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Communication skill is one of the most important skill which a person much posses. I have acquired this skill during my school time by working and taking part in various school events. In the event of Galaxy Bazaar, I have had maximum use of these skill. Now I am very confident about my communication skills and can perform much better in most areas using this skill.
As I have mentioned earlier, I have taken part in various competitions during my school time. Taking part in such competitions and other school events, I have developed a lot in creative part of brain. I have learnt to think 'Outside the Box'. By taking part in competitions such as Innovative Product and Marketing Competition, Social Innovation Relay,etc and events such as Galaxy Bazaar which I have mentioned earlier, I have gained and learnt a lot in area of creativity. 
Use of Subconcious
If you have read the book ' The Power of Subconcious Mind' then you might be knowing about how much important our sub concious mind is and what all great magic it can do. I have learnt and acquired this skill through Silva Mind Control. I am an official member of Silva Mind Control Community. Though I am beginner in this skill, I have been practising it to make myself perfect. 
Presentation skills is one of the most important skill which an individual needs to have in order to survive the competition and to be successful in today's world of cut throat competition. I have acquires this skill over a span of 3-4 years during my school time where presentations formed an important and significant part of the curriculum. I have learned to make Power Point Presentations (PPT) and how to present it in front of an audience. Throughout my school time I have been doing various presentations in front of different kind of audiences related to the academics and various other projects. I would like to share some of the major projects or lets say, presentations done by me.  When I was in 11th and 12th grade, presentations formed a significant part as most of the projects were based on presentation. Innovative Product and Marketing Competition is one such example where I had presented about a innovative product by me and my team and its various marketing strategies including radio jingle, television commercial, hoarding, etc. I had taken part in this competition for consecutively for 2 years and it was a great learning experience. This is the link to my presentation in one of the competition., I had also taken a part in a competition organized by Junior Achievement, sponsored by HP, known as Social Innovation Relay. Our team had reached in finals at national level wherein we presented our idea of social innovation online through My HP Room. These are only some of the few examples of many which I have experienced.   Therefore I have acquired the presentation skills over long time period and I have gained a lot of experience.
I have good leadership qualities which I have acquired over span of 2 years during my various school activities. I have been the team leader of a competition - ' Innovative Product and Marketing Competition', for 2 years wherein I have won certificates for First Prize, Best Functional Product, Leadership Qualities, Best Support, etc. The competition is all about thinking of an innovative product and market the product fully ( by preparing radio jingle, website, hoarding, television commercial, etc.)
I have an outstanding experience of managing an event at a huge scale. The event is known as Galaxy Bazaar which happens every year in our school, conducted by the students of grade 11-12 of Humanities stream. I was the CEO of the event and a part of the Core Committee. The Bazaar consists of Shopping, Game Zone and Food Zone. All the profit made from it is donated to ' The Mohan Scholars' , for the education of underprivileged girls under the ' Right to Education Act'. During the year 2013, we had the Net Profit of INR 9,20,000. By this figure one can imagine the scale of this event. Hence I have a very good experience in event management.
Technical Analyst
I am an investor in the stock market. I do my analysis based on stock charts and I am still going into the depths of technical analysis. I know the basics of Elliot Wave Theory and I am also aware of candlestick chart patterns with which I can predict the trend of a stock or any other commodities which can be traded



I am a person with many interests. I like doing many different things. I love adventure sports such as white water rafting, skiing, trekking, bungy jumping, paragliding,etc. I even enjoy trading in the stock market. I love playing sports games such as basketball, football, etc. I like taking part in various competitions such as business competitions. These are just few of the interesting things which i love doing.