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Work History


Service Technician

e3 Midlantic Technologies Group

Install, Service and Calibration of Medical Hearing and Balance Instruments

Offices, Schools, Clinics and Hospitals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Middle of NY

  • Manufacturers
    • GSI (Grason-Stadler)
    • GN Otometrics
    • Medrx
    • Maico
    • Interacoustics
    • Natus Biologic
    • Audioscan
  • Instruments
    • Audiometers (Clinical, Portable)
    • Tympanometers / Middle Ear Anayzlers
    • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)
    • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
    • Hearing Aid Testers

Service included, Trouble shooting, Soldering (Through hole and Some Surface mount) Board replacement, Computer Firmware updating/configuring and Cleaning

Calibration included, Frequency centering, Volume adjustment, Pump pressure adjustments, Noise/Distortion adjustment and Linearity

Installation included skills listed below

2014Oct 2014

Electronic Security Technician

Advanced Electronic Security

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Installation of Hardware
    • Home Run Wiring (above drop ceilings and down walls)
    • Mounting Devices (electronic locks, key card readers, motion sensors, cameras, ect)
    • Control Panels (mounting, terminating, labeling)
  • Programming
    • Key Cards (HID, Indala, Sielox)
    • Access Levels (portals, scheduling, grouping)
    • Networks (static ip addressing, assigning and recording addresses from lot, virtual networking)
    • Network Cameras (programming NVRs, motion sensitivity recording, adjusting/focusing)
  • Service (troubleshooting and repair)
  • Computer Repair

Systems Installed:

  • Access Control Systems (DSX, Sielox, Kerisystems, S2)
  • CCTV Camera Systems (ExcaqVision, Salient, iSpy)
  • Burglar Alarm Systems (Napco, DSC)

Lab Assistant III

Quest Diagnostics, Inc

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performing Laboratory Tasks (centrifuging specimens, printing labels, recording data, delivery to departments, specimen storage and retrieval)
  • Preparing Specimens for Testing (building worklists, aliquoting specimens into cups and tubes, checking specimens for clots) .
  • Operating the laboratory computer system and PCs.

Elective Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborated with management and peers on innovation projects to improve process.
  • Assisted with maintenance and repair on cap removal instrument; Pluggo.
  • Troubleshooted various commercial printer and computer problems.
  • Wrote PowerTerm script for QA bench.



    Associates In Electronics


    GPA 3.7

    Skills Summary:

    • Analyze and simplify DC/AC circuit schematics.
    • Determine voltage, current, resistance, and power by calculations or measurements.
    • Identify electronic components, devices and schematic symbols.
    • Some experience in C Programming, Assembly Language, Multi-Sim and LogixPro PLC software.
    • Experience with small tools, oscilloscopes, function generators and multi-meters.