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Vlasta Metelevskaya

Private Label/Category Manager



BSc: Economist. Diploma.

Sankt-Petersburg University of the Economic and Finance. 




IMISP (International Managment Insitut StP)

Strategic of Marketing.



NABA, Italy, Milan

Management and branding.

Courses and workshops.

2014 – Workshop McKinsey. Structured and convincing business communication.

2014 – Workshop KPMG. Business cases.

2011 – Academy of retail business. Assortment matrix creations. Course.

2008 – IMISP, StP. Loyalty program.


Field of study

Brand/Product management, Marketing, Economy.

Managment experience

More than 8 years of experience an Leader manufacturing companies (privet lable, consumer goods) in the position of Product/Brand manager. 

Excellent skills in product managment business processes. 

Production companies work experience

More than 8 years of experience in consumer goods/privat lable production companies.

Consumer and StP retaile market knowledge

Profound knowledge of Russian retaile market, consumer behavior, needs and trends.


Proven record in product solution and implementation. Start-up of new products. Implementation marketing mix campaigns. 

Analysis skills

Excellent experience in market data analysis:  innovation, consumer needs, competitor’s data.

Team player

Excellent team player with excellent communication and management skills.

Work experience

Jan 2014Mar 2015

Private label Manager

Coffee Shop Company. Head office in Vienna.

Products line: coffee, tea, fruit tea, jam.


  • Development and implementation of new Privat Label products line.
  • Supervise new products implementation.
  • Managed to increase sales by 2,8 m. during the reporting period.
  • Increased sales from 2% to 7% of the total turnover of the company due to new products implemented.
  • Creation of results oriented products according to development opportunities range PL and business goals achievment. 


  • Privat Label Products solutions development and implementation.
  • Creation of Product offer content with strong consumer orientation: concept, sale, profit, margin, define basic decision making factors, key consumer demands, terms of production.
  • Product positioning. Working out new product recommendations.
  • Collaboration with carrently suppliers. Searching for new suppliers.
  • Initiate relevant market researches to support products launches. Market changes investigation: data, trend, market opportunities and brands performance measurement analysis with timely and accurate report. Analyze prices.Consumer needs and trends analysis. Work with competitors data.Analyze sales and purchase performance. Аnalysis of financial indicators.
  • Develop and implement marketing mix activities to sales incresing and target audience extremly involving. Controll revenue planing. 
  • Creating of trade marketing offering content with strong consumer orientation: concept, USP, define basic decision making factors, key consumer demands, terms of production.
  • Supervise products implementation business process.
  • Coordinate stakeholders' activities, implement developed solutions.
  • Collaborate with sales department, sales and consumer satisfaction increasing.
Mar 2010Jul 2013

Senior Brand Manager

BTC Group JSC. Owner of retail stores. Leading clothing manufacturer company. Product: classic man's clothes. Owner of brand btc.


  • Creation of new products according with targeting. Increase sales in Middle Up segment(25% of revenue).
  • Initiate and carry out research of consumer behavior focus group to identify the target audience demand to support products launches.
  • Accountability for profit goals achievement: average increase sales to 17%-25%, increase complexity purchase, increase average ticket, keep high margin indexes. Sales growth to 15% in 2013 for all product lines.(Goal: up to 10%)
  • Supervise new product performance: increasing brand awareness(20%) due to new target audience involving in UP Market segment.
  • Took part in 3 flagman stores launching.
  • Support loyalty programme(keep 35% of target audience).


  • Running and execution all product offering activities and make them prepared for implementation.
  • Managing marketing activity: USP, involve new target audience, create advertising campaign according with Saint Petersburg demand, create loyalty programme (keep 35% of target audience).
  • Product offering management: create product concept, consumer insight definition, define key consumer demands and basic decision making factors, create USP and set out product competitive advantage.
  • Market analysis: data collection and market trends, analyse customer future needs, monitor and report innovation for the future, define profitability of market segments, competitors analysis.
  • Coordinate stakeholders' activities, implement developed solutions.
  • Control sales performance.
Aug 2009Dec 2009

Product Manager

ZAO Talosto. FMCG. Leading food-production Company.

Products line: pastry, ice cream, ravioli. 

Achievements and deep knowledge:

  • Take part in Privat label working out. Manage business process. 
  • Product line modification: ice-cream «Zolotoy slitok» focused on consumer instant demand, increasing retail purchase.
  • Improving the taste of« Sam Samich» line(ravioli).
  • Take part in new product creation: product concept in premium ice cream segment and middle low ravioli segment.
  • Successful launch of new private label in X5 retile.
  • Initiate and manage focus group for consumer needs demanding. Initiate and manage test of new product offering.
  • Data collection and making new product concept.
  • Analyze market indexes: estimate of market share and identify profitability segments(ice-cream and ravioli product lines). Interaction with research companies: PBK, Nielsen, Comcon.
Apr 2007Aug 2009

Trade Marketing Manager. StP Branch. 

JSC Interworld Products. Brands


  • Collaborate with supermarkets: Lenta, Ashan, Media Markt. 
  • Execute successful launch of new products lines.
  • Sales growth for 25% due to product launching activities.
  • Increase of product awareness in particular region due to successful offering.
  • Developing and implementing loyalty programmes followed by special activities.


  • Develop the traid marketing campaigns of start-up new products in retailer supermarkets: LENTA, MEDIA MARKT, ASHAN.
  • Initiate relevant research. Control sales report. Analyze market indexes, financial indicators. 
  • Market changes investigation: data, trend, market opportunities and brands performance measurement analysis with timely and accurate report. Analyze prices.
  • Make assortment development activities.
  • Lead meeting with sales managers approved purchasу and currently needs.
  • Control brand message compliance in all communication channels.
  • Documents circulation. PP presentations.


FMCG company. 

Main achievements:

  • Take part in PL creation for X5 retaile.
  • Work out product line modification: ice-cream« Zolotoy slitoc» focused on consumer instant demand and tast trends.
  • Improving the taste of« Sam Samich» line(ravioli). Improving the tast of Laminated dough.
  • Take part in new product creation: product concept in premium ice cream segment and middle low ravioli segment.

Coffeeshop company

Coffee production and coffeeshops owner. Headoffice in Viena. 

Main achievements:

  • Design and launch of new tea product line (5 SKU).
  • New coffee product line work outing and implementation (3 SKU).
  • Cary out and implement image products line (termocup, glass tea cup)

The product cathegory rose from 1,8% to 7% in total company turnover.


  • High self-motivation, result oriented, proactive, empathic, responsibility, reliable, flexible and positive in outlook, ability of the expert activity, creative, teamwork. 
  • Excellent product managing with consumer oriented and analytical skills.
  • High motivation in consumer field.
  • Advanced user of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook), 1C.
  • Fluent English


Vladimir Gulik

Coffeeshop Company. Deputy General Director

Aleksey Prokofiev

ZAO Talosto. Director of Marketing department

Tatjana Zavarueva, Alina Nachesnaya

JSC Interworld Products. Head of Global Marketing department, Director of NW region department.


  • Nationality – Russian
  • Date of Birth – August 8, 1972
  • Residence – Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.