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Marketplace Benefits for You

Among the many benefits of being in the VisualCV Marketplace, here are the big ones:

  • Advertise to your target audience
  • Get in front of thousands of professionals that are interested in standing out
  • Offer your services to a captive audience
  • Build your online presence
  • Grow your business

What is VisualCV Marketplace?

The VisualCV Marketplace is an open market resource where members can find service providers who can help improve their VisualCVs or assist them in a job search.

Who's in the Marketplace?

What is the Cost for Entry into the Marketplace?

For maximum exposure, ask us about our Premium Placement options (for fee) in the Marketplace directory!!

Future Pricing Information Coming Soon.... 

Should You be in the Marketplace?

YES, if you are a career-related service provider that has something to offer members of the VisualCV community.

Companies and independent consultants can join the VisualCV Marketplace as service providers. Your product or service must benefit our members in a relevant way to  You will need to register and go through our review process before entering the Marketplace. 

There are thousands of professionals that span across many industries in our VisualCV Community.  Those members have different needs and skill sets.  Job seekers may be looking for a recruiter in their industry, may need assistance developing a robust VisualCV, may need photo or video services to create portfolio items, etc...

Note:  If your Company is already a member of VisualCV and you would ALSO like to be viewable in our marketplace, please email us directly at [email protected]  You DO NOT have to complete a registration form!