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You might consider your sweet hand-eye coordination, specialized handling of your Xbox controller, hours of experience using your iPhone/iPad, or intense leadership methods (aka: opinionated/loud) as qualifying skills for a career in the gaming, entertainment or mobile marketing industries, but truly being a part of these exciting and challenging fields requires much more than a passion for video games or a natural obsession with mobile devices.

On top of your techie heart, you must possess an insatiable hunger for challenges, the iron will to act on improving your methodology, and the overall vision required to guide the work produced by your team to victory.

There are so many different complex pieces that have to come together before you can feel the joy and accomplishment that arises from a well orchestrated and supportive team.

It is my true belief that any and every team of professionals, regardless of the type of business, should be evolving together as family. They work, stretch, play, gripe, and inspire together!

My name is Violet McLean, and I am glue that binds together your professional family -- my greatest pleasures are detailed communication, thoughtful documentation and team building. My teams are my family, and together, we are capable of accomplishing the impossible.

P.S. And yes, I too claim a passion for video games and natural obsession with mobile devices.

Work experience

Engineering Coordinator

Nov 2015Present

Project Title:
- Swrve Amplify

Senior Project Manager
June 2014November 2015

Project Title(s):
- Elder Scrolls Online
- Adaptiv Product

Project Manager

Sleepy Giant Entertainment
October 2012June 2014

Project Title(s):
- Pokémon TCGO
- 21st Century Fox & Roadhouse Interactive's "Family Guy Online"
- Dungeons & Dragons Playtest
- THQ's "Company of Heroes"

Associate Producer

Sleepy Giant Entertainment
August 2011October 2012

Project Title(s):
- National Geographic's "Animal Jam" 
- BBC's "Dancing with the Stars - Keep Dancing"

Customer Service & Deployment Manager

Sleepy Giant Entertainment
May 2010August 2011

Project Title(s):
- Battleswarm
- National Geographic's "Animal Jam"
- Online Soccer Champions

Game Services Manager & Community Manager

UTV True Games
May 2009April 2010

Project Title(s):
- Warrior Epic
- Mytheon

  • Direct Manager for all local and outsourced Customer Service personnel
  • Direct Manager for all local and outsourced Community Representatives
  • Own and manage Project Marketing Budgets; develop, propose and execute Marketing Initiatives intended to drive Game Subscriptions, Increase Brand/Game Awareness, or increase User Acquisition or Retention
  • As needed, assist with first point of contact customer inquiries (high volume)
  • Create and Maintain Customer Service and Community Internal Knowledgebases with Known Issues, Top Reported Issues, Approved Public Messaging (Pre-Formatted Responses), Up to Date Policies & Procedures, Community Trending KPIs, and more!
  • Own the ESRB ratings for both titles; including collection of relevant materials to send for review, communication throughout the ratings process, and action plans necessary to meet desired ratings
  • On Camera Host for Company Video Podcasts

Lead Game Master & Billing Specialist

MGame / Netgame
February 2008May 2009

Project Title(s)
- Cloud 9 (formerly, known as "Holic Online")
- Operation 7
- Hero Online
- Scions of Fate

  • First point of contact for Customer Inquiries received in game, through support email, and community forums
  • Plan, coordinate and execute Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Community Events for Forums, and In Game Activities including proposal of event details, timing, instructions, terms, rewards, and promotion of those events.
  • Virtual In Game GM Presence for Holic Online (aka: Cloud 9), Scions of Fate, Operation 7; responsible for offering assistance to players who appear to need help progressing with gameplay or have general questions, and amplifying community activity through surprise in game events and contests
  • Issue important game, server, or company announcements from headquarters through all applicable channels as needed: Community Forums & In Game Announcements/Alerts
  • Visual Monitoring of Servers & Performance through internal tools, and escalation to overseas teams as potential issues or concerns are identified
  • Escalation Point for Troubleshooting, Assistance, and Reimbursements for issues encountered with the Premium Shop Services (Ncash)
  • Coordinate with Payment Providers to troubleshoot, identify, and resolve Premium Shop Service Issues (for multiple game titles)

Account Administrator

Blizzard Entertainment
December 2006December 2007

Project Title:
- World of Warcraft

  • Perform all duties of a Game Master, as needed
  • Final point of contact for Customer Communications and Escalations, for inquiries which require significant knowledge of support tools, policies and procedures, and lengthy investigations.
  • Investigate and resolve Account Ownership Disputes; communicating timely with both parties and providing clear and evident proof of true ownership
  • Investigate and resolve Customer Disputes of Account Actions taken as a result of legal policy violations
  • Investigate and issue appropriate Account Actions for suspected in game currency exploits or abuse

Character Specialist

Blizzard Entertainment
September 2006December 2006

Project Title:
- World of Warcraft

  • Perform all duties of a Game Master, as needed
  • Assistance and investigation of claims and losses encountered as a result of Account Compromise, Scams, Known In Game Issues/Exploits, and more
  • Expedited Investigations considered critical or extremely urgent

Game Master

Blizzard Entertainment
June 2006September 2006

Project Title:
- World of Warcraft

  • 1st point of contact for inquiries relating to the title World of Warcraft via an in game chat client, customer tickets, and emails.
  • Investigate and resolve customer inquiries efficiently and accordingly, while meeting quality and timely company requirements.
  • In depth in game investigations including, but not limited to: Botting, Game Exploits, and Bugs.
  • High priority
  • Maintain knowledgebase documentation relating to known issues, account statuses, transactions, and departmental policies and terms.
  • Provide Daily Status updates of all duties performed, including in depth time dedication breakout and urgent updates.
  • Structure, population and maintenance of Departmental Team Internal Wiki


Daniel Yoon [Sleepy Giant Entertainment - Senior Software Developer]

"Violet is the most detailed, thoughtful and supportive PM I have ever worked with. Her awesome reports/emails help everyone have visibility on the health of the project/sprint. But what I like most about her is how supportive she is. She's always there when we're deploying an emergency hot fix late into the night, ready to give moral support, Doritos, whatever we need. All around awesome person to work with."


Michael Burr [Sleepy Giant Entertainment - Customer Service]

"I reported directly to Violet when I first started working for Sleepy Giant. I attribute a large portion of my personal success within Sleepy Giant, to the insightful direction and cultured perspective that I received from Violet while she managed me. Violet always provides innovative resolutions to pressing tasks, this helps foster an environment where her colleagues can keep cool and level heads. Violet’s years of experience, while plentiful, pale in comparison to the wealth of knowledge and understanding she has of project management, production, community involvement and above all – GAMERS! Anyone that has ever worked with Violet will tell you the same thing; Violet is a valuable asset and a formidable leader for every organization she’s a part of."


Joseph Paolinelli [UTV True Games/Game Center Group - Customer Service Supervisor]

"I could sit here all day discussing how great Violet is, how she always goes above and beyond the call of duty to get not only her work done but the entire project. I could say how professional she always is or how she has the best communication skills of any client I have worked with.

But instead of listening to me saying all these great things about Violet what you should do, IMMEDIATELY, is close this website and hire Violet before someone else does! Yes, I think that perfectly sums up just how great Violet is."


Jason Hartung [UTV True Games - Former Game Services Manager]

"Having Violet McLean as a Customer Service Specialist was a pleasure. She is a quick learner, dedicated worker and could easily move upward in a company given an opportunity. With her background and "can do" attitude, she made my job as her manager easy. She contributed greatly to the creation of many documents, policies and procedures that shaped the department. It was always reassuring to know that any Customer Service/Technical support/Billing issues, no matter how complex, were promptly taken care of and handled to perfection and with professionalism.

Violet is a candidate I would seek out and hire should I ever need her expertise. Anyone who is looking for an asset to their CS team would do well hiring Violet."


Data Entry & Analyst

Avon, LLC (Pasadena Headquarters)



Topics and Causes that matter to Violet:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts and Culture
  • Civil Rights and Social Action
  • Environment
  • Human Rights
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Science & Technology


Telecommunications / electronics

Pasadena city college