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Full Stack Web Developer highly experienced in modern Web technologies, currently more focused on Frontend Development and JavaScript. Good experience of making complex solutions from scratch, starting from software architecture till final deployment. Motivated, good communicator, goal-oriented and self-starter. I believe that good Engineer can do anything!

Mostly working remotely with 9+ years of solid remote work experience. Good English speaking skills.

Programming languages: JavaScript/TypeScript (14+ years), PHP (8 years), Swift (2 years)
Frameworks: Angular 2/4, React, AngularJS, Ionic 4, Node.js, Titanium SDK/Appcelerator, Zend Framework
Tools: Git, npm, node, Webpack, Gulp, GraphQL, Wercker/Docker (CI/CD), nginx, memcached, AWS, SASS/SCSS
Databases: MySQL, SQLite, Firebase (NoSQL)
Unix OS: good knowledge of Unix environment, server side, Bash Scripting

Work experience


Senior Software Developer

Cleverbug (Ireland - Remote)

Irish startup in gifting industry. Was hired as Senior Full Stack Developer but lately used to drop Backend Development in favor of Frontend Development because of business needs. Main focus is on JavaScript development, but also used Swift when we needed to do iOS app as well and some Java for occasional backend tasks.


Software Development Consultant

NewIT Ltd. (Russia - Remote)

Still consulting the company on development decisions and occasionally helping my former development team with good advice.


Team Lead, Project Manager

NewIT Ltd. (Russia)

Company started with only one developer (me) and now has 12 devs. I've been promoted to Lead Developer (Team Lead) and also participated as Project Manager in software-related company projects. As we hadn't HR Department, I participated in hiring and educating of all other developers (we had shortage of experienced people on the market).



Master Degree in Computer Science

Izhevsk State Technical University (ISTU)


CleverGift (in dev) — gifting solution for retailers (SaaS), including gift recommender (big-data based), e-gifting (virtual gifting with 3D gift presentation), gift cards solution. All customizable/white-label with easy drop-in integration for retailers' online shops. — my recent open source pet project, utilizing blockchain technology in a fun way :) Uses React+MobX on frontend and Firebase(Node.js)+bitcoinjs-lib on backend. "Save your message in Bitcoin blockchain. Forever!". Try it ;)

CleverCards iOS app — "is your very own personalised greeting card store". My main responsibility in Cleverbug startup before recent pivot (from B2C to B2B). Raised $10M from investors. Recently we signed a contract with eBay (Sears next) on our B2B solution and my Mobile App work (native+web-hybrid) used in main pitch.

School Catering System — huge proprietary SaaS project in catering industry developed from zero. RFID/NFC cards for users, front office part, back office part, public terminals with touch interfaces, security turnstiles, own billing, payment systems, all that kind of stuff in there. — one of the biggest social sites about gaming in Russia with 100k visitors daily. All ground-up architected and developed by one developer. Has bunch of social features, all games library, reviews, news, videos, blogs, streaming and online-chat functionality, social achievements and even homebrew DDOS-protection. — "Let's remember best poems together!". One of my open source pet projects. Started with Russian poems, English poems are coming soon. Based on AngularJS (Angular 1) with all best practices on that moment, fully covered with Unit and E2E tests. If you have Russian/Ukrainian dev in the team, they will be excited to try it :) — automatic photoshop-like photo effects + face detection (OpenCV)


Programming languages

JavaScript/TypeScript (14+ years), PHP (8 years), Swift (2 years)


Angular 2/4, React, AngularJS, Next.js, Titanium SDK/Appcelerator, Ionic 4, Node.js, Firebase, Zend Framework, MZZ Framework (PHP)


Git/git-flow, npm, node, Webpack, Gulp, GraphQL, nginx, memcached, Karma, Protractor, Jest/Jasmine, Wercker/Docker, AWS and AWS CLI, SASS/SCSS


MySQL, SQLite, Firebase (NoSQL)


HTML5/CSS3, OOP/OOAD, CI/CD, Agile, JIRA, XP, Unix environment, Bash Scripting, SCSS/SASS, TDD/BDD, Unit/E2E testing, Facebook API

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