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Leadership  •  Strategic Management   •  Law Enforcement  •  Security Operations 

Organizational Development  •  Project Management  •  Emergency Planning


A senior management professional with an extensive and broad base of expertise in all aspects of law enforcement, security operations, strategic and operational planning, staff development, and project management • Adept in developing effective operational plans, creating long-range strategic vision, and then devising innovative methods for tactically implementing those ideas • Skilled in developing new products/services in an organization, and to take units to new levels of success through nontraditional approaches to problem resolution • Interacts effectively with all levels of management and line staff, facilitating projects and helping to encourage the adoption of new ideas • Skilled in working effectively in high pressure situations with the capability of creating and implementing standardized procedures, adapting existing systems to meet ever changing needs, and meeting tight/inflexible, deadlines • A skilled negotiator and facilitator who knows how to consistently produce positive results across departmental and divisional lines.

Work experience

Apr 2006Aug 2011

Senior Police Executive Advisor


Introduce professional police practices and support international civilian law enforcement peacekeeping operations at emerging democracies throughout Eastern Europe. Since April 2008, serving as the Executive Advisor to Bosnia's recently established State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), which is the only law enforcement agency with countrywide jurisdiction in this ethnically divided country. Mentor the Director and senior managers on day-to-day basis to improve agency's intelligence, investigation, and VIP protection capacities. Provide the Director with alternative solutions to problems, assist him throughout the decision making process, stress long range planning, and guide him in the development of the agency and his subordinates. Serve as a liaison between SIPA and other law enforcement agencies in order to prevent misunderstandings and to foster a spirit of cooperation. Previous assignments include an assessment of police training and facility needs for the Republic of Georgia and presentation of executive-level management training in Bosnia and Croatia.

  • Redesigned SIPA’s organizational structure to facilitate coordination of effort and accomplishment of the agency’s mission.
  • Developed and implemented action plans to strengthen SIPA’s ability to collect, collate, analyze and disseminate actionable intelligence.
  • Evaluated SIPA’s Tactical Response Unit by conducting realistic field training exercises and, based on the results, established standard operating procedures and training plans. 
  • Institutionalized the strategic planning process by guiding SIPA’s mangers in the development of a viable five-year strategic plan. 
  • Achieved a 42% increase in the organizational productivity, which included the dissemination of viable intelligence products, arrest of organized crime figures and war criminals, and completed criminal investigations.
  • Established performance measures for individuals and units within the agency.
  • Forged partnerships between SIPA and Bosnia’s other law enforcement agencies to facilitate information sharing and establish joint task forces to address organized crime, human trafficking and terrorism. 
Jul 2002Jan 2006

Federal Security Director

Transportation Security Administration

Directed the Federal security operations at Atlantic City International Airport and two smaller regional airports, which included screening of passengers, baggage and cargo. Managed all Transportation Security Administration resources associated with the airports, including personnel, funds, equipment and information. Coordinated Federal, State, and local law enforcement and emergency services. Conducted airport security risk assessments and employee security awareness training.

  • Initiated Congressionally mandated Federal passenger and baggage screening programs at three airports within strict time and resource constraints.
  • Established the Federal regulatory inspection and enforcement processes.
  • Designed the organizational structure and management systems required for threat identification, risk management, crisis management, employee accountability, and security of facilities, including aircraft.
  • Developed the Federal Security Management Response  Plan.
  • Delivered aviation related security training to more than 500 local law enforcement officers.
  • Received two Superior Accomplishment Awards.
Sep 2001Jun 2002

Adjunct Professor

Passaic County Community College

Instructed courses in Police Organization and Management, Criminal Law, Crime Prevention, Security Principles, Criminal Investigation, Community Policing, and Juvenile Delinquency.  Responsible for developing curricula, examinations, and related administrative activities.

Aug 1999Jul 2001

Police Management/Training Advisor


Served as a contracted consultant to the Department of Justice's police assistance program in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Enhanced and coordinated a law enforcement training system for the country's 17,000 police officers.  Provided technical assistance to the Police Academy Directorates in the areas of staffing, policy and procedures, standards, organization, crowd control, dignitary protection, and educational technology.  Identified international support and expertise required to meet training needs and coordinated appropriate responses.  Under the direction of the United States Embassy, assisted the International Police Task Force in training issues, conducted threat assessments, and made recommendations for risk mitigation.

  • Institutionalized the strategic planning process by mentoring mangers in the development of a viable, five-year strategic plan.
  • Conducted a job/task analysis for the Uniformed Police Officer position in all geographical and organizational entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which provided the standard for revision of the Basic Police Training Course curriculum. 
  • Restructured the Police Academy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and instituted several initiatives, including a Field Training Officer Program, computerization of training records, mandatory in-service training, and performance oriented training methods.  
Aug 1971Aug 1998

Chief of Police

Paterson Police Department

August 1971 to August 1998, Paterson Police Department - Promoted to Chief of Police in February 1995. Directed all aspects of operations, administration, and management of a police force in an urban, ethnically diverse community, in the state's third largest city. Through a staff of 12 Department Managers, supervised a total staff of more than 800, which included 500 full-time police officers, 100 full-time civilians, 75 auxiliary police officers, and 130 part-time crossing guards. Worked cooperatively with the City Council in the development of a $49 million annual budget. Also served in the capacity of Deputy Chief, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Detective, Instructor, and Patrolman. Attained the top score on competitive civil service examinations for all ranks. Other major assignments included Chief of Field Operations Bureau, Chief of Criminal Investigation Bureau, Chief of Support Services Bureau, Director of the Police Academy, Commander of the Patrol Division, Commander of the Internal Affairs Division, Administrator of the Integrated Criminal Apprehension Program, Commander of the Detective Division, and Supervisor ning and Research Unit. Performed and supervised various police functions including patrol, investigation, training, and administration.

  • By implementing novel solutions to everyday operational issues, an by obtaining buy-in for significant changes, achieved a 34% reductions in the crime rate over a 36-month period, without any increase in existing resources.
  • Decreased overtime payments by 40%, citizen complaints against police officers by 36%, and increased arrest rates by 35%.
  • Designed and implemented an Investigations Management System which significantly improved initial investigations of crime, case screening, management of continuing investigations, police/prosecutor relationships, and monitoring of the investigative process.
  • Developed and implemented the use of computerized systems to analyze workloads and crime trends, and to manage the high volume of calls more efficiently.
  • Created and organized numerous committees comprised of individuals from all ranks which, by fostering an empowered working environment, resulted in the development of many innovative and well-received tactics and programs.
  •  Expanded the entry-level training program from 12 to 22 weeks and instituted a performance-oriented training system.
  •  Organized and trained an Emergency Response Team that has demonstrated its proficiency at numerous critical incidents.
  •  Authored several federal grant applications that provided millions of dollars for various crime reduction initiatives and the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Revised the Paterson Police Department's rules, policies, procedures, and emergency plans.
  •  Designed and administered an Instructor Training Course that was used as model for New Jersey certified police academies.


Police & Miltary Training

Completed over 100 weeks of various police and military training courses.



Norwich University


Rutgers University


FBI National Academy


US Army Command & General Staff College


William Paterson University


Mercer County Communty College