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American Post-Industrial Entrepreneur. Advisor to Revolutionaries. Principal Thinker & CEO of the MASSIVE Corporation USA, Inc. Co-founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Kind Intelligence, Inc. Vincent Hunt is the Principal Thinker & CEO of the Massive Corporation and Co-founder, Chairman & CEO of Kind Intelligence, Inc., The Hospitality Intelligence Company.  With over 17 years of design and innovation experience, Hunt delivers an intuitive ability to rethink, redefine, and reinvent traditional business paradigms.  A post-industrial entrepreneur, groundbreaking thinker, and innovator; Hunt has made his imprint as an evangelist of possibility thinking versus competition thinking.  Hunt evokes disruptive innovation through the creation of new business models that ultimately lend to progressive paths of opportunity. At MASSIVE, Hunt is responsible for designing and implementing strategies to help individuals and the organizations in which they champion, conceptualize and develop bigger, bolder, and better ideas.  Passionate about creativity and innovation, Hunt challenges stakeholders to pursue creative and innovation excellence.  At Kind, Hunt brings vision to leadership by inspiring, cultivating, and championing the company's innovation initiatives.  Hunt ensures that Kind not only views innovation as a means for creating new products, services, brands, and communication; but fundamentally as a way to transform an organization's perception on the industry in which it is engaged. Preceding his work at MASSIVE and Kind, Hunt provided professional consulting services to companies looking to emerge in the post-industrial economy through the conceptualization and development of new products, services, and brands. He enjoys spending quality time with family, scuba diving, cycling, and the occasional debate on the responsibility of the modern education system to the post-industrial generation of innovators and creators.


"Vincent created a new brand identity for my business from start to finish. I love his process and am amazed with what he has created. He is a joy to work with, and is a creative genius! My brand is on target and authentic because of his consistent creative talent and his commitment to deliver. His energy level is off the charts! I recommend him without reservation." - Charrise Mcrorey, CEO Emergence Business Coaching LLC

“When trying to describe Vincent Hunt, I find myself lost in a search of words. His creative mind set performs at a capacity well beyond anyone that I have ever worked with or better yet, even met. He has a special ability to visualize and conceptualize innovative solutions to new opportunities capable of transcending any industry...” - Josh Boutwell, Marketing Manager FOX 31 WFXL-TV

"Vincent Hunt is one of the most creative-thinking people with whom I've ever had the privilege of being involved. His mind makes me quiver! His spirit is effervescent! You'll be wise to use his services." ~ Gary Patton - Managing Partner, Patton Associates, People Development Coaches & Consultants

"The art of innovation or creativity is being able to take known ideas and and re-image them in a uniquely new way. This is facilitated by asking the tough “why” and “what if” questions; being able to see beyond traditional paradigms of thought and then bring them into reality by execution. This is Vincent Hunt - the creative innovator. Boldly challenging the status quo mentality of the masses." ~ Martin Schmaltz, Executive Director, Apostolic Missions Inc. 

"I would like to thank you for your passionate insight, delivery and thriving attitude that was thoroughly illustrated to my listening audience on Wednesday, April 1, 2009. It is rare to find individuals who are able to articulate with poise and ease the importance of illustrating vision and ideation in today’s world and economy and I thank you with the most sincere gratitude for sharing freely from your harvest."  ~ Darnyelle A. Jervey - Author, Speaker, Consultant, Founder & Cheif Empowerment Officer, Incredible One Enterprises LLC.

"Vincent is the most imaginative, creative and intelligent designer I’ve come across this lifetime! Vincent does not simply design. He has an intuitive ability to see beyond an initial idea through to the potential impact and legacy of a project, and brings that to the design table. Vincent creates not only a beautiful, amazing, one of a kind design; he captures the essence of a person and the vision. He does not just create with his head, he creates with his heart and soul, with passion, bringing concepts to life!" ~ Staci J. Shelton, Speaker, Relationship Builder, Communication Strategist, Coach

"Vincent's vision, execution and attention to details (go with me on this, he doesn't miss a beat!) has not only seen my Twitter community grow and traffic to my site increase, but he clearly demonstrated how design helps shape our personal story..." ~ Thomas Clifford, Award-Winning Corp Filmmaker

"Vince is an extremely talented artist and creative collaborator. In less than 48 hours, he created a gorgeous illustration, logo and brand that brought life to our campaign. He was fast, extremely responsive and entirely committed to the success of our project...." ~ Stacey Monk, CEO/ Epic Change -

Work experience

Jun 2010Present

Co-founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Kind Intelligence, Inc.

Kind Intelligence, Inc. conceptualizes and develops breakthrough ideas that streamline operational efficiencies and expose opportunities where deeper levels of kindness can be delivered within the hospitality industry.

  • Designer of Menulus™ - Menulus is an open authoring platform designed specifically for the restaurant industry that combines cloud, mobile and social technologies to redefine the traditional menu engineering and delivery strategy for Restauranteurs, while giving Patrons an immersive new approach to the dining experience. 
  • Designer of WaitSpeed™ - WaitSpeed™ is a connectivity and engagement tool designed to bridge the gap between dynamic menu content authored within Menulus, patrons and wait staff within a restaurant. WaitSpeed is designed to reduce traditional POS cost while delivering a greater depth of security in dining transactions. 
  • Designer of Dineport™ - Dineport™ is a social platform designed give users the ability to fully customize their dining experience while opening the door to an intelligent and meaningful way to shape the dining experience through what we call Hospitality Intelligence. 
May 2009Jun 2010

Interactive Managing Editor

Barrington Broadcasting Group

As the Interactive Managing Editor at WFXL FOX 31 under the direction of the Barrington Broadcasting Group, Interactive Division, I was responsible for redefining how viewers interact with FOX 31 News while maintaining web content and delivery.

  • Successfully raised the web user numbers from approx. 70,000 page views per month to well over 160,000 page views per month
  • Established a sustainable social media lifecycle for news stories and supporting online content 
  • Established WFXL FOX 31 as the first television newscast in the country to integrate the Apple iPad (
  • Hosted and developed concepts for the weekly "TechTalk" segment on the WFXL FOX 31 GOOD DAY show 
  • Re-designed over 90% of the on-air graphics 
  • Stabilized the stations branding through re-branding and brand guide development initiative
May 2003May 2010

Design & Innovation Consultant


As a independent Design and Innovation Consultant / Strategist I focused primarily on leading client creative teams in the pursuit of design and innovation excellence. An intuitive Design Thinker I championed  the rigors of ideation, uncovering unique and highly competitive ideas that added value and sustainability to client goals and objectives. 



Groundbreaking Thinker
Groundbreaking Thinkers highly rate challenges and diversified tasks. They cannot stand routine and too detailed work. They love to astound others with bold ideas for an original, new project and then leave it up to the others to implement them. Hierarchies, rules and regulations arouse their opposition and they love outsmarting the system. It is vital to them that they enjoy their work; if this is the case, they quickly become pure workaholics. Their creativity best takes effect when they work independently; but they are very good at motivating others and infecting them with their optimistic nature. Conceptual or advisory activities appeal especially to Groundbreaking Thinkers. It can happen that some people feel somewhat duped by their flexible, spontaneous nature.
Divergent Thinking
Divergent thinking is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. It is often used in conjunction with convergent thinking, which follows a particular set of logical steps to arrive at one "correct" solution. Divergent thinking typically occurs in a spontaneous, free-flowing manner, such that many ideas are generated in a random, unorganized fashion. Many possible solutions are explored in a short amount of time, and unexpected connections are drawn. Following divergent thinking, ideas and information are organized and structured using convergent thinking.
Innovation is a change in the thought process for doing something or "new stuff that is made useful". It may refer to an incremental emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. Vincent Hunt is tactical in leading organizations through the course of innovation, unlocking breakthrough ideas for new products services and brands. 
Design Thinking
Design thinking is a process for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues that looks for an improved future result. It is the essential ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success.