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Work experience

Dec 2012Present

Co Founder

Betacentral Technologies LLP

I co-founded this firm. Following are some of the key projects that we have completed.

I was involved in the following stages of development for projects NewsUp and Plato:

-Idea conception, Architecture design, Database design , Entire backend modules , Improving the clustering algorithm which orders news articles

Technology stack in which I was involved:
- AWS- End to end server administration which involved setting up 2 environments i.e. test & production based on 2 separate EC2 instances. Day to day monitoring & management of the servers.
- MySQL- Defining all the tables
- Python/Django - Module involving communication with Android app via JSON

An Android App which serves most popular news & videos from 200+ Hindi, Marathi & English papers, sites & YouTube channels. Along with that it also covers latest, local news across 120 districts from 16 states of India. Its current status is : ~3.9k downloads.

An online test taking & analytics platform. It provides free online-tests for bank exams,CMAT, Campus & More!

Edmond's Cuisine
Europe based food delivery site.
Following is the technology in which I was involved:
- JINJA2/HTML5/CSS3/JS/JQuery- Front end development. The development was done from scratch with initial designs being provided in the form of PSDs.

For the following projects I have worked extensively on their Front End development with technologies such as  Wordpress and HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/Jquery:

Chandon - International champagne producing, packaging & distributing company

Lunkad Realty - Indian real estate firm 

Indus Club -  Mumbai based recreational club

Euroalliance SA - Europe based PE and VC firm


Analyst Programmer - Mainframe developer

Syntel Inc

Technical Stack

- Studying the proprietary technical framework being deployed
- Studying the existing technical modules and then planning, analyzing and implementing,regular updates to the same.
-Experienced the working of each stage of Software Technology Development Life Cycle.

- Worked as an information Systems professional with experience in design, development and implementation of Mainframe based technology solutions for AMEX.
- Core areas of skill were design and development using COBOL, JCL, and DB2.

Domain Stack
- Was part of Genesis Team responsible for account payments of international merchants
- Created a new framework involving US government compliance to with hold 28% of the Gross amount per transaction of merchants not having valid Tax identification number.
- Created a new framework to implement direct debit functionality for Mexico merchants .

Betacentral Portfolio



Backend(Server side)

Experience: 3.2 years

Languages: Python , Frameworks:  Django , Database : MySQl


Experience: 2.4 years



Experience: 2 years

- HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery

Team Management

Experience: 2.5 years

I have managed a team of 10. I have worked alongside freshers and interns. Following are the key skills:

- Allotting tasks.

- Day to day feedback/ follow up on progress and problems faced.