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Work experience

Dec 2012Present

Deputy Manager-Methods

BANGALORE Deputy Manager-Methods Currently Spearheading the Lean/Six sigma implementation in manufacturing site. Site level Lean/Six sigma Leader, Coordinating for the implementation of Kaizen and suggestion schemes. Responsible for Manufacturing Engineering, Industrialization, Training and Skill development departments. Lead supplier Quality Improvement Program for Airbus. Responsible for Budget planning, allocation CAPEX requirement planning, Conversion cost saving planning etc. Major Accomplishments FMJ Value stream transformation through Lean manufacturing concepts-(Manufacturing Lead time reduction by 80%(10 Days to 2 Days), WIP inventory reduction by 91%(78500 pcs to 7000 pcs), manpower reduction by 30%(20 people to 14 people), Space reduction by 50% and Distance travelled reduced by 30%. Efficiently established FMJ DMCM Project and Ramped up of production to 600/day capacity. Introduced Fundamental Skill training techniques to Operations, Introduced flex index concept to improve operational flexibility and technical expertise of operators. Introduced Kaizen/Suggestion schemes and Quality circles. Resulted in 120 Kaizens within 6 months and 4 Quality circle teams working in various projects. Handling Supplier Quality Improvement program in the Deutsch site and representing the site for Airbus audits. Project Undertaken(Six Sigma) Elimination of process scrap due to Insert tilt issue in FDBA(Scrap eliminated). Elimination of process scrap due to RFI soldering process(Scrap eliminated). Elimination of process scraps due to Coupling ring tight rotation.(Scrap eliminated). RFI Solder weight optimization.(Through the concepts of Design of Experiments).
Mar 2012Dec 2012

Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager(PED) Spearheading efforts across supplier process development for trailing arm assembly, A-arm assembly and IP frame weldment. Involved in process establishment through APQP and also responsible for supplier process proving and validation. Reviewing and approving supplier PPAP also handing Buyoff of Press tools and Fixtures from suppliers. Designing and implementing systems and procedures to facilitate smooth functioning of overall production operation and enhancing operational efficiency. Formulating operational strategies for the quality function by carrying out long term and short term quality planning in line with the organization norms. Carrying out stage by stage inspections and test to ensure adherence to technical specifications and quality standards. Developing and executing the best practices and standard operating procedures targeting at organizational excellence. Percentage Inspection that satisfy tolerance(PIST) level improvement from 38% to 85% in CCB(IP weldment).
Sep 2010Mar 2012

Methods Engineer

BANGALORE Methods Engineer Involved in project establishment and technology transfer as per project time line also involved in planning, ordering and proving of equipments, Machineries' as per project requirements. Handled process capability proving and Key characteristics monitoring for critical process also prepared necessary documents for FAI(First Article Inspection). Conducted FAI and sent the relevant documents for approval. Handled the validation of key characteristics. PFMEA conducted for new projects also provided training to Team Leaders and operators about new projects and processes. Identified and implemented continuous improvement projects. Major Accomplishments Got approval of FAI for different projects(TSE, FAST, FDBA57 and FMJ) in first attempt. Efficiently established FMJ Project within three months and Ramped up of production to 1500/day capacity. Successfully implemented new projects with minimum investments through Lean mfg concepts. Involved in continuous improvement projects resulted in Productivity, Quality, Delivery and Safety improvements also implemented new projects within the timeline. Skillfully implementated activities of IRIS(International Railway Industrial Standards). Project Undertaken(Six Sigma) Elimination of process scrap in Special Railway connector receptacle manufacturing Elimination of process scrap in Elastomer bonding process of FDBA connectors Elimination of process scraps in Thermoplastic bonding process of FAST connectors. Reduction in tool cost and rejection in Automatic clip insertion process. Customer complaint elimination in FDBA plug assembly process. Percentage Inspection that satisfy tolerance(PIST) level improvement from 38% to 85% in CCB(IP weldment).
Aug 2007Sep 2010

Process Design Engineer

HOSUR Process Design Engineer(Crankshafts and Camshafts) Responsible for process planning and establishment of the process for mass production and delivery of parts for Alpha, Beta and Quality proving stages of Camshafts and Crankshafts. Responsible for productivity improvements and establishing work and time standards for the manufacturing process. Coordinating with tool engineering and suppliers for development of fixtures and gauges for manufacturing. Defining process flow sequence by bench marking existing process and optimizing production process by VA/VE analysis. Process capability proving for Major and critical characteristics and Preparation of PPAP(Production Part Approval Process) documents for the new projects. Responsible for preparation of equipment standards meeting TPM and EHS criteria and Re-engineering of existing manufacturing cells by debottlenecking and process proving with improved tooling's. Responsible for conducting PFMEA and taking necessary actions to bring down RPN ratings. Major Accomplishments Successfully Implemented Crankshaft and Camshaft manufacturing cells for TVS three wheelers. Involved in process planning and proving of 2 stroke and 4 stroke multi model crankshaft manufacturing line using JIT and SMED concepts Reduced Manufacturing cost by refurbishing unused machines(Cost saving of 60 Lakhs). Handled Multimodel mfg line for 2S and 4S crankshafts for 3 Wheelers. Implemented Low cost automations in 3 wheeler Crankshaft line. Involved in Alpha-Beta manufacturing of Scooter crankshafts Efficiently submitted P1, P2, P3 and P4 Documents and PPAP for 3W Crankshafts and camshafts Parts. Implemented MQL concept in Deep hole Drilling operation of Crankshafts. Successfully process established for ASEAN models of camshafts. Multi model line proved for Flame and ASEAN model camshafts with single takt change over. Identified alternate Manufacturing line setup for Moped Crankshafts and delivered Indonesian vehicle camshafts. Implemented activities of TS 16949: 2002, ISO 14001 and handled the Production and Delivery of Proto cams & Racing cams. EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS