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Recycling, soap making, hiking, roller skating, dance, collecting vintage apparel, exercise, shopping and attending Church.



My name is Vivien Martinez and I am an aspiring Entrepreneur owner of Beyond Thrift Boutique: All sizes, Vintage, Retro and Thrift Boutique.  My hobbies are to thrift shop (of course), attend estate sales, take long walks and spend as much time as possible with my family.  Notable traits : goal oriented, ambitious and extremely competitive. My communication skills are excellent and presentation skills are outstanding.  I hope to inspire all women to reach their full potential in business, but most importantly to advocate the importance of education, hard-work, ambition and following ones dreams, because its never too late!


Jan 1999Jun 2000


Horizon Career College

Graduated with honors in the Medical Assistant Program at Horizon Career College.  During this time I learned clinical responsibilities, medical insurance billing and general medical office management.