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"I like to create new things, from concept to implementation, striving for quality."

My professional life started at the end of my degree with an internship building a game engine to run on Playstation 3 based on Phyre Engine. After this project I was tasked with creating a Flash game with Box2D physics that used the Flash Professional software to do level design and creation.

From here I worked as a web developer with HTML, CSS, Javascript, DevExpress framework, C#, SQL, and transitioned to mobile development along the way by build a couple of apps for IOS and Android.

This work also allowed me to work side by side with a great designer with whom I learned so much about graphical design and made me a better critic of design decisions and informed my opinions.

My following project is where I join BGuest to build their MVP to sell the concept of mobile concierge to both hotels and investors. This is fully built on Swift and updated as Swift is too. Once the project is funded, and wins second place on Beta-I startup acceleration program, the final design is commissioned to an external company along with the Android version, from which I build the release version of the app.

Along the way, I also fixed, improved and implemented new features on the Android version delivered to us. This allowed me to learn much about Android development, both what to do and what not to.

And now we come to the future where I hope to keep creating new things, learning and contributing to cool projects.

Work History

July 2017Ongoing

Mobile Developer

Frotcom International

Built an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Android app to be used by truck drivers in the USA to log their work hours, as required by law by December 2017. Developed, implemented the whole product and integrated with Frotcom platform api to be usable with pre-existing systems.

May 2015September 2016

Mobile Lead Developer


Design and implementation of the final version of B-Guest app for IOS, in Swift.

Maintained and updated Android version of the B-Guest app, using Android Studio and  Java.

Jan 2013May 2015

Web and IOS Developer

Nextway Group

Design and implementation of features for a web app enterprise management suite based on DevExpress framework, using, C#, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Designed and developed the enterprise IOS companion application, native in Objective-C and Interface Builder. 

Designed and built the B-Guest MVP app, native using Swift,  using REST for server communication and with integrated Apple and Google map features.


Web Developer


Worked on a Flash game using Box2D based on building levels on the Flash Professional IDE.

Built and maintained a magazines' events web site, based on HTML, CSS, JS, and C#, using SOAP and AJAX to deliver information.

Debugged an Android Flash/ActionScript3 application.

Created and implemented an Ipad native application using Xcode, with Objective-C, Core Animation and in-app purchases.




Licentiate degree in Computer Science

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia

Generalist Computer Science and information technologies degree.

Specialized in Software Engineering, Computer Languages and Compilation.

Finished the course with an internship experimenting with porting a Flash game to run on a Sony Playstation 3 with Phyre Engine.


English: Proficient

Portuguese: Native


B-Guest is a mobile application to facilitate the enjoyment of a guests' stay at an Hotel. Hotel services and location relevant information are available to the guest through a simple and powerful application, and the hotel-facing web applications make it's management and customisation easy.

Skills Workflow

Skills is a multiplatform web application that merges project management, CRM and a company's production system with community features and social features to engage and facilitate communication between each department that composes a company.