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Work experience


Long-Term Value-Oriented Investor

Vladimir is responsible for managing family equity portfolios.

He manages these portfolios utilizing a value-oriented investment philosophy. He looks to pursue superior returns through long-term investments in what he deems to be severely undervalued securities, while maintaining his focus on mitigating risk.

He is the value investor who seek out significantly underpriced companies with strong business fundamentals and proven, shareholder-oriented management teams. He believes that purchasing businesses at a substantial discount to intrinsic value minimizes risk while providing substantial profit potential.

He also focuses primarily on free cash flow and company management, rather than low price-to-earnings, low price-to-book ratios or other more commonly used value measures. He also look for hidden assets, such as underappreciated franchise values or potential benefits from restructuring.


Member of the Board of Directors


Vladimir was invited to be involved and to develop the solar-energy projects.

He was responsible for legal department and seeking investors to fulfill the acquisition by solar-energy-seeking investors. 

He successfully finished the spin-off of the developed solar-energy projects to the Czech headquartered asset management company.




Vladimir was managing the real-estate residence projects from the very initial phase of land selection to the very final stage of successful sale of multi-apartment project.

He was responsible for legal documentations in respect of all the related suppliers as well as for legal processes in relation to the acquisition of finished projects.



BLATA, s.r.o.

Vladimir held a position of sales director responsible for EMEA markets, Australia and New Zeland Markets.

He leaded the selection process of IT Information Systems helding the responsibilities for succsefull iimplementioation

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Vladimir speaks fluently English, Czech, Hungarian

He also speaks Italian