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I'm thrilled about the opportunity to pursue my passion in the world of art and finally be able to express myself creatively.  I'm serious about making a career change into an industry that I'm very enthusiastic about and would bring me fulfillment.  I am excited about the unbounded possibilities that graphic design offers and I'm fired up about the fun challenges that come with marketing and advertising. I'm at a place in my career/life where I'm poised to get myself to the next level.  I'm thirsty to get into an atmosphere of growth where I can utilize the skills I've acquired so far while at the same time learn and master new ones. Team collaboration keeps me motivated but I also enjoy the challenges that come from being self driven. I'm currently a student at IADT (International Academy of Design & Technology) where I've sharpened my skills and found a wealth of information from excellent instructors.

My interests are: 

Graphic Design

Marketing & Advertising



Drawing & Design

Check out my entry level portfolio and know that I am an artist who is just bursting at the seams waiting for the opportunity to let the best and most creative work that is in me out for all the world to see.

Work experience



Jan 2009Present

Marketing & Advertising

International Academy of Design & Technology
Aug 1996Dec 2000

Fine Arts