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Work experience

Jun 2014Jan 2015

Graphic Designer

Danmarks Webpartner DKWP

Working for DKWP was very important for me, always having short deadlines and huge amounts of work to do has shown me how important communication, teamwork and good planning are. We always had to do very large projects in a short amount of time, that was how the company worked. It was stressful at times and hard to cope with the deadlines but I enjoyed my time there, being productive and creating a multitude of designs have made me realize how much I value the satisfaction of getting a job, project or work done.

Oct 2013Jun 2014


Det Elektriske Hjorne

As a Sous-Chef my responsibilities were numerous, I had to check everyday for anything missing in the kitchen, whether we needed to order vegetables for the second day or if some equipment had broken during a day of work. I had to open the kitchen every time I went and that was a very delicate and important part of the day since I was supposed to make all of the mise en place. We also had to work very fast, the restaurant being known for its fast and delicious food. Here I have learned the value of responsibility, timing, hardwork and especially teamwork. I also had to lead a number of people which has honed my skills as a leader, boss and friend.

Jun 2011Aug 2011

Sales Assistant

S.C. Soimul S.R.L

At Soimul, I was a Sales Assistant, I was in charge of placing products in the store and aiding people that needed to find something or had questions about some of the objects in the store. Here I was taught the value of being organised and helpful, having social interaction with the clientele on a daily basis.


Aug 2012Jun 2014

AP Degree - Multimedia Design and Communication

Copenhagen Business Academy
Sep 2008Jun 2012

International BAC Diploma

Iulia Hasdeu National College



Since I was a child I was the captain in every football team I was. Imposing myself through a mix of authority, kindness, understanding, toughness and supportive attitude. I applied the same principles wherever I worked. Always tried to help my colleagues but in the same time being tough on them when the situation asked for it.


Playing 17 years of football and working in places with a big number people have helped me hone my communication and teamworking skills.


Having numerous jobs and different types of employers I have learned how to better approach different tedious or stressful situations and dealing with them in a manner that would benefit both the team I worked with and as well our employer.

Analytical Thinking

While I worked as a advertiser and designer I came in touch with different kinds of people and customers, each wanting their own ideas put on the product. Dealing with this I have honed my analytical

Adobe Photoshop

The field of photo editing is enormous, working in an advertising company has made me master the tool that is Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator

Working as a Graphic Designer I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator in order to complete my designs. It is a very complex and powerful tool used by all designers worldwide in order to make posters, logos and all marketing material.