Vipinesh Singh

Vipinesh Singh

Product Manager & Full Stack Developer



B.Tech, Computer Science & Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Work Experience

Work experience

Cofounder, CEO

Nov 2014 - Present

Leading the team at AsknShop, a social shopping platform, from idea to a full fledged product,

  • Led end to end development of AsknShop on web & android, from specs to finished product.
  • Managed SEO and social media marketing to grow by 30% week on week.
  • Grew the platform to 12L+ SKUs from 7+ different online sellers in a span of 3 months.
  • Led a team of 20 people in 5 different cities for marketing and user research.

Product Manager/Engineer

Dec 2013 - Jul 2014

Created the online table booking vertical at Zomato from scratch,

  • Led its foray into the UK market and grew it by 50% month on month post launch
  • Created product specifications​ for Android, iOS, Windows mobile apps, Web & Mobile web.
  • Led the engineering team​ to develop Android, Web & Mobile web platforms.
  • Developed the iOS app interface and mobile app APIs.
  • Managed day to day operations for the platform, leading it to 150 seated diners per day.
  • Became the largest table booking platform in the UK​ with over 10,000 restaurants in 5 months.

Product Manager

Mar 2013 - Dec 2013

Managed the bus tickets vertical at Paytm,

  • End to end ownership​ of the product on all platforms - Web, Android, iOS.
  • Spearheaded platform improvements which​ increased conversions by 3X.
  • Increased average number of daily orders placed by ~50%.
  • Automated manual product processes to reach operational break even in 3 months.
  • Evolved user experience constantly ​by making agile product improvements.
  • Carried out on ground & online surveys​ in south India to improve post fulfilment experience

Worked on Paytm's mobile apps,

  • Led improvements on Paytm's mobile apps on all targeted mobile platforms ​-Android, iOS, Blackberry(BB10 and previous OS versions), Java Touch(Asha).
  • Led the creation of India's first ​ Java Touch, Java Non Touch & BB10 apps mobile recharge apps.
  • Enabled growth of mobile app orders at 30% month on month
  • Incorporated technical nuances for each platform to ensure a consistent user experience.

Worked with the marketplace team on,

  • Researched and created the first ever PRD for Paytm's marketplace's merchant panel.
  • Devised specifications to enable handling of inventory, logistics, offers from one place.

Product Manager

Jul 2013 - Dec 2013
One97 Communications Ltd.
  • Led the product development ​ for foray into overseas markets.
  • Managed carrier billed white label android gamestore for Middle east Asian & African markets.
  • Led the translation and procurement of apps in non-english RTL languages such as Arabic.
  • Led the creation of zero cost social ​content carrier billed white label android apps.
  • Led the launch of social content carrier billed apps​ in African & middle east Asian markets.

Other Projects

E-Governance: Web-GIS, Gujarat State Watershed Management Agency (Feb, 2010 - Jun, 2010)

Integrated Watershed Management Program(IWMP) by Gujarat State Watershed Agency(GSWMA),

  • Facilitated software requirement specificationsto implement a statewide Web-GIS system
  • Created database design (MySQL) for the project,to be run at 2,500 villages in the first phase 
  • Assisted in creation of a mobile basedwork tracking and monitoring system
  • Presented by Gujarat government at the e-governance summit, 2011
  • Project Secured National e-Governance awardinstituted by Government of India for 2010-2011
  • Project Awarded Prime Minister’s Award​for excellence in Public administration for 2010-2011

Major Project: Opinion mining through social networks (Jan, 2012 - Nov 2012) :

  • Devised a Naive Bayes Classifierusing NTLK 2.0 to the gauge opinion of facebook users
  • Designed and created a web applicationusing JS & PHP SDKs of facebook's Open Graph Api
  • Created a corpus​composed of over 5,00,000 status updates

Website design: TravelnFun (Apr, 2012 - July, 2012) :

Social web application to enable travellers to connect with other travellers and plan their trip online

  • Integrated a trip map,with declarative event binding using GoogleMaps JS v3 sdk
  • Designed & developed frontendusing Backbone JS (MVC framework), underscore JS, and JQuery
  • Designed & developed backend​ using Codeigniter PHP framework and MySQL

Facebook app design: (Feb, 2012 - Apr, 2012) :

Website based facebook application to rank pictures on public FB pages on the basis of popularity

  • Devised frontend with Backbone JS with models using key value bindings and custom events
  • Developed viewswith HTML5, CSS3 on a RESTful JSON interface to the backend for AJAX
  • Developed backendwith Codeigniter PHP framework, MySQL(for database) and FB PHP SDK.
  • Analyzed metadata​of over 50,000 facebook pages and over a million pictures captions

Interest based social networking: (Jan, 2011 - Oct, 2011) :

  • Conceptualized a social Web applicationto connect users on the basis of interest graph
  • Fabricated backendusing Cassandra, PyCassa (for database) and Tornado Python Server(serving files)
  • Developed arachne framework:​To store a graph and retrieve edge and node values in Cassandra

Fetterlock knowledge solutions Pvt. ltd., Greater Noida (2011) :

Fetterlock knowledge solutions aimed to provide quality education with a vision to unify curriculum across colleges,

  • Organized quality building workshops for engineering students in three different cities
  • Explained basic conceptsof cloud computing and distributed systems to over 500 students
  • Gained valuable insightsfrom the strong network of IIT/IIM alumni