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Aug 2006Present

Masters of Engineering

Texas A&M University (TAMU)—College Station

I am pursuing Masters of Engineering Degree in Biological & Agricultural Engineering with a specialization in Food Engineering at Texas A&M University. A&M's Dwight Look College of Engineering and College of Agriculture & Life Sciences rank among the best schools in the country with the Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering ranking amongst the very top ones.

GPA - 3.50/4

Research Experience:

  • Simulation of design of a milk processing plant for the separation and purification of Lactoperoxidase and Lactoferrin proteins from rest of the milk constituents.
  • Hands on experience of Oil seed processing at Food Protein R&D Center, Texas A&M University

The organizations I am involved with while in Texas A&M are:

  • Graduate Student Council
  • Child Rights & You
Aug 2001Jul 2005

Bachelor of Technology

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU)

School of Biotechnology, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

The department ranks among the top biotech schools in India for bachelors studies.

GPA - 3.93/4

Research Experience:

  • Analysis of biotechnology market in Europe (in general) and Germany (in specific).
  • Biocontrol of wood rotting fungi using bacterial enzyme Chitinase

Leadership Role:

  • Head Coordinator - Fine Arts Event, University Annual Function
  • Library In-Charge - Boys' hostel

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

Corporate Intern

H-E-Butt Grocery Company

Process Optimization

To minimize the losses in the production of fruit flavored yogurt.

1.Improved upon the most inefficient steps based on production scale saving ~$200,000 per year

2.Optimized PID Controllers to minimize fluctuations in flow rate & increase process coherence

3.Improved upon losses associated with fruit left in the totes, pumps and piping

Quality Assurance

Reviewed and revised the Quality Assurance Standard Operating Procedures for perishable and non-perishable departments to assist in daily business operations and increase compliance to food safety regualtions and standards.

Activities involve developing:

  1. Food Safety checklist
  2. Online food safety training modules
  3. In-store employee tools for food safety program execution
  4. Sanitation, pest management and chemical management program
Aug 2007Dec 2007

Student Researcher

Objective: To simulate the design of a milk processing plant to separate Lactoperoxidase and Lactoferrin proteins from milk. The plant should be economically viable with maximum return on investment.


  • Learned the Software: SuperPro Designer
  • Simulated the design of plant based on literature review of available patents and research articles
  • Determined the capacity of plant to make it economically viable based on market demand, plant setting up costs, and operation costs

Accomplishment: Presented results in the form of a report and in a presentation to the class.

Jan 2007May 2007

Student Researcher

Food Protein R&D Center, Texas A&M University

Objective: To analyze the equivalence of genetically modified cotton to commercially available cotton species.


  • Hands on learning of principles of cotton seed processing and oil extraction  on pilot plant scale
  • Conducting laboratory experiments to analyze equivalence
  • Maintaining GLP standards and quarantine status of the laboratory
  • Other smaller projects were soybean seed processing and potato processing.

Accomplishment: Project advisor offered for professional reference.

Jan 2005Jul 2005

Student Reseacher

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University


  • To Analyze the biotechnology industry of Germany to understand reasons for its rapid rise from 1990s.
  • To chalk out what Indian biotechnology industry can learn from the German biotech industry.


  • Researched the literature present about German biotechnology industry
  • Analyzed the structure of biotechnology industry in Germany
  • Analyzed the reasons for its rapid rise
  • Charted out the factors which could affect the Indian biotechnology industry in a similar fashion


  • Presented results as undergraduate thesis work to a panel of ~15 faculty and ~100 students
  • Research work published in Journal of Indian Management & Strategy, (11/2, Apr.-Jun 2006, 4-11)



Mr. Arnaldo Espinel

I have known Mr. Vishal Gobhil for two years as a Teacher Assistant helping me with the Foundations of Engineering (Engg. 112) class. Vishal has been working under my direct supervision during two semesters showing an outstanding performance and adding value to the class every day. His dedicated work and personal skills have been very important to the successful development of our class.

I am pleased to give a strong recommendation to Vishal because he is a good student. in good standing, always punctual and also because he is always seeking innovative ways to solve problems, open to new ideas and continuous learning. He is very motivated to learning and conscientious, with clear definition of work and life objectives, setting practical goals for self and our students. He is a serious and pleasant personality and has been considered a friend and a leader by his peers, working effectively in teams. His outstanding performance determined his promotion from a student worker position to Teacher Assistant and later to assist an honors class.

I would expect Mr. Vishal Gobhil to make a valuable contribution to any institution as an employee.



  • Pursuing Masters in Food Engineering from Texas A&M University, TX, USA. 
  • Undergraduate studies in Biotechnology in India. 
  • Worked as a Process Improvement & Quality Assurance Intern with Bimbo Bakeries Corporate Intern in the Quality Assurance dept. and Milk Processing plant with H-E-Butt Grocery company. 
  • Experience in the areas of food rheology, oil seed processing, enzyme technology, microbiology and molecular biology.
  • Served in several organization in different responsibilities.
  • Analytical bent of mind with a good number crunching skill. 

Leadership & Initiaves

Some of the organizations and extra-curricular activities I have been involved with are:

1. Marketing Representative, Child Right & You Organization (CRY) - Fall 2007-Present


  • Create awareness and raise funds for CRY by organizing social events
  • Arrange sponsorship to reduce the expenses

The team raised $6000 in Fall 2007 & Spring 2008 semesters

2. Department Representative, Graduate Student Council (GSC), Texas A&M - Jan 2007-Present


  • Represent concerns of graduate students of Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering (BAEN) at the GSC meetings
  • Communicate suggestions, facilities and resources offered by the GSC to Dept. of BAEN graduate students

3. Head Coordinator, Fine Arts Event, Annual Function, GGSIP University - 2004, 2005

  • Led a team of 15 members to manage the logistics of five sub-events

4. Library In-Charge, Boy's Hostel, GGSIP University - 2004 - 2005


  • Initiated and secured administrative approval to setup a library in the hostel
  • Managed finances and records and procured space, furniture and books


Chinese Mandarin
I am learning Mandarin Chinese (verbal) on my own initiative using online resources.
Plant Design
I have worked with SuperPro Designer software for one the projects I worked on. It is plant design software similar to ASPEN.
MS Office
MS Office has been an integral part of my work experience. I have constantly been working on Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Project Design & Conduct
I have been working on several projects both wet and dry for the past 3-4 years. It includes literature review, project design and conduct, and result interpretations.