Vivian Sanzetenea

Vivian Sanzetenea

Arthur of Sales and buisiness.


Hello my name is Vivian Sanzetenea i am a female im 38 years old and i live in Sweden, im originally from Bolivia. I came to sweden when i was 3 years old so i have all my education done in sweden, i have gone to school here and every thing and every thing i learned here is all i got. Im a patience learning person with lots of sence of humor and greate skills i can do any thing on my computer and especially work, i have a colledge degree of sales and buissiness 3 years long, after that i started working a little bit. To tell you a little bit about myself i am open minded, willing to learn and a good worker. I am prepeared to take most challenges and i have greate expirience in many things, especially online work. As i saide im a kind warmhearted person who´ll do most every thing to make a normal living and survive in this world, i have also outstanding educations witch i took for personal reasons and i have good resumes, about my working skills i havent had to many jobs but the few good jobs i had were very educational in many ways... To say the most im a willing strong working person allways very happy.

Work experience

Work experience

Factory employee

2005 - 2006
Son and bread.

Made sure bread went well thrue the machines and were well wrapped.

Travel agency agent

2002 - 2004
Travel and see

Booking travels by iata answearing phones, taking care of costumers.


2000 - 2001
Buss buisiness

Normal secretary job as writing content and answearing phones and checking every thing is allright.

sales person

1998 - 1999

Original staff only doing label jobs making shore every thing is allright in the store.



Colledge resume education

2007 - 2008

Cathing up on some colledge education.

School repatation

1999 - 2000

Attending some lost High school education

Sales and Buisiness

1995 - 1998
Pauli School

Learning sales marketing and stratedgedys including sales mathematics, learning how to set up youre own buisiness and original secretary work.

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