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Has a big experience with work of new products and support of projects. I maintain the development of high standards, use newest technologies to increase productivity. I have an experience in many areas of development, like education, business, financial, photo-video apps and etc. Love to work in team, as part of this. 

Work experience

Dec 2018Nowdays

iOS Team lead

Swiss Tech

Development and support of single iOS application. Project documentation, research & development.

Oct 2016Dec 2017

iOS Team lead


Development of different applications. Working as Team lead, and solve different problems, make right decisions in processes of company. Creating a project documentation, tech documentation, development process. 

Sep 2015Feb 2016

iOS Developer

Binaryware LLC

Development of application for a trading with "Binary option". It include themself big inner structure of streaming data in real-time, processing them and work with it. One of the main part was a build of graph for trading, and calculation of data for trading. Was used latest technologies for, like ReactiveCocoa and others.

Mar 2015Oct 2016

Freelancer - iOS Developer


Many small or middle project, that include work in many scopes of development, like photo and video processing. Have a big experience in work with another's code, and improvement of this stability and performance. 

May 2014Mar 2015

Team lead


Small developer team, where was created many projects in different scopes of development. I was a leader of this team, and i was a part of team as iOS Developer and as a designer. Another people in team was PHP Backend and Android developer.

Sep 2013May 2014



Was a designer for a mobile development company. It was great experience for work with apps, knowledge of UI/UX and etc...


Sep 2011Jun 2013


Kurganskiy Technologicheskii College

3-4 Courses in College. Main knowledge about design and other. 

Sep 2009Sep 2011


Mnogoprofilniy Professionalnii College

1-2 Courses in College.


Swift Development

Knowledge about Swift language (1.0-4.0) Latest 

Objective-C Development

Knowledge Obj-C Development, ARC, Non-ARC


Have an experience in work of auto-layout (programmatically and IB)

Architecture Patterns

Model-View-ViewModel, Model-View-Controller, VIPER, Custom


Framework for development by design pattern MVVM


Work with local database like CoreData and SQL

UI/UX Design

Mobile app design and prototyping

Protobuf, JSON, XML, REST

Work with API described by REST, JSON, Protobuf and others

React Native

Non-commercial experience

+ courses for React Native


Tasks, based on AWS lambda scripts

Node JS

Slack bots, small projects

+ courses for NodeJS


Courses in progress


My projects:

Glidebar app. Application for collecting videos from different sources to one stream. Features included are collection videos in playlists, sharing them and collaborating. Technologies: Reactive Cocoa, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, Core Data

Binarystation. App for trading with binary options. B2B. We can trade with options, watch the history of trading, view graphs and open positions. Technologies: Core Plot, Reactive Cocoa, WS Connection

Fitmigo. App, which helps to be health. Automatically track, when you are enter or leaving you gyms, track you time inside, and get achieves for you goals. Technologies: VIPER pattern, GPU Image

Finder app. Nice decision for the saving you car, because app allow to watch for you car, what have a special GPRS and create a proposal for finding you car with reward, if it will be stolen. Technologies: Reactive Cocoa, WS, Core Data