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Virender Sharma

PV professional having work experience in the area of Process optimization, troubleshooting, Equipment Engineering, Projects, and R&D

Profile Summery

  • Rich experience in solar cell/module or semiconductor industry, good understanding of semiconductor process modules like wet clean/etch, PECVD, lithography, Metallization and the various yield improvement aspect of those process modules.
  • Good understanding of solar cell device physics and the impact of various processes on cell performance able to work with cross functional groups.
  • Expert in various metrology/analytical toolsets like TEM, SIMS, SEM, ellipsometer, sheetrho transmission/reflectance, tool etc.
  • Experienced in a fab or pilot line setting and well versed in SPC, FMEA, DOE methodologies.
  • Solid foundation in statistical analysis, especially as related to experimental design and experimental resolution.
  • Knowledge of Device Physics, to understand the device/materials criteria established by the Device and Process teams.

Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Senior Manager-Process & Production

Websol Energy Systems Limited
  • Heading process and production department for Installation, Commissioning, Process optimization, troubleshooting and yield control (Electrical & Mechanical) with respect to any change in efficiency, because of material and product in Cell line.
  • Master’s degree in Engineering and Science related discipline from internationally recognized accrediting organization , Kurukshetra University , India
  • Working in the photovoltaic industry for Process Development for volume production of crystalline solar cell and modules.
  • Rich experience with in the following areas: Wet texturing & etching (KOH /IPA, HF/HNO3), Atmospheric Diffusion (Phosphorus/Boron), PECVD (SiH4), Screen printing (Ag/Al), Incoming & outgoing test and inspection of high-performance solar cells. 
  • Extensive background in characterization of manufacturable devices including composition (SIMS), Morphology and crystalline structure (SEM, XRD, AFM, others), and general crystalline solar materials properties including optical, electrical, and mechanical characteristics.
  • A background with a capital equipment supplier understanding the issues with system builds, shipment, signoffs, and customer technology roadmap support items related to process and hardware upgrades.
Oct 2014Dec 2014

Deputy Manager-Process

Indosolar Limited
  • Responsible for Installation, Commissioning, Process optimization, troubleshooting and yield control (Electrical & Mechanical) with respect to any change in efficiency, because of material and product in Cell line.
  • Optimize and sustain existing production processes with CIPs (Continuous Improvement Programs) and by using statistical methods to monitor key process parameters.
  • Develop new processes as required by device design and parameters
  • Responsibility for the processes, documentation and engineering of an assigned production area to ensure that all released production processes and equipment are compliant with quality requirements
  • Documentation of current production processes, process changes and results of DOEs
  • APQP, FMEA , CP, CPk.
  • Working with Customer Engineering (CE) to resolve customer complaints and provide customers with required information.
  • Expertise in all these machine Process setup as well as Operation knowledge:- Wafer loader, Acid texture, P-doper, Diffusion Furnace PSG (phosphor Silicate glass) Removing & Edge Isolation, ARC (Anti Reflecting Coating) through PECVD, (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour deposition), Screen printing, firing furnace, Electroplating, Cell sorter.
  • Responsible for take result and make effective decision for quality improvement using following instrument: - Photo spectrometer, Ellipsometer, FTIR ,four probes, Thickness gauge measurement , Photocunductance Life Time tester ,Shunto-Meter, GP Solar Stability tester ,Bow Measurement, Core scan ,IQE EQE Measurement.
  • Work Experience on G. P. Solar & ICOS Cameras for recipe management & Optimization
Aug 2012Sep 2014

Assistant Manager-Process

Indosolar Limited
  • Technology enhancement
  • Process optimization & sustainability
  • Statistical process control (SPC)
  • In process Inspection
  • Close monitoring of chemical baths
  • Yield enhancement (Electrical)
  • Efficiency enhancement
  • Day to Day calibration of key equipments (CS & Furnaces)
  • Rejection analysis
  • Suggestions implementation
  • Training to the production people to maintain the process
Apr 2012Aug 2012

Senior Engineer-R&D / Process

Jupiter Solar Power Limited
  • Process Optimization
  • Process Trouble shooting
  • Efficiency Enhancement
  • Yield Control
  • Quality Control
  • IMS Documentation
  • New Developments (R&D)
Apr 2010Apr 2012

Senior Engineer-Process/PPC/R&D

Indosolar Limited
  • Preparation of Documents
  • Daily Process data monitoring & Data control Analysis
  • Process optimization & sustainability
  • In process Inspection
  • Efficiency Enhancement , Yield enhancement
  • Quality Control
  • IMS Documentation
  • New Developments (R&D)
Jan 2009Mar 2010

Service Engineer

Akshi Technologies
  • Worked on 3-T Pixel (Analog) Designing and simulation.

Tools Used: Tanner EDA, T-Spice, S-Edit, W-Edit, Tanner layout Editer, LT-Spice, LVS

  • Languages Used: Spice (for Pixel Net List Simulation), Post Layout Simulation, LVS Check
  • Worked on Noise characterization of Active Pixel Sensor

Up-gradation and Servicing of High-End Digital Cinematography Cameras

Feb 2007Aug 2007

Project Assistant

Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute


Integrated Long period waveguide as tunable filter (Fabrication &Designing)”under the Guidance of DR. Suchandan Pal, Scientist in CEERI, Pilani in Opto-Electronics Devices Group.

 The aim of the project was to Design & fabricate a Long Period integrated waveguide to work as a filter for the wavelength of 1.55µm using the Silicon on Sapphire technology. The Designing of the waveguide was done using Professional Software Opti-Grating. After Designing, all the IC Fabrication steps like lithography, Oxidation, Metallization etc; were used for the fabrication. 

 Purpose of Project:

The project was sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, for the application in Communication System so that only single Wavelength could reach the desired destination.

Jul 2006Mar 2007


M.L.N College, Yamuna Nagar

Industry : Education

Jul 2005Dec 2005

Internship - Master's

CEERI, Pilani


“LIGA Electroforming Process for MEMC Devices”under the Guidance of DR. V.K.Dwivedi, Scientist in CEERI, Pilani in MEMS Group.

Equipments Worked on:

                                    Lithography, Wafer Cleaning, Diffusion, Oxidation, Electro-Plating, Stylus Profiler, and Plasma assisted Sputtering, Plating of copper

 Purpose of Project:

To check the feasibility of LIGA Process for application in Carbon Mono-Oxide Gas Sensor design for application in satellites.


Sep 2013Apr 2016

Doctorate of Philosophy - PhD

Amity University, Noida

Type : Corporate Research Fellow 

Aug 2007Jul 2009

Mater's of Technology - M.Tech 

J.M.I.T, Affiliated to Kurukshetra University

Secure Marks : 75% 

Type - Semester

Aug 2004Jul 2006

M.Sc - Electronics

Kurukshetra University, Kurushetra

Secure Marks : 71%

Type - Semester

Aug 2001Jul 2004

B.Sc - Electronics

M.L.N College, Affiliated to Kurukshetra University

Secure marks : 76%

Type - Annual

Academic Achievements

  • FIRST PRIZE in State Level Electronics Science Convention, in Project Exhibition held on year 2004 organized by KHALSA COLLEGE, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana
  • SECOND PRIZE (hardware exhibition) in NATIONAL LEVEL SYMPOSIUM held on year 2005 organized by Electronic Science Department, Kurukshetra University, and Kurukshetra.
  • Participated in State Level Electronics Science Convention, in Quiz Competition on 2004 organized by KHALSA COLLEGE, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana
  • Worked as “President” in Electronics & IT Association. In Electronics Department, Mukand Lal National College, Yamuna Nagar.
  • Placed in Merit in B.Sc.I, II & Final years.