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Seeking a position as a Software Engineering utilizing software engineering skills, abilities and experiences gained through relevant education and projects to contribute to the ongoing success of company.

Work experience

Sep 2015Present

R&D Software Engineer

  • Searched in audio/video processing and network analysis.
  • Worked on a monitoring solution.
  • Used Python, C, Go, Javascript and test-driven development method.
Apr 2015Sep 2015

Intern R&D Software Engineer

  • Searched in audio/video processing and network analysis.
  • Created a proxy program using TCP, UDP and DBus.
  • Used Python, C, Go, and Javascript.
Mar 2014Present

Teaching assistant in Unix & C

Epitech Paris
  • Assisted first & second year students to develop their research methods.
  • Developed my facilitation & presentation skills while adapting to various personalities.
  • Worked with teachers to help students to improve themselves.


Mar 2013Present

Combined Bachelor-Master's in Computer Science

Epitech Paris (European Institute of Technology)
  • Courses taken include C, C++, ASM, .Net, Python and Java.
  • Projects were to create and develop a kernel, a shell, a raytracer, diverse clients/servers (IRC, FTP, HTTP...), recode of malloc, printf. Used binary trees and graphs.
  • Realized projects with school associations (Internal tool to manage students).
  • Followed optional classes in electronic, embedded systems and algorithms.
  • 3.6 GPA for Bachelor (4th/500+ students).
  • 4.0 GPA for Master at the moment.
Sep 2009Jun 2011

Baccalaureat S (High School diploma in science)

Lycee Cassini
  • Graduated with honors

Relevant projects

KernelWorked on a 32bits kernel started with Operating System course and now implementing several features
SocketCreated program in C to implement a queue management system with a server and multiple clients
Gameboy EmulatorCreated a Gameboy Emulator from scratch in C using SDL to simulate the display
Created an API in Go used both by a web application and a Raspberry to create a RFID authentication system


Golang :

  • Worked on several personnal projects
  • Worked on performance driven projects for Witbe using network and asynchronous system
  • Pushed some projects on Github

C and Unix programming

  • Worked on several C and Unix projects including a shell, hacks on linux kernel (add a syscall, a module, a rootkit)
  • Implemented complex data structures and many sorting algorithms
  • Created server/client programs using several protocols

C++ :

  • Used C++ to create a video game (Bomberman) playable in network
  • Implemented a network system using TCP
  • Realized a virtual machine able to do simple operations

Python :

  • Used Python several times to create scripts or proof of concept
  • Worked with Python in network projects

Database :

  • Fluent with MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Used NoSQL database (MongoDB) several times


  • Fluent with Git and Mercurial VCS
  • Already used ASM, Golang, Javascript for personal or school projects
  • Fluent with Windows


SportsHandball, Tennis, Fitness
Embedded systemsI participate to talks and workshops weekly