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Vinayaga Raman

Vinayaga Raman

Director of Software Engineering, REALFoundation at Altisource Labs


I have around 20 years of management and technical experience in the IT industry with specific interest and experience in the Storage, Networking, Security and Financial domains. I have grown the ranks over the last two decades on the management side, but have never let go of my technical acumen or give up on hands on work. And that is my strength, Im equally comfortable sitting with my CEO and discussing the BU and budgets as Im in sitting with architects and customers talking about product designs and industry trends.

I have worked for and managed teams across the world in USA, Europe & India and thus have a strong understanding of global customer expectations. I have also been managing Dev, QA, DevOps and Doc under a single umbrella,  thus have a direct experience of the complete product life cycle and challenges faced by each of the teams.

I want to be challenged to make a difference, to the company, the team & the product.

Highlights of my Career

  • I manage a horizontal division called RealFoundation in Altisource with the Development, QA, DevOps and DOC teams reporting into me. The team size is around 50, but they are spread across the world in Bangalore, USA, Romania and Chennai. The entire team works seamlessly using an Agile methodology.
  • In Cisco and Altisource, I have managed both the Dev, QA and DOC teams under one umbrella. While there is a lot of debate on the effectiveness of doing this, I have been successful in leading both the Dev and QA teams to focus on their primary objectives of a better product quality rather than worrying about marking Dev and QA territories.
  • I was in charge of the complete Red Hat Storage dev team in Bangalore. Red Hat acquired Gluster, a user level file system and I took charge of the Bangalore team to transition it from Open source to an enterprise level product.
  • In RedHat, I increased the Dev team strength from 20 to 60+ to get to a critical mass within one year.
  • Successfully took up specific roles to turn around low performing teams and products. And succeeded tremendously.
  • Taken up multiple projects, like the AV feature for CSA 6.0 (Cisco) and Disaster Recovery (Legato) from prototype & concept to design and then lead the team to successfully deliver the product.
  • I have taken financial management sessions for hundreds of employees in Cisco Systems.
  • I have been a big part of Cisco & RedHat Campus recruitments across various colleges in India.
  • I have published many articles in Technical magazines and Newspapers.



M.Sc (Computer Science) 

1994 - 1996
ICSEI, Indore

Masters in Software Engineering

B.Sc (Statistics)

1991 - 1994
Holkar College, Indore

Bachelors  in Science with Statistics as core subject

Work experience

Work experience

Director of Software Engineering

Jun 2014 - Present
Altisource Labs

In my current job at Altisource, I manage the complete Development, QA, DevOps and DOC teams for the Real Foundation group in Bangalore.  Im an integral part of the executive team that drives roadmap, plans resources, timelines and budgets.

Real Foundation is a horizontal group that develops cloud based SaaS services for various financial institutions and internal Altisource BU’s. The idea is to develop the various platform services like Single sign-on, Object & File Storage, Reports and various other services that are needed for every financial solution and host them as a SaaS service on a private cloud. Most of the internal BU’s are signing up to use these services and external customers are in the pipeline.

Senior Manager, Regional

Feb 2013 - Apr 2014
Red Hat 

I was hired in Red Hat as head of the Gluster Storage product development at Bangalore. As part of my role, I also shared some Site responsibilities as I was the Senior Most person on the floor.

The role was to take charge of the development team from their new acquisition, Gluster Inc in Bangalore. As part of my first year goal, I had to double the team size from 20 to 50 and hire new managers on the floor. Also had to nudge the team mindset from a Startup to a enterprise ready team and start releasing Red Hat Linux integrated storage components.

Senior Manager, Software Development

Feb 2005 - Feb 2013
Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd

I was driving the roadmap for multiple Device Management products in the Routing business unit catering to the Enterprise, SMB and Service provider markets. I had a team of two managers, about 20 developers and a test team of about 20 folks. Plus I managed contractors & documentation folks.


With Dev and Test reporting to me, one of my mandate was to get the two teams to work in close collaboration to reduce the cycle time for releasing management solutions for new devices. In just two years, we completed five releases and completely redesigned two products to make them independent of the end point, thus opening up new avenues for cloud based solutions.

Mgr, Software Development

Feb 2005 - Feb 2013
Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd

The project was to port the Cisco VPN agent onto mobile phone platforms. The idea was to get corporate network access on mobile devices so that employees can be mobile and yet get all their work done on the move. I had a team of six folks who were working on the project. This project involved a lot of coordination and working with partner mobile OS developers like Nokia to get the infrastructure in place before the port can be done.

Mgr, Software Development

Feb 2005 - Feb 2013
Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd

I was in charge of the team at Bangalore that owned the feature and took it from prototype to implementation and then towards release. My role became challenging in a small group as I had to manage the dual roles of a people manager and a technical architect.

This project added the Anti Virus feature to the CSA product using the open source AV libraries called ClamAV. ClamAV libraries were used to develop a framework so that the customer sees a seamless integration of AV into CSA. This involved a range of issues from analyzing the competitor products, developing a prototype, designing the infrastructure, developing the components and working with performance issues.

Development Manager

Feb 2003 - Feb 2005
Oracle India Pvt Ltd

After the 3 month training in Oracle HQ at California, I was working initially as a individual contributor and then was promoted as a manager. Along with ramping up the team size to double the initial numbers, I had to be hands on and took up porting the Apache product to Itanium. The product was fully ported and released.

The work was to port the entire Internet App server consisting of 40+ components to the Itanium (64 bit Intel Processor). The job involves two parts; the first part is picking up the NT version of the component and changing the code to work on a 64bit platform. The second part is to make sure that all the thousands of regression tests written for NT work the same way on the Itanium box also.

Sr. Software Engineer

2002 - 2003
Sanrise Pvt Ltd

This was my first expoerience in a startup and I joined as a Software engineer to develop the Tape file system singlehandedly over the course of 6 months.

The project was to develop a virtual storage appliance that would sit on the fabric and simulate the behavior of a tape robot. The backup application gets to pump in all the data at amazing speeds thus shortening the backup window to a few hours. The VSA box then migrates the data from the RAID disks to a tape robot in the background as and when the network traffic comes down. For this project, I independently worked on the Storage file system. This module would suck in all the tape data and lay them out in the disk in a independent file system. The challenge was to analyze and segregate the data, markers and the padded data and give it back to the VSA box in the same format on a restore.

Software Engineer

1996 - 2001
Legato Systems Pvt Ltd

In a span of eight years, I worked worldwide (New Delhi, USA & Germany) at Legato Systems oon a veriety of projects related to their core backup product, Networker.

The last project that I worked on was Disaster recovery on NT, the idea was that a user can bring up a crashed NT machine by booting it with a specially created CD-Rom. On the installed machines, a boot level driver is used to compile the minimum set of files necessary for the OS to start up. The restore wizard is then bundled with these files and the package is converted into a bootable ISO image that can be burnt into a CD. On boot-up via the CD, the restore wizard brings up the mini OS and TCP/IP, so that Legato’s NetWorker could take over from that point on for a complete recovery.