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OBJECTIVE: To utilize my exceptional skills, training, and 18+ years of office experience as a team leader/player in a  managerial/supervisory position to help your company achieve its financial goals.


I am learning to play guitar with both hands(left-handed w/ strings inverted and right-handed), I play chess ( I rate about 1800), and work out to keep my self in shape. I also am a student of the martial arts (Traditional style wing-chun kung fu, the same style as Bruce Lee, but the traditional style, not the modified style like Bruce Lee learned).

Work experience

Aug 2006Aug 2008

Service personnel/Warehouse supervisor/Delivery person

Lanzo Plumbing

Skillfully executed basic service calls, including repairing sinks, toilets, and replaced water heaters and boilers. Used my previous plumbing experience to work on large construction site in Edgewater to do basic set-up work, including drilling holes, cutting and running copper pipe,  and installing ABS and PVC piping for drainage. Completed a total inventory and reorganization of all stock in warehouse and all trucks, and performed basic maintenance of building. Also executed deliveries of plumbing supplies needed on said job sites and ran errands for owner of company such as going to the bank and accountant.

Aug 2004Aug 2006

Plumber's assistant

Rosinski Plumbing

Proficiently performed basic service calls, including repairing or replacing sinks and toilets, repairing or replacing bathtub fixtures, total bathroom remodelings (including tiling, flooring, and installing jacuzzis in million-dollar homes.) and renovating old homes, which includes drilling holes, running copper pipe for water, installing ABS and PVC for drainage, repairing and replacing water heaters and boilers, and cleaning out or replacing sewer mains, sometimes putting in many hours of overtime and working late into the night. Accomplished total reorganization of company, including a complete restructuring of warehouse and both vehicles, including inventorying of all tools, fittings, and replacement parts.

May 2000Jun 2004

Administrative Assistant/Supervisor/Clerical/Data Entry and Personal Assistant

Baker Employment

Effeciently performed all aspects of office procedures, including filling, data entry (Alpha, numeric and alpha-numeric.), customer service, telemarketing, ran reports, kept logs. Skillfully worked as a personal assistant to president of company  which included running the office, making travel arrangements, keeping and checking a daily

schedule, answering phones and taking messages, running daily reports, and other basic office functions. Proficiently used office software programs such as DOS, Novell, MIS, ACT, and SAP.  Effectively used supervisory skills as a supervisor at the Tetley Tea Corporation in a unionized shop.

Mar 1999Jun 2000

Scheduling Administrator

Coordinated and improved efficiency of the countrie's largest battery supply company that installed and maintained back-up power supplies for various institutions such as hospitals, hotels, etc. Maintained installation and maintenance logs, customer record logs, coordinated installation scheduling and contracted vehicle rentals, and provided supplier vendor/liason. Effectively performed all administrative functions, enhanced customer service duties, and computerized record keeping. I was also in charge of  office equipment and all other needed supplies.

Jan 1989Jan 1999

Assistant Manager to Regional Manager

Fields Plastic Corporation

Assisted regional manager in effective evaluation of budgeting and forcasting of raw material needs, expediating process through coordinated planning and expanded  performance of administrative duties including customer deliveries, and A/P and A/R of lessor vendors. Provided organization and improved efficiency, increasing deadline scheduling completions and expanding customer confidence.


Thomas Milone

Mr. Milone is the head of Baker Employment agency.

Joe Miranda

Mr. Miranda is the Regional Manager of the northeastern branch of Enersys.



RETS Campus

Studied computer electronics, including basic and advanced electronic theory, analog systems, theory behind digital systems including chip technology and how it works. Built a working radio and an electronic tester. Received accomodation for graduating in top ten of class.

Oct 1980Mar 1981

Certificate of completion

US Army Training Academy for Communications

Trained in communications in special Army procedures,FM and AM radio protocols, teletypes, various secure boxes that scrambled and encoded messages, was morse-code qualified and had a secret security clearance (Second highest clearance allowed). Received accomodation for completing classes ahead of schedule and for being one of the top students in my class.

Sep 1976Jun 1977


Rutherford High School
Sep 1976Jun 1977


Rutherford High School
Sep 1976Jun 1977


Rutherford High School


Various Business software programs
Proficient in DOS, Novell, MIS, ACT and SAP, though it has been some time since I used these programs.
Microsoft Office
Proficient in Word, Access, and Excel. Moderate proficiency in Powerpoint.


US Government