgemini Consulting India Pvt Ltd

Key Deliverables at Capgemini

  • Responsible for the 
  • Defining, deploying and implementing processes aligned to ITIL framework.
  • Handling all Service Operation Processes of ITIL V3.
  • Also working as a Project Quality Lead and Preparing Weekly Status Report, Monthly Status Report, Monthly Effort Report and Metrics Sheet for the project.
  • Ensure all related reports and data is shared with clients and linked departments and managers.
  • Attend weekly review meeting with client.
  • Maintain Key Quality Deliverable like OAE and PR for the project.

Projects Handled at Capgemini

Project #1                 Migration of Internal Control Application

Client                          VOLVOCARS Corporation (Sweden)

Team Size                 3

Role                            System Engineer

Duration                     5 months

Technologies           Perl, Oracle

Platform                    Suse Linux


  • VCC was the part of Ford Motor Company, which was separating their operations from Ford so they need to setup their own IT infrastructure and also need to migrate their all common internal IT applications to their own infrastructure.
  • We were assigned to migrate three Internal Control Applications in all the three environments i.e. Development, Quality and Production.
  • In very short span of time we required to understand all the system as well as applications.


  • Worked as System Engineer and handled all the migration process.
  • Played active role in System Setup and make it ready for the applications which involved multiple software installation on the servers and lot of configurations including Web Server and Single Sign On.
  • Performed code changes where necessary according to the new environment.
  • After System Setup deployed code in the new Systems and performed IT testing.
  • Fixed all the issues found in IT testing and UAT.

Project #2                 CRM Support

Client                          VOLVOCARS Corporation (Sweden)

Team Size                 20

Role                            ITIL Service Coordinator

Duration                    Long term

Technologies           Shell Scripting, Oracle

Platform                    Suse Linux


  • CRM is Customer Relationship Management tool of Volvo Cars.
  • CRM is divided in two Parts, one CDB and other is Siebel.


  • Handling issues related to UNIX.
  • Monitoring Queue & Improvement strategies to prevent SLA Breach.
  • Perform quality checks, develop and review performance reports, identify areas to improve, and implement measures to improve performance levels and meet objectives.
  • Identify process improvement opportunities. Support Management Team in identifying process improvement opportunities.
  • Responsible for RCA capture, Trend Analysis and effective reduction of Known Error and updating the same in CMDB to adhere 100% compliance and driving towards a quality work.
  • Analyze daily application problems, systems related issues and handles data recording for trend analysis.
  • Responsible on Remedy Management in order to provide a faster resolution and recovery on the issues based on the severity to the users which has a base line of SLA.
Jul 2008May 2010

Deputy Manager

Reliance Communications Ltd

Key Deliverables at Reliance Communications

  • Providing support to Reliance Content Management System.
  • Responsible for product design, development and release process for VAS applications and maintain the product development road map.
  • Responsible for Identifying & Freezing Technical Specifications for applications. 
  • Designing & Architecting Business Solutions from the gathered requirements.
  • Analyzing business requirement for push and pull based SMS applications.
  • Product's flow and architecture designing after business requirement analysis, feasibility check and impact analysis study.
  • SMS gateway administration and troubleshooting live issues.
  • Preparing Method of Procedure for application's deployment in production environment.
  • Extending post go-live and application maintenance support.
  • Pre and Post Deployment Testing of the Applications from Content Delivery and billing point of view.
  • Raise work orders if required for port opening at reliance firewall.
  • Troubleshooting live issues related to SMS delivery.

Projects Handled at Reliance Communications

Project #1                  Re-architecture and Migration (Perl to Java) of all the applications.

Team Size                  3

Role                              Lead

Duration                      6 months

Technologies            CGI Perl, Oracle, Core java, JSP, Servlets


  • This project was all about Change of technology used for CMS applications. We were migrating all the Perl scripts in Java technologies.


  • Working as module lead and Perl translator for Java Developers.
  • Troubleshooting and testing of Java applications after development.

Project #2                  Content Management System (CMS)

Team Size                  3

Role                              Software Engineer

Duration                      6 Months

Technologies             CGI Perl, Oracle


  • The CMS is part of the overall RAP content services framework, which focuses on handling perishable and non-perishable content, and is capable of sourcing content from various sources and pre-process it before delivering it to multiple devices.

Key Modules:

GUI for Content Deployment

Content Delivery Modules

Subscription Handler

Reliance Internal Ad Server Integration with 51234 SMS Services

E-Recharge Application for USSD and R-WORLD

Integrating CMS Services with Device Management System DCR

Bulk SMS Push

SMS and USSD Services 

Find A Friend, Astrology, Numerology and many similar R-World application


  • Project analysis, feasibility check, impact analysis and architecture designing.
  • Development and implementation of new content delivery applications which interact with internal or external software component.
  • Development of Admin Interface for end-user management for Third party client.
  • Improving the project in accordance with new business requirement and upcoming technologies.
  • Planning and Engineering of new Innovative services and releasing & documenting the project.
  • Responsible on Remedy Management in order to provide a faster resolution and recovery on the issues based on the severity to the users which has a base line of SLA.
Jul 2007Jun 2008


Zweck Solutions

Key Deliverables at Zweck Solutions

  • Developing web based applications and software.
  • Handling portal development.
  • CMS Integration.

Projects Handled at Zweck Solutions

Project #1                 Zweck Content Management System

Team Size                 5

Role                            Junior Developer

Duration                     6 Month

Technologies           JSP, Servlets, Oracle


  • The main objective of this project is to develop such modules through which we can create a predefined featured website within a day in copy paste style and to provide the website owner an interface such that he can edit the website content by his own.


  • Coding, Bug fixing and Maintenance.
  • Module Integration.
  • Release and documenting the application, testing and deployment.

Project #2                  Domain Expiry Alarm Generator

Team Size                  1

Role                             Developer

Duration                     2 Month

Technologies           CGI-Perl, Oracle


  • This small application developed for Domain expiry tracking of clients.


  • Developed the application.
  • Working as module lead and Perl translator for Java Developers.
  • Troubleshooting and testing of Java applications after development.


Jithan Chandran

Ravikant Khond

Ashutosh Pati


Jul 2003Jun 2007


Rajiv Gandhi Technical University

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