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Work experience

Professional Profile


War at Home -- Production Manager Open -- Warner Brothers. Pilot March -- Line Producer -- K/H Productions,  Feature Debt of Honor -- Line Producer -- Halcyon Films LLC, Feature Halloween Tales -- Producer/Line Producer -- PM&M Productions, Series Thanksgiving Day -- Coordinator, Detroit 2nd Unit -- NBC Productions, MOW

Gallagher’s Travels -- Associate Producer, NY, PA --  Maverick Productions, Series Producer/Production Manager/Director Commercials, music videos National and Regional Campaigns Including Tiger Woods Learning Center PSA * Korbel Champagne * Sears * American Honda  * Stroh’s Brewery

United Friends of Children Campaign *  McDonalds * Dunlop Tires * Glaxxo-Smith Kline *  Ford Motor Co.

Obsession * Live To Tell About It * Beatrice Foods * MTV * Sprint * Detroit Lions * Chrysler Corporation

Gannett Broadcasting * WHBT-AM/FM Radio  CBS Entertainment * Northern Telecom * Vitalize Yogurt  Eastman Kodak * WMAQ-TV * United Internet Technologies * AOL * Pepsi * Teen People Magazine.


Motion Pictures/Televison

United States -- Consultant Strategist -- Bassett/Vance Productions

Material Lies -- Production Manger --Starr Light Productions

S.O.A.K.E.R.S. -- Strategist/Line Producer -- Clark World Films

The Tammy Faye Baker Story --Consulting Producer --Tilton Way Productions


Columbia College, Los Angeles, California

Motion Picture Cinematographic Sciences   


Published articles in, North Hollywood Magazine, Studio City Sun, Filmmaker Magazine


Storer Communications WJBK-TV,  CBS (Fox) Detroit, MIchigan

Director, Producer, Cameraman  for Promotions and Advertising

PM Magazine Cameraman, Producer and Editor

LIN Broadcasting, KXAS-TV NBC Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

General Assignments News and Sports

Documentary Cameraman and Editor

Director, Producer, Cameraman  for Special Crime Segment

Gannett Broadcasting, KOCO-TV ABC Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -- KPNX-TV NBC Phoenix Arizona

General Assignments News and Sports

Documentary Cameraman and Editor

Director, Producer, Cameraman Promotion and Advertising.

Producer/Production Management/Development Executive

The Illusion Factory

CHALLENGE: Recruited to launch and build a competitive Motion Picture,Television and revitalize commercial production, within an intensely competitive market and create an infrastructure.

* Established the Motion Picture and Television Division for the corporation.

* Created FIRST LOOK contacts with studios, networks and associate production companies.

* Acquired book rights and screenplays for motion picture and television programming.

* Producer overseeing scheduling, budgeting and cash flow summaries for all productions.

* Developed and Produced ‘Divorce Talk Radio” for Air America Radio, Los Angeles


Contracted Motion Picture/Television Consultant

CHALLENGE: Strategic Planning, budgeting and scheduling for companies in the development phase of Motion Picture Projects

*  Develop MP/TV projects with sound budgeting and scheduling

*  Advise of current union contracts, state and local incentive programs.

*  Present efficient and cost effective alternatives to maximize production values.

Executive Producer/Producer

Persistent Visions Entertainment

CHALLENGE: Orchestrate the growth of a new start-up venture in televison and motion pictures

* Optioned rights for over twenty screenplays for television and motion pictures, including 

    The Five Novels of The Angela Matelli Mysteries by Wendi Lee.

        The Pulitzer Prize nominated novel, Letter from Home, written by Carolyn Hart.

* Established relationships with agencies, networks, studios and independent MP/TV companies.

Producer/Production Management

Fat Rock Entertainment

CHALLENGE: Lead the organization through comprehensive development and programming to venture into a new business model of the exhibition of entertainment.

* Developed and produced motion pictures and television projects for specific family demographics

* Sought out and negotiated for screenplay rights for motion picture and television properties.

* Negotiated with talent agencies, vendors and support contractors for production.


University of California, Los Angeles



2007 Telly Bronze Award -- Social Issues Category -- Bully 911 DVD

2007 Telly Bronze Award -- Safety Category  -- Bully 911 DVD

2007 Parent’s Choice Award -- DVD category -- Bully 911 DVD

2007 Telly Silver Award -- Health and Wellness Category -- Progressive Power Yoga - Sedona

2007 Telly Bronze Award -- Health and Wellness Category  -- Progressive Power Yoga - Prenatal

2005 UFC Award of Excellence -- Fundraising Category --Film  "In Their Own Words"

2005 Silver Davey Award -- Non-profit Category -- Film- "In Their Own Words"


Two Emmy Nominations -- Directing and Editing -- PM Magazine Great Lakes Race

Two Addy Awards  -- Directing/Cinematography  -- Gannett Broadcasting Image Spots

Two Telly Awards  -- Cinematography -- TBS PSA Anti-Drug Campaign

Career Focus

Stimulate growth, creativity and prosperity  in new entertainment company ventures, from a start-up to established companies. Excel beyond imagination, excite the masses.

  "Don't just give them what they asked for, deliver what they believed was impossible..."

  --Walt Disney



A distinguished career in the production, development and management of motion picture and television production, with a history of success in completing productions regardless of budgetary and scheduling constraints.

Accomplished at acquiring literary and screenplay properties from their publishing as well as advancing an organization's mission.

A highly creative, award winning, innovative and proactive leader with a unique vision as well as being a visionary of new entertainment.


Motion Picture/Television Production Management ▪ Development  Acquisitions

Budgeting * Scheduling * State Production Incentives

MP/TV Business Plans * Contract Negotiation * Promotion and Adverting


Computer Expertise
Proficient in MAC and PC   Microsoft Office10 -- XP, Vista EP Budgeting and Scheduling Adobe Photoshop 7. CS Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 Final Cut Pro Digital CInematography & Projection IT Conversion Mobile Conversion