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Java application design and development, heterogeneous systems and environments setup, integration and management. Interested in n-tiers architectures involving databases, applications servers, networks environments (over the air, VPN...) Interested in both client side (rich client interfaces, mobile application, web interfaces...) than server side (connectors, asynchronous calls...) Interested in virtualization solutions like VMWare ESXi, Xen... Used to organize code, projects and set VCS (CVS, SVN, Hg).

Work experience

Nov 2008Present

J2EE Principal Technical Support Engineer

Precise Software Solutions, Inc

J2EE support for the i3 software solution that enables IT professionals to monitor the different application tiers of their information systems and help them manage the performance of the transactions of their IT architectures.Part of the backline support team in Israel, in direct relation with the QA and development teams.Provide support for cases from the Precise / Symantec customers for different types of architectures, clusters, applications servers (Weblogic, websphere, Sun application servers...) on heterogenous environments (Windows server, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, VMWare, etc.) including knowledges in databases (Oracle, MySQL, etc.).Including recreation of environments (application server with similar J2EE application...) using virtualization solutions (VMWare ESXi, Xen...).

Oct 2004Oct 2008

Software Engineer / Technical Expert / Java Developer


Outsourcing assignments in France, mainly in the area of Paris, forInformation technologies architecture, design, integration, implementation, network and databasesJava development, support and expertise (J2EE / J2ME, AWT, Swing, JSP, EJB, MDB, Struts...)Knowledge in other languages (SQL, C, C++, JavaScript, TCL/TK, VRML...)

Aug 2008Sep 2008

Technical Expert / Java Developer (assignment for Logica)

Gaz de France

Credit rating web application about commercial entities linked to Gaz de France.• Architecture and optimizations recommendations.• Development support for new components.J2EE 1.4, EJB 2.1, JSP, Struts 2, Hibernate 3.2, SQL – HTTP, JMS, SOAP (Axis 1.2) – NetBeans 6.1, Eclipse 3.3, ANT 1.7, Subversion – BEA WebLogic 9.2, Oracle 9.

May 2008Jun 2008

Technical expert (assignment for Logica)


Application for shipments exportation and billings.• Technical audit review and consulting for code and architecture modification and reorganization.J2EE 1.4, XML, XSLT, PL/SQL – HTTP, JMS (MQ Series) – IBM Websphere 6.1, Oracle 10.

Apr 2008Apr 2008

Software engineer / Java developer (assignment for Logica)


Application based on AutoVue for displaying documents (Autocad DWG, PDF) from the DMS.• Connector development and deployment, versioning setup, applications server integration.JEE 5, XML (JAXB), Log4J 1.2, Applet, JavaScript – HTTP, SOAP (JAX-WS) – NetBeans 6.1, ANT 1.7, Subversion – Tomcat 6, Java DB Embedded, Oracle Cimmetry AutoVue 19.2, Azur Technology XPERT Document DMS, Windows Server 2003, VMWare.

Oct 2004Mar 2008

Software engineer / Technical expert / Java developer (assignment for Logica)


Intenational live mobile app. HOLD for field services engineersLDAP authentication, over the air deployment, SMS, reportingMember of the team at Sun’s offices for prototype and 1st release (1 year)• Referent: Architecture, network, implementation• Participation in design and dev. of the packages, connectors, batches...• Assistance, maintenance, improvement, deployment on heterogeneous environments• Design of SMS sending, email server• Setup/management of dev. env., sources, versioning• Technical docs writing in French & EnglishJ2EE 1.4, J2ME CDC, AWT, JNI, EJB 2.1, MDB, JSP, Struts, DisplayTag, iText, Log4J, JavaMail, SQL, JavaScript, BASH, AWK, SED – SOAP (JAX-RPC), JMS (SJSMQ 3.7), LDAP (SJSDS 6.2), IMAP4 (Dovecot), SMTP (Postfix), GPRS, SMS (Netsize) – NetBeans 4/5/6, ANT, Eliad XML-Run 4.3, eVC++ 4.0, CVS, Subversion, NSIS 2, CABWizard – SJSAS 8.1/8.2, Oracle 9/10, SQL Server, DB2, Webmin, SQUID, SSH, DNS, Windows Mobile, Solaris 9/10, Windows 2003, Cygwin

Oct 2004Nov 2004

Java developer (assignment for Logica)


Mobile Intermec hardened Pocket PC based application for the tracks maintenance.• Development of the application for maintenance perimeter synchronization and reports sending.J2ME CDC (IBM J9), AWT, XML (SAX) – JMS (MQe) – JBuilder X – Websphere, Pocket PC 2003

Jul 2003Sep 2004

Software engineer


Electronic transaction securing software and services industry.Archaeon electronic safes services.• Design and development of a safes application based on CDC-Zantaz email electronic filing.• Integration and administration of the environments, VPN links, internal instant messaging….J2EE 1.4, JSP, Log4J, XML (DOM, SAX), SQL – HTTP, SOAP (AXIS), SMTP (JavaMail), Jabber – JBuilder 6, Eclipse 3, ANT 1.5, CVS – Tomcat 5, MySQL 4.1 Max, SuSE Linux 9.1, SSH, SQUID, DNS, FreeSWan

Mar 2002Sep 2002

Software Engineer (assignment for Junior ISEP -


Mobile Palm m500 based application for indoor air quality survey and pollution levels reading.Project awarded by the Engineer and Dynamism labels 2003 trophies from the CNJE (• Study, proposals and technical choices for the conversion of the existing question papers.• Architecture, design, tasks sharing out and development within a team of students in software engineering.J2SE 1.3, SuperWaba 2.41r2, SQL – JBuilder 6 – Palm OS 4.1, POSE, MySQL 4.

Aug 2001Jan 2002

Trainee software engineer

Thales Information Systems

Internship for the application for the supervision of the North East Line subway of Singapore.• Technical choices, design and integration of applications: for consumption reports – for email (clients and server) – for remote deployment of disk images, software installations and updates.• Installation and exploitation documents writings in English. V Cycle process overview.• Field equipments connector development. SQL, VBScript, TCL, C++, CORBA – IMAP (UW), SMTP (Sendmail) – Crystal Reports 7.5, NSIS 1.96 – Windows NT 4, HP-UX 10, Oracle 8i, ODBC, Symantec Ghost 7.0, Webmin, Outlook Express 6.