Development of Solar Dryer

“ DRYER” Project Description: The main objective of this project is to increase the efficiency of the solar dryer by introducing a dehumidification chamber where the moist air from the drying chamber after drying the food stuff is being dehumidified and this dehumidified air is again introduced through the air inlet and the drying process continues. The dryer consisted of three chambers Solar air collector, drying chamber and dehumidification chamber. With the introduction of the dehumidification chamber efficiency was increased by 15-20%. SOFTWARE PROFICIENCY Proficiency in using Creo Pro-E. software's known are Solidworks, AutoCAD, MS Office. Participated in VIRTUAL BAHA SAE INDIA, 2014 as a team member organized by MAHINDRA. Attended workshop in Automobile Design-ICE at SVNIT by AerotriX. Secured Merit in Automobile Design-ICE by AerotriX for best performance. Participated in Tech Fest Spontania'2014 in the Robotics event at UCET, Gandhinagar. Association/Membership An active Member of SAE(Society of Automotive Engineers). INTERPERSONAL SKILLS Good grasping power, optimistic, technical and critical thinking.