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Shrivastava Vipin

Group CEO, 33 Years Experience in Conceptualized Marketing, Leadership and Business Strategy


An energetic, proactive, assertive self-made and Incisive Professional with cross functional experience and year-on-year success in achieving growth objectives of Start Ups, Established Companies & Turnarounds; produced sustained business and revenue development. Over 32 years of management, leadership multi-functional experience with a consistent track record of driving increased levels of productivity, profits and internal /external customer satisfaction. Championing marketing, branding and advertising strategy for the digital commerce, online and social media spaces driving YOY increased growth, ROI and revenue. Considered a visionary in large scale business transformations, human capital management and corporate consulting; personal center of influence boasts a business network of accomplished leaders and innovators across diverse corporate cultures. Strong skills to rapidly navigate emerging challenges in managing business operations to focus on top-line & bottom-line performance and expertise in determining company’s mission & the strategic direction as conveyed through policies & corporate objectives.

 Successfully managed the Pharmaceutical Industry since December 1983 to March 2016 as a General Manager with project specialists like Critical Care, anesthesia, Gynecology, IVF & Pediatrics, beside that in my previous organization Dhanuka Group additional responsibilities given for Real estate verticals, in which I delivered maximized revenues under the bylaws of Real Estate Industry that is an extra advantage.

 Outstanding success in building relationships with key corporate decision makers, establishing large volume & high profit accounts and finalizing strategic alliances.

Work experience



Kanchhal Group

The group related to the real estate sector. Dealing with township projects Lucknow surrounding.

The Chief executive officer is the key management position in the organization, accountable for identifying the new business strategies as per the matching of the market scenario and develop and executing marketing and sales plan in order to achieve the group objectives. My overall responsibilities for overall business operations related to the marketing, sales, financial management, administration, team building and HR functions including legal matters.

Identifying target audience, planning, marketing activities to achieve brand awareness and executing promotion through digital delivery to ensure the project visibility to enhance the brand image and driving business volume.

Conceptualized short term and long term business goals to provide direction to down the line to ensure maximum profitability to meet organization objective, subsequently derived and delegate specific,

measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound business objective to the team.
Providing directions to the team for ensuring optimal performance and enhancing their professional soft skills; creating an environment that sustains and encourages high performance.


General Manager- Marketing & Sales

Dhanuka Group

Part of the top management team and successfully managed operations without any supervision, accountable for two divisions Pharma & Real Estate for entire operations, marketing and sales

Pharmaceutical (Stem Biosciences Pvt. Ltd)

Developed and led Price Strategy initiatives for market guidelines; championed pricing within the cluster as a key lever to drive growth and profitability through networking with key customers in securing customer loyalty; forged strong relationships to develop advocates/Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and communicate key messages to the medical community. Networked Worked in conjunction with Marketing Managers in creating growth and market-building strategies and tactics, including programs that targeted doctors influences, and consumers

Identified new business opportunities and suitable distribution partners for entering new markets in the Pharma segment; built the business through strategies such as fraternity orientation and regular follow ups and convergence.

Market share grew by 42%, which was significantly higher than foretasted numbers, in a scenario of stiff competition from major national and international players. Stem Biosciences; having a presence in Northern Part of India with sales volume around 10 Cr. Per annum, with field force 85 with YPM 0.98 lacs.

Real Estate (Dhanuka Colonizers & Builder Pvt. Ltd)

Delivered overall operations of Real Estate for group housing projects; managed the overall operations related to Sales, Marketing, Administration of around 15 running projects from affordable to luxury segments. Explored business through Customer Relationships and Referral aspects of Indian and Overseas Markets through property shows. Took part in various talk shows, in print & electronic media
Finance Management through Banks approvals of APF

Reserved 64 customers in Sunshine Prime 88 flat sold by the Anukampa Group after project acquired by the Group
Developed strategic and operational sales plans which resulted in a 23% increase in overall sales and gross margin. 




Lucknow University

Passed out B.Sc examination with subject Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics


Strategic Marketing

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