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Proven track record of strong leadership and successful management of complex and difficult engineering products. Over seven years experience in engineering and IT. Developed patent pending technology for TOPCHALKS which can deliver classroom like lecture through internet on very low bandwidth, actively participated in raising $3M seed fund for the company for rapid development of content. Very experienced in product development, release, manufacturing, and product introduction.  Over four years experience in online marketing through SEM, email campaigns and other lead gen activities and implementing the systems capable of doing so. Responsible for generating more than 300 high quality leads per day through just SEM.  Strengths include leadership, simultaneous management of large number of responsibilities, technical ability, program and resource management, strong knowledge of IT, visualizing and implementing product ideas and the ability to learn very quickly.

Work experience

Oct 2008Present

Director Engineering & Products

Catura Broadband Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Conceptualized, designed and coded the online and the CD solution which are the flagship products offered by Topchalks in E-Learning space. The solution offers great value to the students, coaching institutes and schools for various entrance exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, CAT, SAT as well as Class X to Class XII. The focus of the product is not only providing "in the comforts of your home" benefits that come automatically with any online / cd solution, but also delivering an in depth performance analysis to the students through the online assessment engine integrated with Vriti.

Single handedly coded the online player (using Adobe Flex 3) which plays the Topchalks content on any browser without the need to download any software on client machine.

Developed next-gen features way ahead of competition like contextual content search and annotation which show relevent videos, wiki pages, images, related lectures and 3-D animations of the topic being studied.

Designed and implemented the CRM system which is used by the inhouse calling team for lead conversions.

Conceptualized and implemented the hardware locking antipiracy system which requires any user to get activation after installing any Topchalks CD products which is bound to a particular system.

Implemented the installer for Topchalks CD solution.

Jun 2006Sep 2008

Engineering Manager

Catura Broadband Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Responsible for all the Data Center management and Servers at Drastically reduced cost to company by using 100% open source technology to host the highly available  server serving more than 300,000 visits monthly with an average of 4 pages/visit.

100% up-time record for 4 continuous years.

Played a significant role in designing and developing the Content capturing application which can capture content from any regular whiteboard completely synced with audio for instant delivery through internet. Worked extensively to make the capturing process very very lightweight by developing proprietary format to store and render data by which one hour of full blown whiteboard lecture at a size of 1024x768 is around 6MB only. Also worked upon to make the content fully object based which gives it the power to be fully editable, searchable, interactive and portable and vector drawing based.

May 2004May 2006

Senior Software Engineer

Catura Broadband Systems Pvt. Ltd.


SmartDoodle™ is a simple, affordable and effective solution for live multimedia web meetings. It provides the users with an ability to create and instantly share handwritten as well as text notes that are organized in Electronic Notebooks, communicate as well as record voice communications as annotations to the notes in the E-Notebook.

SmartDoodle™ also provides functionality to share, review and edit documents, hyperlinks, images and presentations using the Intelligent Messenger and/or the E-Notebook. The entire E-Notebook communication, along with its handwritten, text and voice components (VOIP) can be saved to be used as basis for subsequent communications. With SmartDoodle™ users have the capability to archive, review, edit and reuse all the past communications, including all the documentation that was used during these communications.


·Intelligent Messaging


·VOIP Module



·COM Emulation

·Automatic & Manual Snapshot of Desktop or a Window

Website: (now closed)


JDK1.4, EJB, RMI, JNDI, SQL Server 2000, Eclipse, Web logic 8.1, VC++, COM/DCOM, JMF.

Design Patterns Used

Session Facade, Service Locator, Value Object, Command Pattern, Observer Pattern etc.


VC++ Developer

Roles and



·Integration of VoIP

·Exploding Powerpoint Presentation to JPG images using COM and displaying them on E-NoteBook

·COM Emulation

·Snap Shot (Desktop or a Window using Automatic and Manual techniques.

·Unit testing

·Handover to testers for testing.

·Project Integration.

Team Size


Description: Smart doodle is Catura’s trademark product, which facilitates its users to have a secure document embedded text, E-Notebook, Co Browsing and voice conversation with other users.

Applications Handled:

1. Co Browsing:This Application opens an Internet Explorer on the “Client” side as well as“Peer” side.Now as the client navigates to any site, it gets reflected on“Peer” side too.The Peer side is hooked so if the Peer wants to change any site, he won’t be able to do that. He can only see the sites being navigated by the Client side.

Platform:VC++, COM, JNI, DLL

2. Integartion of VoIP: Integrated VoIP solution from VaxVoIP to Smartdoodle using theVoIP libraries with IPC and XML, IPC and XML is used to talk to Java using UDP server at VC end.

Platform:VC++, IPC, XML

3. PowerPoint Explode : This application used COM to automate the process of saving a Powerpoint Presentation Slides into JPG files.

Platform:VC++, COM

4. COM Emulation: This application have all the functionalities just like the Hyper Terminal in Windows. Here I have to enumerate all the Serial Ports in the system so that the user can communicate with all the devices which are connected to the system like Routers and modem. This tool is used for remote configuring of devices as the GUI part of the application is in JAVA VC++ and JAVA talk to each other using IPC and XML.

Platform:VC++, IPC, XML

4. SnapShot (Desktop and Window): Using Snapshot application you can take snapshot of any Window or Desktop manually or automatically at a specified time interval and you share it live with the help of E-Notebook.

Platform:VC++, IPC, XML


Domain Knowledge in E-Learning Space
Adobe Flex 3


May 1998Apr 2000

2 year advanced diploma in computer programming

APCO Computers and Education Institute
May 1995Apr 1996


DAV Public Shool