Vishal Garale

  • Bengaluru Area, India, IN


  • I am in IT industry since Dec 2013 worked on various open source technologies.
  • Technology stack I worked primarily on Ruby, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, MySQL(InnoDB), MongoDB, Nginx, HTML5, CSS3, AWS Services, Google Map V3 secondarily significance work on Ionic Framework, Apache cordova/Phonegap, Shell Scripts(Cron Jobs, Automate tasks), various JavaScript libs and frameworks.
  • During this period I worked almost on 5 projects with different responsibility and challenges of software development life-cycle.
  • I worked on various kind of projects in which API Services, Web Applications, Hybrid Mobile Application (present on both AppStore and PlayStore), most of stacks application hosting, deployment on multiple cloud platforms, server configurations. Also having conceptual knowledge of mobile application development with iOS(Swift) and Android operating systems.
  • Strongly involvement in open source community, capable of owning project and various technologies stacks single handedly.

Skill Sets

Programming: Ruby (2.2.x), JavaScript (1.8.x), Shell Script
Web Framework: Ruby on Rails(4.2.x)
Hybrid Application Framework: Ionic, Apache Cordova, Phonegap
RDBMS: MySQL(InnoDB), Postgresql
NoSQL: MongoDB
JavaScript Libraries: jQuery(v1.11.x), AngularJS, loopback
Web Server: Nginx
App Server: Thin, Puma, Unicorn
Testing Framework: Rspec
Data Exchang e Medium: JSON
Markup Language: HTML5, CSS3, YAML, XML
Cloud Platforms: Heroku, AWS Services (EC2, S3), AppStore, PlayStore
API Services/Analytics: SendGrid, Google Map API V3, Google Analytics, FB Graph API, Twillio
Version Control: GIT, Bit Bucket

Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2013 - Present

Software Developer

Sancus Technologies Pvt Ltd

Software design, coding, prototyping and investigating.  Create and participate in software planning and estimating, status monitoring and reporting.

Major Projects


iServe is platform facilitating interaction with the company enabling product registration, guarantee cards, service requests, feedback and survey channel, news and updates on relevant products besides helping in additional product/service/support offered by companies.

    • Web development along with API development for mobile application
    • Database designing and cloud platforms handling
    • Skills used Ruby on Rails, MySQL, AWS EC2, Capistrano, Nginx, Ruby gems like devise, ckeditor, roo, nprogress-rails, sidekiq, redis


LIN (Location Index Number) product is a unique number associating you with your current address. It is convenient for you to just share your LIN, instead of traditional long address, with friends, family and just anybody in the world and stay connected.

    • LIN has been shortlisted to pitch at the Startup Launchpad at Apps World 2015 in London
    • Worked on this project for 3 main areas web development, REST API's, Hybrid application development
    • For web development skills used Ruby on Rails, MySQL, AWS EC2, AWS S3, Capistrano, Nginx, Ruby gems like aws-s3, whenever, fog, will_paginate, apn, gcm, carrearwave, rmagick, ransack, twilio-ruby, rack-cors, gecoder, gmaps4rails
    • Written own authorization and authentication module for REST API and for web application. 
    • For Hybrid Application development skills used AngularJS, Ionic freamework, Cordova/Phonegap. Application is live on both Play Store, App Store. 
    • Play Store:
    • App Store:

Social Profiles


  • PG-Diploma in Advance Computing (Jan 2013 - Sept 2013)
    • Sunbeam Institute, Pune
  • Bachelor Of Engineering  (2009-2012)
    • Indira College of Engg. and Management, Pune