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Vishnu Vardhan Balasubramanian

Production Engineer (PED / IE)


To excel in my field through hard work, research, skills and perseverance. 

Work experience

Nov 2011Sep 2017

Production Engineer

Harita Fehrer Ltd., TVS Group Company

Facility planning,

Assembly line installation,

Layout planning,

Material handling facilities allocation & export packing designing

Roles & Responsibilities

Cycle time / man power reduction: Done through NVA elimination (video & elemental analysis) or by implementing Low Cost Automation (LCA)

Facility & layout planning: Done for all new products in initial stages & for regular products when there is a rise in customer demand. Facilities include pneumatic / electric tools, tables, trolleys / pallets / bins, tables & fixtures.

Facility review: Done on monthly or yearly basis to find any deviation in the facility provided vs actually available facility.

On job operator training: Done along with production supervisors for all new products.

Man power allocation & machine capacity analysis: Done for each month when the demand is received from Sales & Marketing team.

Providing solutions for domestic & export packing which includes container layout, cost working & material handling facilities.


Best project: Reduced Cycle time in MCU from 1096 seconds to 702 seconds, thereby increasing the capacity by 26000 components per year. Made the machine available for new projects instead of going for a new machine which would cost around 4 crores.

Enhanced container utilization capacity from 67% to 84% by formulation new method for Daimler Evobus part.

Reduced transit rejection in SAME from 14% to 0.75%, in Daimler from 6% to 0% & in Scania from 20& to 0%

Reduced in-house rework in 2W seats from 1200 ppm to 660 ppm

Enhanced 5S in company & helped improving the score from 6.3 to 7.5 (minimum required 7.5) to get BMW order for my company

Implemented pull system for 5 major running motorcycle seat models

Reduced cycle time in all 5 foaming machines by 7-8%



B.E.Mechanical Engineering

K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology, Tiruchengode, Namakkal Dt.,

Percentage: 78.20%


Higher Secondary

Akshaya Academy Matriculation Higher secondary School, Palani, Dindugul dt.,

Percentage: 78.75%



Akshaya Academy Matriculation Higher secondary School, Palani, Dindugul dt.,

Percentage: 85.72%

Personal Information

Phone number: 07443307137

Parent's: Balasuramanian K / Kumudham B

Address: No.:Room 1, Flat 31, City Village, Coventry.

Linguistic abilities: English & Tamil 


I hereby declare that all information I furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge.