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Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Science, Business Management


Currently based in New Delhi, India, Vipul Bhrigu, Ph.D., works in the biotechnology industry. A molecular biologist, he holds special interest working in the context of cancer gene therapy. Vipul Bhrigu’s research includes focusing on the study of the huntingtin interacting protein (HIP1). His academic pursuits extend to areas such as stem cell biology and researching the initiation of tumorigenesis. Dedicated to the advancement of his field, he actively engages in sharing his findings with the academic community. Bhrigu’s recent contributions include two research papers published in the journal Virology in 2009. The following year, he lectured on the topic of Emerging Tools in Molecular Diagnosis at the National Conference on Microbial Biotechnology held at Punjab University. Beyond his work as a researcher, Vipul Bhrigu also holds professional experience in project management and business development. In that regard, he previously served with Icon Link Developers Pvt. Ltd. His accomplishments with the company include revitalizing a gene expression analysis project worth INR 500,000 and producing microarray leads worth INR 600,000. Vipul Bhrigu also contributed to technical seminars on behalf of Icon Link Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Vipul Bhrigu earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Rajasthan and his Master of Science in Biotechnology from Bangalore University. For his M.S. dissertation, he executed karyotyping analysis in the context of Fragile X syndrome. Vipul Bhrigu earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences in 2009 from the College of Medicine at the University of Toledo. As a pre-doctoral fellow, he completed extensive research regarding adeno-associated virus host cell interactions. Continuing his academic training at the University of Michigan, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in May 2010.

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