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Work experience


Systems Integration Support Analyst

Systems Integration Support Analyst SPAWAR-SSC ATLANTIC New Orleans(United States-Louisiana) Ú Demonstrated performance objectives with prompt and courteous responses to customer inquires via phone, voicemail, E-mail, and web. Ú Incorporated training to maintain and improve expertise in all areas with particular emphasis on assigned subject matter areas. Ú Analyzed and tracked individual reports to ensure quality and accuracy while demonstrating Peer-to-Peer recognition when applicable. Ú Mentored others by providing information to other Support Center Analysts as necessary to support learning and problem resolution. Ú Advocated HDI best practices for Support Center Analysts, which included peer-to-peer training reviewing the concepts of Total Contact Ownership.

Operations Coordinator

Operations Coordinator  Bagram(Afghanistan) Ú Coordinated and implemented plans outlined in the specific Standard Operating Procedures for a deployed Battalion supporting over 600 members, 4 subordinating units, and a Brigade. Ú Monitored 24 hour operational coverage to ensure that all communication and detailed information crucial to the accomplishments of the companies during Convoy Security Missions remained up-to-date. Ú Orchestrated tactical and technical guidance along with professional support to the subordinating units by conducting analysis and assessment of information received while ensuring reports that impact activities are completed. Ú Conserved the readiness of 5 military gun trucks, 20 long-haul vehicles with various supplies, and communications equipment in excess value of over $8 million dollars.


TRAINING NCO Ú Secured training files, requests for training areas, and training equipment to validate completion for Individual files for a company consisting of 150 plus Soldiers. Ú Developed tasking's base upon unit capabilities and assets that aided in assembling and maintaining statistics on weapons qualification, the Army Physical Fitness Test, weight control, military occupational skill qualifications. Ú Consolidated weekly requests for training, and secured information required for the unit status reports to draft training schedules for final approval that would comply with command guidance. Ú Influenced working relationships with local officials, clubs, etc., and police officers to build local rapport; Provided information acquired on community celebrations and community fundraising drives and encouraged unit participation. SUPPORT SERVICES NCO


Loyola University