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Vince Covino is the founder and president of Legacy Practice Solutions (LPS), a consulting firm that advises professional chiropractors on business and financial matters. Covino founded LPS in 2002 after studying Psychology at Brigham Young University – Idaho, and Economics and Communications at Boise State University. Covino and LPS consult exclusively to the chiropractic community, and have refined their expertise to match the unique needs of these professionals. To date, Covino has provided consulting services to more than 320 chiropractors, using his experience in proactive tax planning, effective hiring, marketing training, and financial management to help his clients turn their business visions into reality.In his capacity as the president of LPS, Vince Covino often speaks at chiropractic events across the country, as well as at Broker/Dealer National Conventions. He has been featured in Financial Playbook Magazine, and has published numerous articles in professional chiropractic journals. He is a member of the Prudential Financial Masters Council and of the Capital Research All-American Team. Covino is also dedicated to professional development, and frequently teaches continuing education credit classes for chiropractors and social workers.Outside of his professional life, Vince Covino is a committed religious teacher. He is an Adult New Testament instructor at the Boise State University Institute, having also previously taught at the Brigham Young University Institute, and is co-author of the book “Line by Line” with psychotherapist Ted Burgess. He is a strong supporter of Boy Scouts, and is a current Cub Master Chairman. Vince Covino lives with his wife and four children in Boise, Idaho.

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