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Owner / CEO


imFORZA, LLC. is a full service online marketing agency that provides cost-effective, results-driven marketing solutions to businesses and individuals. If you're looking to grow your brand, extend your online reach or get a higher ROI on your marketing strategies, then imFORZA can help. Call us at 888-91-IMFORZA to find out how.

Jan 2006Aug 2006

Regional Sales / Marketing Manager

Jan 2005Dec 2005

Contract Negotiations


Aug 2006May 2008

Master of Business Administration

Aug 2000May 2004

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration


Marketing and Marketing Management
Sales and Sales Management
Business Planning
Social Media Marketing
Paid Search Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Internet Marketing Consulting


Steven Epstein

"Vinny has the two most important qualities an individual can have in the business world - intelligence and candor. His knowledge of his craft is very impressive and he is always searching to learn more every day. He also operates in the open, cutting through the muck with a straight line, and completing tasks one after another!! He understands the big picture, and also knows the baby steps needs to fill it out completely.I would highly recommend Vinny to anyone in the business world, he is a top quality person and a very effective business associate!!"

Nancy Sanborn

"We have worked with Vinny for the past several years and we have found that he has been responsive to all of our needs. We highly recommend working with him."

Paul Gulya

"Vinny is an exceptionally bright guy who brings excellent ideas to the table. He knows his business and stays on top of trends and has a real sense of where internet marketing is going. Additionally, his personality is such that he is able to state his case and lead the team to the next level in a nonconfrontational manner. Vinny is an excellent resource for your internet marketing needs as well as a truly competent business professional.."


Jan 2008Present

Google AdWords Authorized Reseller

Nov 2006Present

Google AdWords Professional

Jan 2008Present

Google AdWords Sales Certified

Jan 2008Present

Google AdWords Account Management Certified

Nov 2006Present

Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador

Dec 2006Present

Microsoft adExcellence Member

Jul 2009Present

Certified Inbound Marketing Professional

Inbound Marketing University

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Flash Optimization

Video Optimization

Search Engine Optimization








English (native language)

Italian (fluent)

Spanish (conversational)


There is no more cost effective way to market a business these days then with online marketing. There is also no quicker way to burn through a marketing budget then with a poorly planned online marketing strategy. This is where I come in.

My combination of the following achievements makes my skill set extremely hard to come by and continually sought after by any wise business owner looking to take their company to the next level:

  • Undergraduate and Master's Degrees from one of the country's most prestigious business schools
  • Years of work experience in marketing, sales, business management and online marketing
  • Real life experience through world travel, cultural diversification and charitable affiliations

Whether your business is already a Fortune 500 company or a 5 person operation, my experience, enthusiasm, education and keen eye for business advancement opportunities can be an asset that will benefit your business and help make it work for you, not vice versa.