• Ahmedabad  Gujrat

Vinayak Kothari

Work experience

Work experience


Apr 2015 - Present
LNMIIT Gymkhana

Sports Council



B-Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

Jun 2014 - Present
LNM Institute of Information Technology

CGPA-7.22(till Third sem)

Senior Secondary , CBSE Board

Mar 2014
Nirman Higher Secondary School


Secondary,CBSE Board

Mar 2012
Prakash Higher Secondary School


Technical Skills


Areas of Work

Software Development

Competitive Coding

Game Development

Programming Languages

C,C++,Java,CUDA C/C++

Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and basic knowlewdge in PHP

Development Platform & IDE experience:

Windows (Notepad,Codeblocks,Visual Studio 2013) Ubuntu ( Eclipse Java,Text Editor,Sublime Text)


Game Development using C-A single player game shooting game developed in C language using Graphics

Bank Management System - A Project in C++ implementing  all helpful feature for Bank Manager using Files in C++

Image Processing Using NVDIA CUDA C/C++ - Main aim in this project was to implement basic Image Processing Algorithms in NVDIA CUDA C/C++ which enhances our processing speed very well.